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Your Top Modern Characters part 19

Written by Chris Mitchell on Monday, March 16 2009 and posted in Features
Top List
We have a Young X-Man, a Young Avenger, A Bloodline character, a Thunderbolt, and a Pokemon?!?


256. Four characters (7 points each)


Year first appeared: 2004

Not my fav. of the young mutants introduced, but she sure has some fans. On the X-list she received 18 points if I recall, maybe cuz it’s a Whedon created young X-Men. Either way, here she is.

Armor (Hisako Ichiki) is a teenage mutant student at the Xavier Institute who becomes an X-Man. She can create a psionic force field around her, giving her enhanced durability and strength. Hisako's psionic armor acts as an extension of (although can be much larger than) her own body, which enhances her strength level and resistance to injury. While using her armor, Hisako has demonstrated the ability to hurl Wolverine and even assisted Colossus in restraining a small ship capable of breaking orbit from lifting off.



Year first appeared: 2005

Yes, he was actually first seen as a baby in 1986, but I am allowing him the same reason Cable is allowed. They are completely different character from when they were diaper wearing breast feeders. I am kinda shocked he got so low, but hey, what can you do.

After the marriage of the mutant Scarlet Witch and the synthezoid Vision they conceived and bore twin sons, Thomas and William, via Maximoff's magic abilities. Unknown to the couple their children were created from two lost souls born of energy fragments of the hell-lord Mephisto - who later sought to reabsorb the twins, but because they had been so transfigured by the Scarlet Witch's magic they temporarily destroyed Mephisto and were set free.

Surviving as individual entities the twins were adopted by separate families. William was adopted by the Kaplan family and raised in New York's Upper West Side. As he reached adolescence William Kaplan realized he was gay and suffered bullying by a fellow classmate because of his homosexuality. After a chance encounter with the Scarlet Witch, apparently neither mother nor son were aware of their relationship, she encouraged him to stand up for himself. Soon after Kaplan found that he had mystical powers, but limited control over them, and when confronting his bully nearly killed the boy.

Shortly after his incident with the bully, Kaplan was approached by a young Nathaniel Richards (Iron Lad) who was fleeing his older self the time-lord Kang the Conqueror. Iron Lad located Kaplan with a failsafe program within the deactivated Vision's programming designed to locate the next generation of super-powered youth with a connection to the Avengers, in the event the original team was unable to challenge an impending threat. Desiring to train his new teammates Iron Lad formed the Young Avengers with Kaplan taking a codename to honor the thunder god Thor as the Asgardian.

After the Young Avengers were forced to disband by a reconstituted Avengers team, the teenagers continued their activities with Kaplan taking a codename to reflect his magic nature as Wiccan



Year first appeared: 1993

Oh Bloodlines. Such an amazing amazing amazing event. And I am saying that with a straight face people. Gunfire. A man who can turn anything he picks up into a gun. If he picked up a chainsaw, he can make it shoot a laser. If he picked up your bacon wrapped corn on the cob, he can make it shoot a laser. Awesome eh?

During the Bloodlines crossover, Venev, one of the Alien Parasites, consumes a luggage handler at the Metropolis Airport. A carelessly thrown piece of luggage from the dead man's inattentive partner stuns and entraps her in the cargo compartment of the plane. Emerging in Paris and in her human form, she senses power nearby in the form of Deathstroke the Terminator.

She follows him to the Van Horn company building, and on the way attacks and slays the owner of the company. Andrew Van Horn, the man's son, is also attacked and seemingly killed. Venev notes how he has a 'familiar taste'.

