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Your Top Modern Characters part 11

Written by Chris Mitchell on Saturday, March 14 2009 and posted in Features
Top List
Will we ever make it to 10 points?  Most likely yes.  Lets hope its this



263(a). 6 characters (5 points each)


Year first appeared: 1997

I am so glad an Amalgam character is on the list, because what would modern characters be without them?

When Logan Wayne was only five he witnessed his parents murder at the hands of a masked robber .Logan was sent to live with his uncle in Alberta, Canada .His Uncle was a Royal Canadian mounted police, after a short time after Logan arrived in Canada his uncle was murdered by poachers .Logan was sent to a home ran by nuns, this would be his home until he was eighteen .When he left the home he enlisted in the Royal Canadian air force. Logan was placed in the same unit as a man called Creed H Quinn. WEAPON X

After a short time in the Air force both Logan and Creed where placed in the Weapon X project .It was here where Logan learned that he was a mutant, with the power to regenerate any part of his body (limbs, soft tissue, bones and vital organs) in a mater of minutes, he also had enhanced senses (hearing, smell, taste and sight) but probably the most shocking of these new found powers was that of his retractable bone claws housed in his fore arms. Later in the project Logan and Creed (who was also a mutant, healing factor, enhanced senses, super human strength and small retractable finger nails) has the indestructible metal known ad adamantium bond to their skeletons and claws.

Logan and Creed would have been perfect killing machines but Logan still had shreds of his humanity left while it was the complete opposite with Creed, who had gone increasingly insane, Creed would latter become Darkclaw’s most dangerous and deadliest foe, Hyena.

The Weapon X project was terminated due to lack of success, all files where deleted and the existence of the project utterly expunged with the exception of a few notes left by Professor Carter Nichols which was later uncovered by the Huntress

After the collapse of Weapon X, Logan traveled the world, Logan mastered 127 different types of combat armed and un-armed, he learned to be a brilliant detective, this combined with his enhanced senses made him able to hunt down any criminal .On his return to New Gotham Logan became a wealthy artist, his pieces where composed of feral slashes, his pieces made him millions.

New Gotham was a crime infested city, it was run by drug lords and pimps but that changed when Logan Wayne decided to use his Mutant gifts to protect the people of New Gotham and punish the criminals. He took the name Dark claw and dawned a black and yellow costume.


Year first appeared: 2002

Power company.  Another comic I have yet to pick up.  It was a Busiek title right?  Or am I wrong bout this? 

Lt. Celia Forrestal was Navy Aviator who found her career stalled as a training instructor. Her advancement hampered by race and gender, while her top-notch piloting skills were overlooked. Evaluating whether to leave the service or not she took time to visit her parents, scientist and owners of Argos Technologies. Mr. and Mrs. Forrestal invented an experimental harness that could transform energy. Their intention for the “Argo Harness” was to be used as a peaceful tool, but others would want it as a destructive weapon. 

Hence, the Argo Harness caught the interest of a mercenary terrorist-for-hire group called Scorpio. During Scorpio’s attack to steal the device from the Forrestal’s an untimely explosion occurred. Celia survived, due to wearing the Argo Harness at the time, but learned the explosion killed her parents. With the help of Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Celia used the harness to avenge her parent’s death and captured several operatives of Scorpio. Showing up at Celia’s parents funeral, Green Lantern suggest that she continue the fight. Acting on Green Lantern’s suggestion, Celia leaves the Navy and goes into action as Skyrocket.

Seven years past during which time Skyrocket became the low-key hero of her hometown. She soon found it difficult to make ends meet, while keeping up the maintenance on the Argo Harness. She took up managing a Big Belly Burger franchise in her hometown to subsidize her crime fighting activities. Later, after fighting two members of the Cadre she was approached by Josiah Powers and Manhunter (Kirk DePaul) and asked to join the Power Company. Conflicted, Celia reluctantly took Josiah’s offer to become a business partner and field leader of the team.

Now a part of Power Company Celia found herself challenged into making a team out of the various personalities she encountered from her teammates. However, she was happy to receive a support crew in the maintenance and updates of her harness from one-time S.T.A.R. Labs scientist, Charlie Lau. She was also allowed to do as much pro bono work as she wanted, which in turn would benefited the Company.

In her tenure with the Power Company Celia goes up against such evil entities as, Strike Force, Dragoneer, Dr. Cyper (an early foe of hers), The Cadre, Dr. Polaris and the Satanstone. One of Celia’s biggest challenges came when Josiah Powers was shot and hospitalized. She took control of the whole organization and managed to make the team more effective.

Aphrodite IX

Year first appeared: 2000

Apparently she is a gynoid.  What the hell is a gynoid? Is that even a word?  A real word?  Anywho, I promised you guns and "guns" so here ya go.

Aphrodite IX is an android, sent frequently on top secret missions. She suffers from amnesia, this, making her job confusing, she begins to question what she does for a living and for who she does it. IX begins to find that her job as an assassin isn't what she wants to do. She begins to have dreams and desires like an average human being. When Aphrodite begins to question who she is and what her past was like, she finds clues leading to her past, but it also leads to her discovery of a secret society. This secret society is entirely consisted of cyborgs. She also finds that these cyborgs want to undermine the current government and take it over.



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