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Your Top Modern Characters part 37

Written by Chris Mitchell on Saturday, March 21 2009 and posted in Features
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Two DCers and a Valiant for your viewing enjoyment. The last one makes me sad, cuz I wanted him to stay around longer.


237. Two Characters (13 points)

crazyjane.jpgCrazy Jane

Year first appeared: 1989

Jane is the dominant alternate personality of Kay Challis, who suffers from multiple personality disorder. As a result of exposure to the alien Dominators' "gene bomb", each of her 64 alternate personalities has a different super-power.

Kay Challis was molested by her father since she was five years old. The first time her father molested her, she was putting a jigsaw puzzle together. Kay eventually withdraws completely and is replaced by an alternate personality answering by the name "Miranda." One Easter Sunday, Miranda is the victim of an attempted rape in a church, triggering flashbacks to her abuse, the destruction of the "Miranda" personality and the completion of the massive personality fragmentation. Kay is transferred to a mental hospital after this happened.

When the gene-bomb goes off, Jane and all of her personalities are affected; each personality gains a different power. Cliff Steele is staying in the same institution as Jane when Will Magnus asks Cliff to look after her. Cliff approaches her and she is in the rain painting. He goes over to talk to her and the painting jumps out of the picture and melts in the rain. This was done by one of Kay's personality.

Jane goes back to her childhood home, where it was the first time she was molested. While there she faces her fears and overcoming them. All her personalities become one and she lost all of their powers.

In Doom Patrol Jane's first appearance she is not the dominant personality. Kay is the dominant one but she hasn’t been out since she was five.



Year first appeared: 1994

Mobster Angelo Mortalli was framed by the Carboni crime family, forcing him to become a witness for the state. While under Federal protection, Mortalli was betrayed by his protectors and sold to Hideyoshi Iwatsu to become a test subject for Project Rising Spirit. Mortalli's memories of his former life were erased when his bloodstream was infused with microscopic computers called nanites. The empirically enhanced man, now code-named "Bloodshot" escaped from the secret labs of Project Rising Spirit with the aid of Geomancer Geoff McHenry, completely unaware of his former identity.

A triumph of bioengineering, his nanite blood gives him superhuman speed, agility, and healing powers. Bloodshot can also control electrical devices and access computers through physical contact. Unable to successfully recreate the "Blood of Heroes" (the nanite formula), the founder of Rising Spirit, Hideyoshi Iwatsu, sends his "Speedshot" warriors to retrieve it by defeating Bloodshot and taking his blood.

Their inferior nanite-spawned abilities, however, are no match for Bloodshot's, and they are defeated. Not even the bionically-armored Harbinger Ax, who can talk to computers like Bloodshot, can prevail against Bloodshot's ferocity. Even so, the Blood of Heroes is too attractive a prize for Ax to stay away for long. Bloodshot seeks out Mafia Don Benito Carboni to learn the truth about his own criminal past.

Later, with the help of the Eternal Warrior, Gilad Anni-Padda, Mortalli becomes involved with the British Secret Service and becomes one of its Secret Weapons under the guidance of Neville Alcott. During that time Mortalli met Neville's daughter Jillian (who had formerly been enamored of Gilad). Jillian transferred her desires to Bloodshot, and was able to win his affection. They had two children, but in the process Jillian herself became infected with the nanites.


jokester.jpg236. Jokester (13 points)

Year first appeared: 2007

Damn you Didio, making us care bout a character then killing him off. Damn you to hell.

While the Jokester was still a young man going by the name Jackie he had a tough life. Jackie was constantly bullied at school, even when he came home he was beaten by his father. Simply put, he was despised and everyone wanted to make his life miserable. But, that all changed when he met a pretty, blond named Eve. She was very sweet and Jackie always made her laugh. They became fell in love, but one day she disappeared (later on it turns out it’s because she had become Three Face). Following the career path Eve said he’d be good at, Jackie become a comedian. Unfortunately, he was a lousy comedian nobody laughed at his jokes. Then as if an omen Owlman flew through the window of the comedy club. Owlman became his comedic shtick. Rising the ladder of fame quickly helped Owlman seek out the man who’s been poking fun at him and his teen sidekick Talon. This was unfortunate for both Jackie and his assistant Harley. The masked maniac killed Harley and Jackie’s face was slashed to resemble a clown. Now he calls himself Jokester.

The death of the Jokester came much too soon. He was a lovable hero with problems in other universes thanks to his uncanny resemblance to a certain Joker. After only six appearances his life was ended and thus leaving his fans in pain. But, the great coincidence is the fact that while the Joker killed Jason Todd, the Jokester gave his life to safe him along with Donna Troy, Green Lantern and Bob the Monitor.




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