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Your Top Modern Characters part 45

Written by Chris Mitchell on Tuesday, March 24 2009 and posted in Features
Top List
Four more characters for you all to bitch about or not care about or possibly love, but I doubt it.


221. Three Characters (16 points)


Year first appeared: 2001

How the hell is this dude a Flash villain? Seriously. How the hell does Flash have trouble with this guy? It boggles my mind. I can see this guy being a Batman villain, or a Green Arrow villain, or maybe even a Robin villain. But Flash? Really? Seriously people.

Dr. Michael Amar, once a respected surgeon, succumbs to madness and starts a killing spree to stop the voices in his head. This spree went through Central and Keystone City and catches the eye of police officers Fred Chyre and Joe Jackam. They later track Amar down with help from Central City forensic scientist Barry Allen. Part of Amar's psychosis is the inability to stop himself from blurting out his crimes. Because of these outbursts, he is quickly convicted and sentenced to death.

It is soon discovered that Amar's blood is so abnormal that lethal injection cannot kill him. While incarcerated in Iron Heights prison, Amar cuts out his own tongue and sews his mouth shut so he will no longer be able to incriminate himself. Wearing a thin mask of his own design, Amar becomes known as Murmur.

While in prison, Murmur creates a virus that kills the guards and prisoners and escapes during the riots it causes. He then joins Blacksmith, who helps him with creating the virus, and her rogues. Afterwards, Murmur strikes out on his own.



Year first appeared: 1997

Luffy is captain of the powerful Straw Hat Pirates. At the moment, he has the third highest known bounty at 300,000,000 belli. Luffy has incredible strength, enhanced by his ability to gain momentum by stretching. He is a genius in battle, able to create moves off the top of his head.

He has two known "forms" other than his normal one. These are Gear Second and Gear Third. In Gear Second, Luffy speeds up his blood flow by starting with a kick to the ground, causing his internal organs to grow and his blood to hyper oxygenate, allowing him to move faster than the eye can see. In Gear Third, Luffy bites his thumb and blows a substantial amount of air into it, making his limb the size of a giant's. This increases his strength greatly. He can use these abilities at the same time, at the risk of doing massive damage to his body. It has been hinted before that he is related to Gol D. Roger, as he, along with several other characters, has the initial "D."

He lost his ability to swim when he ate the Gum-gum fruit. He would not be alive today if he had not got saved from a sea monster by his idol Captain Red-haired Shanks. Shanks also gave him his signature straw hat, which he would fight to the death to protect. Luffy has an overwhelming spirit and loyalty to his friends and once he starts some thing he never gives up. He also has a ferocious appetite and because of his gum gum powers he can eat until his body swells unto 3 times its normal size.



Year first appeared: 2005

Frankenstein is an undead body composed of parts from several corpses stitched together, created by Victor Frankenstein some time in the 19th century. He was assumed dead in Europe when he sank beneath the ice, but he survived and swam to America, having 'many adventures'. In 1870, he fought Melmoth, the Ringmaster of the Circus of Maggots, and stopped him from destroying a town with maggot-hominids. Exhausted, he sank into the ground.

In 2005, a high school student, called 'Uglyhead' by all the other children, acquires telepathic abilities, which he uses to torment his peers. At the senior prom, the now-docile students are killed by the Sheeda maggot-hominids. This causes the return of Frankenstein, who makes short work of the maggots and the boy, before burning down the school to cover the bodies. Afterwards, Frankenstein makes his way to Mars through an Erdel Gate, where he confronts Melmoth once again. Frankenstein frees the children Melmoth has enslaved to work in his gold mines, and feeds Melmoth to the flesh eating, praying mantis-like horses of Mars. Yet before he is consumed, Melmoth reveals that it was not lightning that brought the monster to life, but several drops of his own immortal blood, sold to Frankenstein's creator, that still course through Frankenstein's veins.

In the third issue of the series, Frankenstein meets an old acquaintance greatly resembling the "Bride" in James Whale's Bride of Frankenstein, albeit with four arms. She is now an agent of the Super Human Advanced Defense Executive (S.H.A.D.E., a parody of Marvel's S.H.I.E.L.D.), a secret government agency who temporarily drafts Frankenstein as well. Of their previous relationship, she says, "It's nothing personal, but you were never my type." In the final issue, he stows away on a time-ship, which brings him to the Sheeda realm in the distant future. There, he destroys their world-destroying fleet, kills the Sheeda-Queen's time-yacht's steersman, and hijacks her ship to the present. Once in the present, though, Klarion gains control of Frankenstein using a witch-brand and forces him to take the castle back to the future.

He appears briefly in Infinite Crisis #7, which takes place one week after the Frankenstein miniseries. He is seen fighting against General Wade Eiling. Frankenstein is armed with a three-foot-long sword, which he claims once belonged to the Archangel Michael, and a large antique pistol, which he calls his 'steam-gun'.

A character called Young Frankenstein has appeared in Teen Titans as a member of the team during the "Lost Year" covered by 52. Young Frankenstein was apparently killed by Black Adam during WWIII, but actually survived as shown in the Infinite Halloween Special and Countdown to Mystery #2.

Frankenstein and S.H.A.D.E appear in Final Crisis #3, also written by Grant Morrison. He again appears two issues later, leading a squad of superheroes against Darkseid's forces, who are led by Kalibak. He is also seen in the final issue fighting in humanity's last stand before Superman gets the Miracle Machine working.


220. Stryker (16 points)

Year first appeared: 1992

Yet ANOTHER member of Cyberforce and Strykeforce. I dunno, back when Cyberforce came out I was all over the title. What can I say, I am a Silvestri nut. I loved him on X-Men, and then Wolverine. And I loved him on Cyberforce. Though, I never really understood the logic of giving dude four arms. OK, not that four arms are bad, it can work on Cyborgs, take Spiral for example. But why three on one side? Makes no sense. AT ALL.

Morgan Stryker is a soldier whose world was viciously torn apart after a dangerous military operation went wrong leaving him crippled and left for dead on the battlefield. Transformed by the evil Cyberdata Corporation, and aided by an experimental cybernetics procedure, Stryker was gifted with three fully functional cybernetic arms capable of lifting 10 tons each in addition to being individually upgradeable for different operations. His right eye and ear, damaged beyond hope of saving, were replaced, giving him the ability to monitor ultrasonic frequencies as well as see into the infrared and microwave spectrums. After breaking free from the malevolent Cyberdata Corporation and with the help of his hand picked team of allies, Stryker now mentors the next generation of heroes.



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