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Your Top Modern Characters part 20

Written by Chris Mitchell on Tuesday, March 17 2009 and posted in Features
Top List
A whole ton of randomness for your viewing enjoyment. I really wanna get to the 10 point mark ASAP.


255. Six Characters (7 points each)

Scott Forbes

scottforbes.jpgYear first appeared: 1997

Small picie, I know. But that’s the best pic I can find on this obscure comic. Mr. Mckeever wrote this gem. The series is a teen drama, which centers on the lives of a group of teenagers (and one twenty-something) living in the remote American town of Northern Plains. The theme of the series is that characters who live in such towns exist in a 'holding pattern, spending their time waiting for something to happen. McKeever has described the themes of some of his comics, including The Waiting Place, as being "Alienation; coming of age; a burning desire to get on with life."

The Waiting Place started life as a self-published comic. McKeever realized that his best chance of breaking into the comics industry was to have a complete comic to show publishers, rather than his writing on its own. He found Brendon and Brian Fraim, and together they produced three issues of The Waiting Place. At a convention they submitted a copy of the self-published comic to Slave Labor Graphics, who liked it and took it on, republishing those early issues themselves too.

Marvel editor, Tom Brevoort, was a fan of The Waiting Place and gave McKeever his first Marvel assignments on the strength of it. The character that is on the list is Scott Forbes. Scott Forbes is your typical 24-year-old who works in his father's video store and still carries a torch for his high school girlfriend, Ami.

Apparently this is optioned to become a TV series.



Year first appeared: 1993

Chandi Gupta manifested her elemental powers at an early age, barely into her teenage years. Her parents, unsure of what to do, left her in the care of a strange Indian cult that they themselves had become followers of. The leaders of this cult were convinced that she was the reincarnation of one of the Hindu gods, Shiva. Chandi, confused and terrified, realized that the cult was evil and planning to sacrifice her. Horrified, she escaped, and fled to London.

There, now under the alias Maya, she witnesses the Justice League Europe brawl with the super villain Sonar. She reluctantly uses her powers to assist them in their battle, and manages to single-handedly defeat the threat. The JLE, grateful for her timely assistance, offer her official membership with them. Feeling she had nowhere else to go, she gladly accepts. One of her earliest missions with them was a return to her homeland of India. There, she came under attack from her supposed protector, the Mahayogi. Fortunately, she fends him off long enough to escape and rejoin her team.

Maya was alone in the Justice League castle headquarters when it came under attack by three of the Bloodlines parasites. She manages to evade them for some time and summons help by firing bursts of energy high into the night sky. She is rescued by her teammates and the armored superhero, Lionheart.

Maya was originally only able to manifest a mystical bow. She has used it as a conventional bow, able to fire sometimes devastatingly powerful projectiles usually made of mystical fire or water, or, on one occasion, to enhance her speed and strength. She later developed the ability to manifest large amounts of fire or water without using the bow as a focus. Her powers are similar to those of the Indian heroine Celsius.



Year first appeared: 2004

Wow, the single digit points not only belong to the Top Cow cyborgs, but also the young mutants at Marvel. Again, I like Rockslide. People see him as a Thing clone because he is made of rock and such, but he is far more then that. He is a great character with cool powers in my opinion. I thought he woulda got more points. But alas, he did not. Oh, in the pick that’s him giving X-23 the fastball special, in case you were confused on who is who.

Even before gaining his mutant abilities, Santo was well described as a bully. His mutant ability then was ultimately appropriate considering his outlook on his peers. After joining the Xavier Institute, Santo quickly became friends with another tough guy Julian Keller, Hellion. Both were handpicked by Emma Frost to become members of the Hellions squad. On the squad, Santo proved to be a valuable asset assisted his team in winning the prestigious Field Tournament and also assisted his teammates in forcibly opposing the arrest of fellow teammate Wither. When William Stryker attacked the mansion, Rockslide assisted in battling him. Later after the team discovered the connection between Stryker and Nimrod, they sought out the Nimrod robot to destroy it. During the battle, Nimrod destroyed Rockslide for a second time. Again, Hellion telekinetically fused him back together but this time he became larger and more rough and craggy.

