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Your Top Modern Characters part 17

Written by Chris Mitchell on Monday, March 16 2009 and posted in Features
Top List
Five characters, all of them from different aspects of there respected universes.


258. Five Characters (6 points each)

Byakuya Kuchiki

Year first appeared: 2002

Hooooly manga. Seriously, you manga lovers are putting me thru torture. TORTURE I say!! What did I ever do to you? Nuthing except give you the most awesome lists ever, and this is how you repay me? Pffffft.

Byakuya often behaves coldly towards others, especially if that person has offended or provoked him. Being born of a noble family has not helped Byakuya to develop into a very friendly person. Byakuya takes everything serious and often finishes everything he can as quickly and effectively as he possibly can. Besides that Byakuya is a very honorable man who does everything in his power to keep his word once he makes a promise. Byakuya is a very confident person and has good reason to be so.

Byakuya Kuchiki is a captain in the Gotei 13 and the son of the noble Kuchiki family. Being as such he wears the traditional Captains dress uniform and jacket as well as a scarf that has been handed down throughout his family as the son assumes the head of the Kuchiki family. Aside from his uniform Byakuya wears the deco rational headdress pieces, called kenseikan that symbolize his being ranked as nobility.

The Kenseinkan look like short metal tubes that are holding his hair in place and serve no real function in battle. Byakuya has black hair and an icy gaze that he often uses to intimidate those who have lesser will power than he does. Also Byakuya wears hand guards on the backs of his hands, something few of the other captains of the Gotei 13 do.



Year first appeared: 2004

I really liked most of the new and young X-Men they introduced over the years. And I am somewhat pissed that the title is getting cancelled, and for what? The New Mutants? I am big fan of the old school New Mutants title, but they are no longer new mutants. And now my boy Cannonball is leaving the X-Men for them? Come on!! Step backwards imo. Step backwards indeed.

Noriko Ashida was born in Tokyo, Japan and was close to her brother but ran away from home at age 13 after her powers manifested. She claims that her father doesn't believe in mutants. It's unknown how she got to the US but when she did, she was living on the streets of Salem Center when she went up to the Xavier Institute for help but chased her away for being homeless. Later, she had a serious power discharge harming the Grindstone Cafe waitress in the process. Now, Surge is the leader of the New X-Men squad.



Year first appeared: 2002

Oh poor original Trickster, you got the shaft in Countdown. Never really was a fan of this Trickster, was anyone else? yes? no? Well, someone was cuz they voted for him. Why? Why did you?

After Jesse reformed and joined the FBI, a new younger Trickster emerged. His name was Axel Walker and he had no morality. He had stolen some of Trickster's gadgets and weapons, and joined Blacksmith's Rogues. His psychopathic ways made the other Rogues uneasy at times. While meeting with the Rogues, Dr. Alchemy was shocked that they had teamed up with him. When the Top turned Jesse back into a criminal, he returned to his role as the Trickster and beat up Axel, warning him to never put on the Trickster outfit again. Axel encountered Detective Chimp who found out that he was the man behind a crime he had been investigating. After the death of the first Trickster and the return of the Rogues from planet Salvation, he rejoins the Rogues. Axel Walker then helps the Rogues kill Inertia.


Jerry Feldon

Year first appeared: 2003

Jerry Feldon was born and raised in Heaton, Pennsylvania, a town that was once prosperous for its auto industry, but fell into decline when the local auto plant closed. During that time, Jerry's father died and his mother moved out west. He ended up working at Scooper's, where he met his crush Molly.

One day, while cleaning some dishes, he discovers the HERO device, after a customer left it behind at the shop. For a while, he used the device to turn himself into various superheroes. One night, Scooper's was being robbed. Jerry decided to use the device to save the day. Unfortunately, when he attacked the robber, Molly was accidentally shot.

After the incident, Jerry called a suicide hotline, only to inform the operator that he at least tried to live. For one last time, Jerry turned himself into a super hero and flew into space. Upon leaving Earth, he changed back into his normal form and let go of the HERO device, in order to kill himself. Luckily, Superman saved him and Molly survived the gunshot. Jerry went on to work at a the same suicide hotline that he called before his attempted suicide.

Months later, Robby Reed, from Dial H for Hero appeared to Jerry in order to recruit him for a quest to retrieve the HERO device. The logic for retrieving it was to keep it from the wrong people. Jerry shows resistance to the idea, but eventually joins Robby.

The two discover that a serial killer had obtained the HERO device and was using his newly acquired powers to murder people. Using powers that somehow were granted to them for using the device for a certain amount of time, the two fought the deadly killer. Unfortunately, in the first confrontation with the killer, Jerry was killed



Year first appeared: 2006

You know, I had no clue who this dude was when he first appeared on the Marvel Villains One Point Club, and I will freely admit I still have no clue who this dude is. I never went to research any more info on his because I felt I didn't need too. But yet, here he is. Again. Like Manchester Black, he crawled out of the OPC and into the actual list. Maybe, one day they will both get over 10 points, but until then we all will wait patiently.

Barracuda lost his four fingers on his right hand, and his right eye in a fight with the Punisher. Punisher left him to die in shark-infested waters, but it seems he survived as seen in the Punisher Presents: Barracuda mini series. But later he was really killed by the Punisher in their final fight.




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