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Your Top Modern Characters part 9

Written by Chris Mitchell on Friday, March 13 2009 and posted in Features
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Five more for your viewing enjoyment...


265. Five characters (4 points each)


Year first appeared: 2004

Holy crap, someone out there really loves Strykeforce. I always thought Stryker had a cool look. The extra arm on the one side and stuff. So yeah, I guess I can see why HE may be nominated. But first that chick with the daisy dukes, then Black Anvil, now Lift here. This is nuts. I wonder of Marc Silvestri voted in this.

Anywho, Lift is a member of the new Strykeforce. He has telekinetic abilities as well as being a pickpocket and con man.

Are his bionics on the outside of his jeans? If that’s the case, is he stuck wearing those jeans...forever?



Year first appeared: 2005

Breach started off in the U.S army. Breach's real name is Tim Zanetti. He has a wife and had an infant son. In 1983, Tim Zanetti began a project named "Project Otherside." The goal of the project was to probe other dimensions. The project went wrong and it sent Tim Zanetti into the future many years later. Many things had changed since he is now in the future. His wife is married to his friend Mac McClellen, who was with him in the military. Now McClellen is chief in command and has taken his place. His infant son, which he had with his wife, is all grown up and 20 years old. Ever since the accident Tim Zanetti’s body has been radiated to such a degree that whatever he touches is eradicated. Now Tim Zanetti is Breach and he faces many obstacles. His mind is not very stable.

In the Infinite Crisis, we learn that he is supposed to be the Captain Atom of Earth 59 or something, along with GL Kyle, if the multiverse still existed. But he was killed during that event.




Year first appeared: 1994

Oh dear lord...

As a result of Zero Hour, Doctor Fate and Doctor Fate Nelson were rapidly aging. This ended their career as Dr. Fate, forcing Nabu to choose a new champion. During one of his jobs, Jared Stevens came into possession of the artifacts of Fate, the Helmet of Nabu, Amulet of Anubis, and Cloak of Destiny. On his way home he was brought into a drug war crossfire, bringing his plane down. When he awoke he was near unconscious when Kent and Inza came to him in a spirit form and brought him back to Fate's tower. Kent and Inza explained that the artifacts are incredibly powerful and that Jared did not understand. Suddenly, demons attacked the tower, killed Kent and Inza, and drew Jared into fighting. When his mortal weapons did not suffice, Jared grabbed the Amulet of Anubis and smashed it off one of the demons causing a massive explosion that transported Jared to another world where he saw himself only different. When he returned his arm was badly damaged. He used the cloak as a bandage and grabbed the helmet. He eventually found his ex-wife's house and broke in. When she returned he told her he needed help and it was her dad who hired him. They fought and Jared revealed a huge Ankh shaped scar on his right eye.


Obregon Kaine

Year first appeared: 2001

You know, the artist of Negation is the artist of War of Kings? So, that alone should make you wanna find the back issues of this book. If you love cosmic stories, go out and find Negation and Negation War. Do it. Now. Though, only two issues of Negation War were published, read on.

The series started with the Negation Prequel in late 2001. 27 regular issues followed the prequel. The series concerned a group of different alien races that had been taken prisoner and brought to the Negation universe. A number of the prisoners had innate incredible powers while many, like Obregon Kaine however, were merely ordinary humans. Nevertheless, his wisdom and tactical military experience made him the perfect person to lead the prisoners. He masterminded the plan that allowed a number of his fellow prisoners to escape the prison planet all of them were being held in. Throughout the series, Kaine and the rest had many adventures in Negation space. The series ended with issue 27. CrossGen tried to wrap up all the dangling storylines in the Negation: War mini-series. Unfortunately, CrossGen had to declare bankruptcy before the series could be finished. Only two issues of Negation: War were published.



Year first appeared: 1992

Top Cow owns the single digit characters. Like really. This is the third character right? Anywho, I love this picture. So well done.

She is the younger sister of Ballistic (Cassandra Lane). She loved to play baseball and ran around with her sister and her father. They grew up together until their father leaves the family. Her stepfather was an alcoholic who beats Velocity very often. One night, he beat their mother, Cassandra threw a comb right through his heart. After that, Velocity was sent to an orphanage.

Soon, she was chosen from Mother May I. as a S.H.O.C. (Special Hazardous Operation Cyborg) for Cyberdata, the evil organization, founded by Emile Zadrok. She was brainwashed and trained in combat and to use her super power. At 16 years old she tried to escape from Cyberdata but she was caught by cyber soldiers under the command of her sister, now known as Ballistic. She escaped only with help from Cyberforce. As a member of Cyberforce, she fights against Cyberdata until its downfall. With every new fight she gained more and more self-confidence and became a full member of the team.

Well, as her name implies, she can run very fast, easily exceeding 10,000 mph (but she doesn't know how her body would handle it so she hasn't pushed herself to her limits). Her other senses match up with her speed so she can see and react to the speed at which she moves. Her white skin prevents her from burning up from the enormous friction heat caused by her fast movement. She also has cybernetic implants, which strengthen her powers.



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