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Your Top Modern Characters part 30

Written by Chris Mitchell on Thursday, March 19 2009 and posted in Features
Top List
All these characters received a first place vote. Why? I have no clue. Ok, one could be deserving, but the rest? Gimme a break. And thing is, there were two other characters voted in first place slots, but had to be taken out because they were created before 1989.


245. Four Characters (10 points - 1 first place spot each)


Year first appeared: 2004




So, apparently someone really loves Street Fighter. So much, they nominated someone from the Street Fighter comic in their first place slot. Mind you, he appeared originally in 1994 in the video game, but in the comic he appeared in 2004. Hell, if you are going to choose anyone from the Street Fighter series, choose Bison for crying out loud. That dude is badass.

Hmmm. What else can I say about this character. How about Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A B A select start. Infinite Fail.



Year First appeared: 1990

Bloody hell.

Typical of the farcical treatment given to the superhero genre in the 1980s and 1990s Justice League comics, the Beefeater is similar to the rude and pompous Basil Fawlty, a character in the British television sitcom Faulty Towers. He is Britain's hero using a power-rod used by his father (The Beefeater of the Second World War), to try and protect Britain, but instead causes havoc as he goes.

Michael Morice is a staff member at the Justice League London embassy. Supporting him is his wife and Esteban, the latter of whom has a poor grasp of English (both resembling characters from 'Faulty Towers'). Michael finds the original Beefeater's costume and power-rod in the attic.

After accidentally blowing a hole in the attic floor, he is confronted by his wife, who dislikes the entire deal. Michael argues that the Beefeater has a long heroic tradition, such as fighting alongside General Glory in World War II. His wife, like most people, believe General Glory's adventures to be fictional comic book events, which is exactly what Glory's superior officers had wanted. Furthermore, she believes that the original Beefeater flubbed his first mission and spent the war in a Bulgarian prison, only later to use the 'stick' for tricks down at the pub. It is not made clear which version is correct, especially with the subterfuge surrounding Glory.

Michael, ever determined, leaves the embassy while his wife is trying to have Esteban contact Maxwell Lord, the current League boss. After donning the costume he decides to join Justice League Europe, however the JLE Embassy's security system saw him as a threat and attacks him. The JLE, Kilowog and Beefeater try to defend themselves from the security system, leading to the destruction of the embassy itself. (Justice League Europe #21).

Beefeater appears in 52, week 18 (Day 4), carrying Booster Gold's coffin after attending a memorial in a Cincinnati church. Due to Gold's previous superhero mistakes, including staging fights for personal glory, he was very unpopular and this was all Skeets could arrange.

Beefeater's fellow pall-bearers are Mind-Grabber Kid, Yellow Peri, Honest Abe and the Blimp. Founding Justice League member Superman, in his identity as Clark Kent, also attends.

The Beefeater is briefly seen as one of the dozens of super-beings kidnapped by the forces of the Auctioneer. All are later freed unharmed


Sammy the Squid boy

Year first appeared: 2002

*face palm

When Sammy was first introduced, he was being bullied terribly, and was on the verge of commiting suicide. Luckiy, Professor X arrived and he was taken with him onto the Blackbird, where he met Beast. They had to fly to Muir Island as the X-Men were being attacked by Black Tom (Xavier took Sammy's gun from him when he tried to bring it with him to stop anyone else from finding it and hurting themselves). When the Juggernaut nearly drowned, Sammy jumped out of the Blackbird and swam down to saved him, beginning they're friendship.

They became very good friends, and Sammy began to attend the Xavier Institute. Later, he followed Juggernaut to a Brotherhood meeting, and then, Black Tom broke every bone in his body, killing him. Juggernaut was enraged and attacked Black Tom.

On Wolverine and the X-Men, Sammy appeared traveling on a ship with his mother (who is also a mutant) to go to Genosha like other mutants. There he met Nightcrawler and introduced himself as Squidboy. He confessed that it was not his real name and it would be the codename that he prefer if he would be an X-Man. he also discriminates himself because his powers are not strong enough. When the ship was attacked by the Reavers, the mutants went into a panic.. Later on, he joined Nightcrawler's team of mutants in that ship. He was summoned to connect a hose from the lower part of the ship so that the others can fix it. When Spiral discovered that the mutants were freeing themselves, she holds Squidboy hostage but was saved by Nightcrawler. Spiral and the Reavers then surrendered. They continue on to Genosha with the other refugees.



Year first appeared: 1989

OK, finally an a good character worthy of a first place slot. Too bad only one person voted for the dude. Oh well.

Lucifer Morningstar is the twin brother of Michael Demiurgos and together they are the second and third most powerful beings of their universe, only after their creator, and Lucifer being the weaker of the two.Thus, he is seen as the third most powerful being in his universe and it was he who wove the light into the sun, thus the title Lightbringer. Another important fact is that he is God's first creation as even though he is Michael's twin it is often hinted that he is the Elder of the two. Before Lucifer's fall he is known to have associated himself with the angel, Meleos, who despite their similarities in wanting to fight for freedom, freedom from predestination, was not interested in joining Lucifer's efforts. Rather he was making his deck, his Tarot deck that was to be able to do exactly what Lucifer wanted on its own and one of the cards he made was drawn in homage to was called The Lightbringer.

In his first actual appearance, Lucifer is originally introduced as having once been the sole ruler of Hell, around 70 years earlier, when Dream last visited Hell and had been an honored guest. However, in his absence it seems many things had changed and Lucifer no longer had the power to simply say the word and have something done, for Hell had become a Triumvirate. The identities of his fellow lords of Hell are none other than two demons by the names of Azazel and Beelzebub. When Dream explains to the three what he is there for, that he knows a demon of Hell possesses his empowered Dream helmet, Lucifer begins asking who the demon is but Dream does not know so instead Lucifer gathers every demon in Hell in a single plain and asks Dream to point out the one he is seeking.

Using his recovered pouch, Dream does single out a demon, a demon under Beelzebub and so outside of Lucifer's power, this demon is challenged by Dream for the helmet and Lucifer is simply a spectator to the whole contest, alongside every demon of Hell. He watches as Dream defeats the demon and reclaims what was his and when Dream thanks Lucifer for his graciousness and hospitality Lucifer retorts by saying he never said anything about letting Dream leave but the well-witted Dream explains that without being able to dream of Heaven, the demons would have nothing and so every one of them steps aside as he begins walking, clearing a path for Dream of the Endless, leaving Lucifer to swear to kill the entity one day.




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