While always a large and strong child, when his mutant powers manifested Rockslide became larger and is made of craggy, grey organic rock. This form grants him enhanced strength, stamina, and durability. He can also fire parts of his body, usually his hands, as projectiles at opponents. These parts are not under his control after being ejected, and simply fly as if they were thrown. When a body part is removed by being fired or smashed, Santo can re-attach it by placing it where it belongs. Santo has demonstrated in the past that this can happen even when his entire body is demolished as long as he is assisted (in both cases by Hellion's telekinesis).

During the events of "The Quest for Magik", Santo has recently displayed the ability to exist outside of his stone form and present himself made out of molten rock and magma. Whether or not this is a permanent physical mutation or something caused by the magics that govern Limbo has yet to be established. His newfound form also renders him impervious to Illyana Rasputin's mystical abilities and presumably all other forms of magic in Limbo as well. This would be the second time that Rockslide has evolved.

After the fight with Nimrod, when Santo first exploded and then reformed, he somehow further advanced his mutation. Dr. McCoy theorized that Santo is now an entity of pure psychic energy. He reforms by using the earth around him and instead of just 'firing' off one of his hands he can now literally become a rockslide or an explosion - a much more powerful manifestation of his former ability, but less well-directed. Reforming by using surrounding earth and rock also allows him to absorb the inherent properties of that material (evidenced by his magic-resistant form when he was made of Limbo rock).


Atom Smasher

Year first appeared: 1999

Again, yes he appeared back in 1983 as Nuklon but 10 years ago he changed his name and all that jazz to Atom Smasher. I still say he should keep the name Atom Smasher but bring back the mohawk look. Seriously, they are making a comeback. Take a look at War of Kings for proof of this.

Grandson of Terry Curtis (the villain known as Cyclotron) and godson of the golden age Atom, Al Rothstein is quite literally, a living legacy. Inheriting super-human strength as a result of his grandfather's atomic-powered physiology, Rothstein took the alias of Nuklon as a founding member the second-generation super-hero team Infinity, Inc.

Subsequent exposure to thorium radiation gave Rothstein limited control over his molecular structure, Manifesting itself in an ability to modulate the size and density of his body.

Abandoning the Nuklon identity, Rothstein has now adopted a name that pays homage to his predecessors Cyclotron and the Atom by calling himself Atom Smasher.



Year first appeared: 2002

Ok, Naruto. I know this one. My brother used to watch the cartoon. There was this cool dude with sand, dunno his name, I thought he was pretty badass. He was not nominated though, shame.

Neji is a member of Team Guy and a child prodigy of the Hyuga clan. Despite his natural talent, Neji's membership in one of the clan's lower houses leaves him ineligible to learn the clan's most secret techniques. At the start of the series, Neji openly hates the main house because of this, readily attacking its members verbally or physically when given the chance. At this point in the series, Neji believes in a fatalistic philosophy: that one's destiny is inescapable and that a weak person will always be weak. After being defeated in battle by Naruto Uzumaki, a character that has proven his "destiny" wrong by getting stronger, Neji has a change of heart. He abandons the idea of a predetermined fate, and resolves to get strong enough to never lose a battle.

Neji displays his title as a prodigy of the Hyuga throughout the series; when first introduced, he is highly proficient with the Gentle Fist style of combat, with which he can directly attack an opponent's internal systems. Though never having been trained in the form, Neji has been able to replicate it and its most powerful attacks through simple observation. As the series progresses, Neji refines these abilities into more powerful counterparts, either to increase their potency or to fix an inherent flaw. One such example is his Byakugan, an eye technique that by default grants the owner a near-360-degree field of vision within a fifty-meter radius. Neji constantly trains to overcome a small blind spot and to increase the Byakugan's range of sight.




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