Andrew soon awakens and realizes that some creature is inside the building, slaughtering his employees. He creates a suit of technological armor and follows the trail of bodies. He encounters Deathstroke whom he attacks, thinking him responsible for the carnage, although both men fail to hurt each other, due to their body armors. In the course of the battle, Andrew discovers his blasting powers and attempts to use them on Deathstroke. Both men soon come to an understanding and head off to battle Venev

Soon after this incident, Andrew's connection with the aliens draws him to Metropolis, where veteran superheroes are battling the creature that the parasites have brought forth. Andrew works with dozens of other 'New Bloods', people who have acquired powers when attacked. Eventually, the superheroes are freed and the aliens destroyed. Gunfire learns his father had profited from weapons sales to terrorists, whom he starts working to neutralize, which leads him into conflict with 'Dominion', a former employee of his father's business. Dominion runs a group called the 'Oblivion Front' but Gunfire soon ends its operation.

Gunfire was seen as one of the many prisoners in stasis tubes after the Ultra-Humanite, using the magic of Johnny Thunder's Thunderbolt, conquers the world. During the Infinite Crisis, the Secret Society of Super Villains gathers an army to march on Metropolis. An army of heroes, including Gunfire, is gathered by the information broker Oracle. A massive battle ensues, with fatalities on both sides.

In Faces of Evil: Prometheus #1, while fighting alongside Anima and Argus, the super villain Prometheus cuts off his hands.


Venom/Mac Gargan

Year first appeared: 2005

All the symbiotes did really really shitty.


Mac Gargan, once known as The Scorpion, is the current Venom. After the death of Angelo Fortunado, the symbiote went on a search for a new host, one that shared its hatred of Spider-Man like its original host (Eddie Brock) had, and also possessed a strong will and at least a little of its own skill. It found Mac Gargan and offered him a chance to increase his powers. Gargan accepted the symbiote with open arms and soon became Venom.

With his new power, Mac became a member of the new Sinister 12, a group, like the Sinister 6, made of Spider-Man’s worst enemies. The 12 quickly got a chance to fight Spider-Man (and the Black Cat) and almost succeeded in beating them. Unfortunately, Spider-Man was able to get help from the Fantastic Four and some of the Avengers. With the tables turned and Spider-Man now the one with all the backup, the Sinister 12 went down easily. During the battle though, Norman Osborn (the Green Goblin) tried to kill Mary Jane and Spider-Man was, of course, trying to stop him before he could reach her. Venom took the opportunity to pick a fight with Spider-Man but Venom eventually lost, and by the end of all the excitement, was sent to Ryker’s.

Some time after this, Venom was transported to Battleworld by the Stranger, where he and several other characters were chosen to fight to the death in a contest of champions. Venom was the first to make a kill, impaling what he believed to be Spider-Man while everyone was still confused by the whole situation. The supposed Spider-Man was actually the Space Phantom in disguise, but Venom still expected to win the contest. He didn’t, and after the group beat the Space Phantom and went to limbo, Venom destroyed the device they had used to get there, stranding them. He again asked for his reward for winning, but was denied. When the group returned (through teleportation) they defeated Venom and Hank Pym tricked the Stranger into thinking he had killed everyone else. With the contest over, and with some help from the Watcher, the Stranger left and the team prepared to leave via teleporter when the planet started to crumble. Gravity, one of the heroes, gave his life to save the rest of them, and when they got home, all of them (Venom included) attended his funeral.

After the events of Civil War, Venom joined the Thunderbolts team and is still there at this time. When the Thunderbolts were assigned to apprehend American Eagle, Shadowoman and Steel Spider. He has become a cannibal as he has ripped off and ate Steel Spider's arm. He has stated that the symbiote has been giving him hallucinations and begins to eat his handlers in Thunderbolt Mountain.

Most recently Venom fought Namor and ripped off his feet-wings. Namor then knocked him unconscious and ripped out his tongue. He is now a member of the Dark Avengers



Year first appeared: 2004

The series, which is largely without standard text dialogue, is about the adventures of a gentle owl named Owly who resolves to do good and make friends in his world with the help of his good companions, the clever worm, Wormy, and Scampy, the gluttonous but good hearted chipmunk. While he faces obstacles in the pursuit of that goal, his faith in the goodness in the world is never disappointed.




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