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Your Top Modern Characters part 38

Written by Chris Mitchell on Saturday, March 21 2009 and posted in Features
Top List
A couple of Marvel characters and an Image one. Two of them are relatively new, the other is pure 90's.


235. Three Characters (13 points each)

Pixie pixie.jpg

Year first appeared: 2004

I really like Pixie, then again I really like all the New/Young X-Men they created over the last few years. It’s good to see she graduated to the actual X-Men team but sucks that the rest are being forgotten about. I really really wish they did something with them. Damn you, Joe Q. Grrrr.

Pixie was a member of Paragons up until they disbanded following M-Day. She is currently a member of the X-Men. Pixie possesses rainbow-colored butterfly wings that allow her to fly. In addition, she produces a so-called pixie dust that causes hallucinations. At present, it has been hinted in a conversation between her and Blindfold that she cannot control the hallucinations caused by her power. She has pink hair and pitch-black eyes. After the Quest for Magik story arc, her hair color has changed to black, with pink streaks, and she can summon a Souldagger (a smaller version of Illyana Rasputin's Soulsword made from a fifth of her soul), which allows her to disrupt magic and harm magic creatures. Pixie also knows a teleportation spell, taught to her by Illyana Rasputin.

Wolverine and the X-Men, Megan Gwynn was on a ship going to Genosha when Spiral and the Reavers attacked and took the other mutants. Nightcrawler formed a team of mutants who think that heir powers are useless. Incredibly, they have saved the mutants in the ship. The only power that was shown in the series was her ability to fly using her butterfly wings that she used to pose the flag for SOS.


jackstaff.jpgJack Staff

Year first appeared: 2000

"No, he is not a Union Jack clone.'

Jack here first saw print in comics published by Paul Grist's Dancing Elephant Press, and is now published by Image Comics. Comics International began exclusive publication of a monthly four-page strip featuring the supporting character Ben Kulmer (the Claw); this started in #185 of the magazine and was set to run for twelve episodes. These strips have since been reprinted by Image Comics in a special.

Anywho, Jack Staff, Britain's Greatest Hero, has been active since at least World War II. While he has revealed he has been around since the Victorian Age, it’s unknown if he was active as a superhero or a similar adventurer. In his civilian identity, he works as a builder by the name of John Smith, but it is unknown if that is his real name.

During World War II, he was active with the Freedom Fighters, a group of American and British superheroes: Sgt. States, Blazing Glory, and Tommy Twister. During the war they defeated a vampire, Templar Richard, but not before Sgt. States also became a vampire (unknown to the rest of the team at the time). They also battled villains such as Kapitan Krieg and Brain Head.

After the war, Jack continued as a superhero in the UK. By the 1960s, he was helping a group called Unit D fight several menaces. After working to stop a British weapon of mass destruction, the Hurricane, in the early 1980s, Jack quit being a superhero. It has only been recently that Jack has come back as a superhero, fighting alongside Q, Commander Hawkes of the now defunct Unit D, Tom Tom the Robot Man, Becky Burdock: Vampire Reporter, and others.

Jack Staff was also an ally of the mysterious Mister Green, but severed his ties after the Hurricane incident. A slow-building subplot concerns an upcoming war, with Mister Green on one side and "the Red" on the other, and several of the comic's cast being recruited for it. Green has previously recruited Jack, and was recently revealed to have recruited Helen Morgan as well (and possibly more of Q through her) and taken Becky Burdock's old toy rabbit -- or perhaps, in so doing, chosen Becky herself -- to serve as a champion; a figure called the Man of Shadow is trying to recruit Becky. It's been hinted the Shadow and similar forces want to keep Becky and Jack apart.

It has been noted by various characters (such as in Jack Staff Special #1) that Jack's record of success is a bit iffy; he often gets battered by super villains and ends up in embarrassing or dangerous situations, such as being set-up to be arrested by the Spider.

Apparently, Geist is a huge fan of Valiant and likes to drop hints that Jack Staff here is a relative on Eternal Warrior. In fact, a character resembling the valiant character has shown up several times in the series.


Sleep Walker

Year first appeared: 1991

"Guffah all you want but Sleepwalker is an actual ORIGINAL character! He introduced the "Mindscape" to the Marvel U, which is horribly underused. He also had a very colorful rogues gallery including Bookworm, The Thought Police and 8-Ball."

In the Mindscape, a world where strange creatures live that borders on the minds of all intelligent life, there is a force of beings that protect the sleeping minds of humans. For if they were not protected, dangerous beings would enter the minds of sleeping humans. One of the beings that protect the human minds, what humans call 'Sleepwalker', was tricked by his enemy, Cobweb, into entering the mind of Rick Sheridan. After confronting Sleepwalker in many of his dreams, Rick tore off Sleepwalker's Imaginator. This caused Sleepwalker and Rick to bond together. Now, whenever Rick Sheridan goes to sleep, Sleepwalker materializes into reality. Rick and Sleepwalker have agreed that when Sleepwalker comes out, he fights crime.

Sleepwalker has fought a wide array of villains, from the billiard based 8-Ball, to Crimewave, to the Chain Gang. In the Infinity War, Sleepwalker helped channel the minds of Professor X, Jean Grey, Moondragon, and Psylocke. During the battle against the evil doppelgangers that Magus made, Sleepwalker fought some of the evil clones and saved some citizens. Sleepwalker also impersonated his own doppelganger. During the Infinity Crusade, he was captured by Goddess and brought to the 'Counter-Earth'.

Cobweb wanted to finally defeat Sleepwalker so he devised a plan. Cobweb would disguise his minions as Sleepwalker's race and make everyone believe that Sleepwalker was their leader. Then, everybody would hate Sleepwalker. The plan went into action. Sleepwalker and the Avengers stopped the invasion, but the public still believed that Sleepwalker was the leader of a race that was going to try to take over. Cobweb attacked again but Sleepwalker defeated him for good, banishing him. Sleepwalker seemingly died afterwards. It was soon revealed that Sleepwalker did not die, he was only trapped inside Rick Sheridan's mind. He returns back to the real world and is investigating the damages of an explosion perpetuated by the Ringmaster, but he got sucked back again in Rick Sheridan's mind. He later becomes part of a team assembled by Ms. Marvel which consist of himself and Machine Man in search of the missing heroines including Carol's apprentice, Araña.

Sleepwalker has super strength, enhanced durability, resistance to injury and mental attacks, and flight. Sleepwalker has the Warp Gaze, a vision- based power, just like Ghost Rider's Penance Stare. This weapon alters the physical condition of an object and can be manipulated by Sleepwalker in whatever he likes to. As a law enforcer of the mindscape, he is sworn not to use it any living entity, because it can cause extreme pain to the organism



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