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Your Top Modern Characters part 16

Written by Chris Mitchell on Monday, March 16 2009 and posted in Features
Top List
A bunch of characters here, including one that was in a recent e_galston article.



259. Five characters (6 points each)

Desolation Jones

Year first appeared: 2005

A series I never heard of, and when I read the name on the list for some reason I thought this was a badgirl character. One that had a movie out, then I realized I was thinkin’ of Painkiller Jane. Boy did I feel silly.

In this future reality, Los Angeles is an "Escape From New York"-esque exile for super-powered, former secret agents. Desolation Jones does not have any special powers. He smokes a lot of pot for pain management, eats amphetamines, and is a loner. He has one thing going for him - he spent a year of his life dying.

The "Desolation" project he was subjected to was absolutely unthinkable. He was strapped to a chair and drugged. The drugs left him completely physically paralyzed, but kept him from ever going to sleep. For 365 days straight, he was subjected to incredible pain and torture that literally kept him on the brink of death for 24 hours a day. This of course had horrible psychological effects on him, as well as permanent physical damage. But now Desolation Jones is basically impervious to pain, simply due to the fact that he has been through so much.

He now works as an agent-for-hire in LA, just trying to stay alive



Year first appeared: 2003

Daddy's home!! OK, that was a little lame, but we have an Invincible related character here, Invincible’s lovable Daddy. I honestly thought he would appear later on the list, I guess the Kirkman-verse characters do not have a strong following after all. Yuh oh.

Omni-Man is a Viltrumite sent to Earth to conquer, but started a family instead. He married a woman he saved and had a son, Mark Grayson, Invincible. Knowing that his wife and son would not accept him for who he really was and what his real reasons for coming to Earth were, he changed his story from one of conquest to one of peace bringer. Omni-Man, going by the name Nolan Grayson, became an author to make money and when he wasn't writing, he was protecting the planet as Omni-Man with the aid of a government official named Cecil. After he had learned his son Mark, had developed his super powers, he helped Mark understand how to use these new powers and the told him that he would get stronger but only by pushing himself physically. Omni-Man and Invincible at times also worked together. Omni-Man knowing that he had strayed from his goals set in motion the plan of weakening Earth’s defenses by killing former friends The Guardians of the Globe. Do to the work of GG's enemies, the member of Guardians of the Globe The Immortal was brought back to life with the intent of controlling him. He did not fall under their control though and proceeded to go after Omni-Man intent on revenge. Mark arrived to help his father with a rescue only to arrive just as he killed Immortal for the second time. Omni-Man proceeded to tell Mark the truth of his past and why he had been sent to Earth. Mark would not believe that his father was a cold-blooded killer and confronted him instead, not willing to join in part of conquering or destroying Earth. They fought and Omni-Man beat his son nearly to death.

Seemingly unable to kill his own son he left the planet, and started another family on another world. He contacted his son some time later and invited him to the planet where he was living. There he revealed that he had another son, for on this planet the beings that lived there grew much faster, so in the few months he was away he had had a child that was now a toddler. It was at this point that several other Viltrumites appeared and attempted to capture Omni-Man. Mark was forced to leave (taking his half brother back to Earth with him) and abandon his father who is currently a prisoner of the Viltrumites, his own people. The last thing Omni-Man said to his son was, "Read my books." When Mark was teaching his half brother how to fly, on Earth, he had to explain to him that everyone on Earth hated Omni-Man, but he didn't believe it.



Year first appeared: 2004

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Anya was a normal girl until one night when she went out to a bridge to fight a boy from school. But when she arrived, a fight broke out between a group named the "Sisterhood of The Wasps", and a group called "The Spider Society". The fight left her severely injured, but Miguel (the sorcerer of the Spider Society) transferred some of his power to her, saving her life.

She received a spider-shaped tattoo from the energy transfer, which gave her enhanced strength and agility, as well as the ability to form and exoskeleton around her. Miguel and Araña (known as The Hunter at this time) teamed up many times for the Spider Society, and preventing the Sisterhood of Wasps from summoning their chosen warrior. Araña recently learned that Hunters (of The Spider Society) don't have an exoskeleton like she has. In yet another battle against the Sisterhood of The Wasps, the Wasps were once again trying to summon their Hunter. The Sisterhood was unsuccessful, but Miguel did not survive the battle despite Spider-Man's help. Araña transferred her power to Nina Smith, another Spider Society member, after the death of Miguel. Although she isn't a Hunter anymore, she still has many of her superhuman abilities.

Araña has superhuman strength, enabling her to lift up to 3 tons, and also superhuman agility. She has the ability to climb walls, and has jumped over 25 feet, meaning that her powers are comparable to those of Spider-Man. She has a flexible skeleton, and can hide in small areas.

She also has the ability to summon a blue exoskeleton, emanating from her spider-tattoo on her upper arm. She can control many aspects of the exoskeleton including it's shape, thickness, and coverage. It is resistant to small firearms at it's thickest. However, when it has contact with water, she is left unable to breathe.

Araña has also had training in gymnastics.



Year first appeared: 2006

So, you are all buying War of Kings right? Good. Because, its goin’ to be awesome. Starjammers, Nova, Inhumans, Ronan, the Imperial Guard, how can you not enjoy such awesomeness? Why am I talkin’ about War of Kings, because this character is from the first cosmic event that Marvel had, and that’s was Annihilation.

Praxagora is a sentient robot from the planet Ataraxia. Ataraxia lies in the Negative Zone. The Ataraxians mastered "stellar containment" technology and used this technology for everything in their culture, even themselves. Each Ataraxian was powered by a miniature star that is carried in their chest. Thanks to their cosmic power sources, they could generate superheated plasma from her "heart" and control it, using it in offensive (blasts) and defensive (force fields) ways. Despite all their destructive power though, Ataraxia was a planet of peace. The robots lived in peace with each other and their natural environment. However, when Annihilus discovered this race of super intelligent and incredibly powerful machines, he determined that destroying them would be safer than keeping them alive. All of the Ataraxians were destroyed except for Praxagora, who was locked in a prison with the sole survivors of other races. Praxagora and the others were found and freed by the Super Skrull and chose to fight with him against Annihilus.


Smiley Bone

Year first appeared: 1991

Oh Bone, I really enjoyed Bone. It was fun and just a great read. Just so you all know, all three of the Bone cousins are on the list, along with some other characters from the Bone-verse. So, don't you fret, you have more Bone to come.

The tallest of the Bones and arguably the least intelligent, he plays a one-string banjo, and often ends up driving people mad due to his stupidity and simplicity. He likes to help people, although Lucius says it is more like torture. Allegedly, Fone Bone brought him along purely to torture Phoney. He takes kindly to a rat creature cub, which he names Bartleby, and through his nurturing of Bartleby we see a maturing in his character. When he and his cousins were children, Phoney made him steal pies off of windowsills, because he was the tallest, and apparently they were poor to the point where they couldn't afford food. Phoney mentions that when he became rich, Smiley made him pay everyone back.




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