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Your Top Modern Characters part 39

Written by Chris Mitchell on Monday, March 23 2009 and posted in Features
Top List
Two sets of two characters in this batch. Seriously, we had so many ties this time around. I can only imagine how big Top Character list will be...


234. Two Characters (14 points each)


Year first appeared: 2004

Kelsey Leigh was originally a single mother of two children living in Southeast England. One day her and her family were involved in a brawl between the Avengers and the Wrecking Crew. When Captain America was knocked unconscious Kelsey used his shield to defend him from a deathblow delivered by Thunderball. Despite blocking the blow, the force of the impact caused her severe internal injuries and she died en-route to medical facilities. She was then visited by a vision of Captain Britain and his wife Megan who was then ruler of Otherworld, and offered her the choice: The Amulet or The Sword. As she desperately wanted to see her children again she chose the sword as a means of defending her children. However, this was the path of violence and as a result the only way she could see her children was at the cost of their lives. When she returned to Earth and took the mantle of Captain Britain, she rejoined the Avengers so that she would be close to her children who were now in their care.

During the events of Avengers Disassembled, She-Hulk went on a rampage and Captain Britain jumped in the way just as she had done previously. However, again this met with terrible consequences and she was once again put in the hospital and her situation was critical. Eventually she recovered and returned to England leaving the Avengers for good. She then re-named herself Lionheart and became an active adventurer in England. Kelsey was then approached by Albion who wanted to recruit her, playing on her animosity towards Captain Britain for not telling her the correct decision to make. She failed in her task to defeat him and just before a battle between Albion and Captain Britain took place she fled.



Year first appeared: 1997

Nothing is known about Zoro other than as a boy, Zoro trained in a dojo in Shimotsuki village. Zoro states that once he decided he would become an invincible Swordsman, and left his life behind. Even as a child, Zoro was strong enough to defeat most adults. In the anime it is shown that he was a traveler who took down dojo signs (which was something of an honor to that dojo) after defeating them. However, there was one person Zoro could not beat - the sensei's daughter, Kuina (In the anime she is the reason he joins her father's dojo in the first place. Kuina's father made a deal that if he could defeat her Zoro would take the sign. If not, Zoro would have to train under him. Obviously he lost, and thus trained to defeat Kuina). After their 2000th fight (and Kuina's 2000th victory) Zoro challenged her in private for one more match - with real swords. She beat him, and he cried with frustration, telling Kuina his dream of being the world's greatest swordsman. Hearing this, Kuina confided in Zoro, telling him that she shared the same dream but knew she could never attain it - her father had told her that girls could never be true sword masters, and that her fighting potential would decrease as her body matured. Zoro, annoyed by her defeatist attitude in spite of repeatedly winning against him, told her that one day he would beat her because he was more skilled, not just because she was a girl. The two make a promise - that either of them must become the world’s best swordsman. The next day, Kuina died falling down the stairs of her dojo. Zoro, remembering the promise, decided to fulfill the promise for both of them, and he asked the teacher for Kuina's sword, Wadō Ichimonji, and he started to develop a new fighting style - "santoryu", (a three-swords-style). Before her sudden death, Zoro fought with two swords, but after her death Zoro started using her sword as well, clenched in his mouth.

Somehow he eventually learned of Dracule Mihawk, who is currently the greatest swordsman in the world. Hearing this, Zoro eventually went to sea looking to find and challenge Mihawk to a duel, but got lost and could not return to his home. Since fighting is more or less the only thing Zoro is really good at, he would usually take on a bounty hunters job in order to pay for sword repairs and meals. From then on, he quickly made a reputation as a "Pirate Hunter". Because of his reputation, Zoro was offered a position and a number in Baroque Works because of his bounty hunting skills, but declined when he was not allowed to become the boss. Afterwards, he killed the person who offered, an earlier Mr. 7 of Baroque Works, for trying to kill him for refusing.

A moment of kindness landed Zoro in trouble with Helmeppo, the wimpy son of the Marine captain Axe-Hand Morgan. Zoro joined Monkey D. Luffy's crew after being saved from execution by the Marines, and is now one of Luffy's first crewmates. Still Holding on to his dream of becoming the greatest swordsman in the world he told Luffy he only joined to accomplish his goal, though Luffy doesn't mind - on the contrary, he only sees it natural that the greatest swordsman and the greatest pirate are on the same crew.


233. Two Characters (14 points each)


Year first appeared: 1997

A Strangers in Paradise character. Neat. SiP is a story that primarily concerns the difficult relationship between two women, Helen Francine Peters (known simply as Francine) and Katina Marie ("Katchoo") Choovanski, and their friends David Qin and Gwynnethina Casey Bullocks-Femur (known as Casey). Francine considers Katchoo her best friend; Katchoo is in love with Francine. David is in love with Katchoo (a relationship which Katchoo herself is deeply confused about) and Casey is in love with David.

Francine is Katchoo's kind-hearted best friend. Francine struggles with her weight and her self-image, never quite able to see the beauty in herself that Katchoo sees. Francine has difficulty bringing herself to make a romantic commitment to Katchoo, partly due to her Methodist upbringing and partly because of her childhood dream to become a wife and mother. Her fairytale marriage to Brad Silver comes crashing down when she realizes that he's unfaithful to her, leading her to reconsider choosing him over Katchoo.



kakashi.jpgYear first appeared: 2007

Ooooh, another manga character I know. I am not that sheltered after all. Kakashi was famous for his moniker as the copy ninja. He is a skilled Konoha Jounin and was widely known as a genius. He is the son of Sakumo Hatake the White Fang, a ninja said to be as great as the Sannin. Kakashi graduated the ninja academy at just 5 years old, then became a chunin at 6 and was later declared a jonin at 13.

His former team was made up of Rin who was a skilled medic-nin, and Obito Uchiha who was part of the Uchiha clan. Their jounin leader was the future Forth Hokage, Minato Namikaze. Upon becoming a jonin, Kakashi was given the task of leading his team on a mission, and they were ambushed by an enemy ninja. It was during this time that his partner Obito was crushed by a huge boulder while saving his and Rin's lives.

Before Obito died, he allowed Rin to take his left Sharingan eye and put it into Kakashi's left eye socket that had been stabbed earlier, which Obito blamed himself for. Kakashi then became an Anbu squad leader, and then he became a jounin teacher. He had never passed anyone before because they couldn't work as a team, something Kakashi came to value because of Obito. But then he became a squad leader to three genin... the first people to pass his test. They are Naruto Uzumaki the container of the nine tailed fox, Sasuke Uchiha also a Uchiha member possessing the Sharingan, Sakura Haruno a large fore-headed girl that loves Sasuke and is apparently starting to like Naruto.




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