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Your Top Modern Characters part 21

Written by Chris Mitchell on Tuesday, March 17 2009 and posted in Features
Top List
We have three DCU characters. Two of them from the hands of Johns and Ross.


254. Three characters (8 points each)

Jakeen Thunder

Year first appeared: 1996

Have they ever explained why he was young in Kingdom Come and why he is young in present day DCU?

Born to young unmarried parents, Jakeem Williams was left in the care of his mother's sister. Bitter, he alienated himself from his aunt and others by acting rude and using foul language and generally did poorly in school.

Asking the original Flash, Jay Garrick for his autograph, Jay inadvertently handed him a pink-ink pen, the speedster had received from an aging Johnny Thunder who was now suffering from Alzheimer's.

The pen contained Johnny's thunderbolt, a genie from the Fifth-Dimension named Cei-U, which Jakeem released when Earth was under attack from another sprite from the Fifth-Dimension. The two magical entities merged and are now under the control of Jakeem when he clicks his magic pen. Jakeem is able to make any number of wishes, which causes much mayhem because of mispronounciations and misunderstandings between the two. There is no limit to the thunderbolts power in this dimension.

In this new age of magic, whatever Jakeem whishes for it is taken from somewhere else. Such as a fire happened and he wished for all the homes to be reconstructed. Somewhere across the world the exact number of houses was destroyed and the exact number of people were left homeless.



Year first appeared: 1997

A Young Justice character. The first of many to appear on this list. I wonder which member got the highest? Hmmmmm. I know. And I ain't gonna tell ya. Funny thing, some didn't do half as good as I thought they would. But hey, the voters have spoken.

Cissie King-Jones’ mother once a short-time partner of the Green Arrow and Speedy, she had an overwhelming desire for her daughter to follow in her legacy. Pushing her daughter into danger as a means of training, she lost custody after officials discovered her reckless parenting. In time Cissie decided that she wanted to follow in the footsteps of her mothers as Arrowette.

Arrowette joined Young Justice during the team's first conflict with Harm. In that battle, Harm caught one of Cissie's arrows and threw it right back at her, seriously wounding her shoulder. The Super-Cycle rescued her and brought her back to Happy Harbor. The team's care for her prompted her to become a member.

Shortly after, the murder of Dr. Marcy Money turned Arrowette's world inside out. Blinded by rage, she hunted the doctor's murderer, following him and his accomplice into the Pennsylvania woods. After subduing the accomplice, she proceeded to re-enact Dr. Money's murder. But this time, the killer was on the receiving end. He begged for mercy and threw away his weapon. Cissie could have captured him, but instead she fired an arrow directly at his heart. The blow surely would have killed him if Superboy hadn't arrived in the knick of time, snatching the arrow out of the air.

Soon thereafter, Cissie quit Young Justice and has abandoned her Arrowette persona. Cissie now has to do what her mother never allowed her to do: decide for herself what she is going to be.

After leaving Young Justice she went on to win a gold medal for America in the Olympics for Archery. Although not a member of the team she continued to have close relationships with them, especially her best friend, Wonder Girl. She was with Young Justice as the team's medic during the "Our Worlds At War" Galactic Crisis, and acted as the team's pitcher in an intergalactic baseball game with worlds in the balance.

Cissie now attends St. Elias' School for Girls - along with Greta (Secret) and Cassie Sandsmark (Wondergirl).



Year first appeared: 2008

I figured he show up in the One Point Club, but nope. Here he is, almost double-digit points. Why? I dunno. I love the JSA, but frankly this arc went on a little too long. I am finding the post IC JSA kinda meh compared to pre-IC stuff. I liked the first volume, but that’s just me.

Gog was from a paradise known as the Third World; his world was destroyed when the old gods waged war across the land. Gog refused to choose a side and was cast out. He then plunged himself into the bleed traveling from world to world. He claimed, that he is not responsible for the actions of the fake Gog (William Matthews), who after Gog emerged, made him loose the identity due to the fact that Matthews is going mad of visions from different realities.

As proof of his good intentions, Gog preformed a number of miracles both to places and people, as well as members of the JSA. His first task is to set up an encampment, and while doing so, is joined by followers. He then heals a village from the toxic waste that was being emitted from lava that protruded from the mountain that he was embedded in. The JSA member Damage then approaches Gog because he, like most other JSA members are skeptical of Gog's intentions. Gog responds by healing the scars and disfigurements on Damage's face, who after this becomes one of Gog's greatest believers. Continuing his miracles upon JSA members, Gog heals Starman's schizophrenia, gives Doctor Mid-Nite his sight back, and sends Power girl back to her home reality of Earth-2. Gog then finds a small battle occurring at a near-by village and goes to stop it. When arriving, Gog finds the villagers being attacked by a group of ruthless soldiers, Gog acts by turning the soldiers into trees. During the battle, the JSA member Lance is blasted by a rocket launcher, and dies. Gog revives Lance though, and replaces his destroyed arm with gold armor, and renames him Magog. After the battle, Gog gains more followers by the likes of the villagers he saved, and JSA members Hawkman, Judomaster, Amazing Man, Tom Bronson, Damage, Magog, and Citizen Steel, much to the rest of the JSA's dismay. Gog then tells his followers of his plans to reach the Middle East, and destroy the corrupt militia forces there as well. On the 6th day of his activities, Gog asks for a day of rest, in which he sends some of his followers to preach his "word".

On the 7th day of his time on earth, Gog tells his followers to get down on their knees and worship him for the miracles he has bestowed. While being taken aback by this, it is shown that Sandman has discovered Gog's true intentions: rooting himself to the earth with the consequence that when he leaves, the earth will die. The JSA arrive at his encampment with plans to remove his head from his body, the only way Gog can die without the world dieing as well. As his followers attempt to protect him, they quickly change their mind when they see him try to transform Jay Garrick into an actual lightning bolt. Gog retaliates by taking away all of the miracles he bestowed, leaving all of the JSA members as they were before he had come. The JSA finally prevail, and sever Gog's head from his body. Kingdom Come Superman and Starman then finish things by taking Gog's head to the Source Wall, and embedding it there forever.



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