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Your Top Modern Characters part 48

Written by Chris Mitchell on Wednesday, March 25 2009 and posted in Features
Top List
Four characters. One Image, two DC, and one Marvel. Enjoy.



213. Wolf-man (17 points)

Year first appeared: 2007

I am not gonna lie, I like this comic. It wasn't Invincible, but still fun. Got cancelled, oh well. Maybe he will come back? Yes? No?

Gary was mauled by what is wife thought was a bear one night while he was with his wife, Rebecca Hampton, and his daughter, Chloe Hampton, at Willow Creek Camping Ground in Montana. One month later he awoke from a coma he had been in because of the attack. That night after he had gone back to sleep he transformed into a werewolf and rampaged through town and even went as far as killing a man. The next morning Gary found all his injuries had been healed. A month later while he was at home he transformed into the creature again during the night and killed a rabbit. When he awoke the next morning he found his clothing torn to shreds so he checked the security cameras only to discover what he had become. He was then confronted by a vampire named Zechariah who offered to help him control his newly discovered powers. In a matter of three weeks he had nearly full control of his beastly form. He also discovered he no longer needed to sleep because of the lunar energy he absorbs during the night. The next day he debuted during a fire and was dubbed the Wolf-Man by the media. Ok. I didn't do it justice, but still, it’s a damn fun read.


mirrormaster.jpg212. Mirror Master (17 points)

Year first appeared: 1989

The second Mirror Master was Scottish, Evan McCulloch. Abandon by his parents when he was just a baby Evan McCulloch grew up in an orphanage. While at the orphanage when he was around the age of 8, Evan was almost sexually assaulted by an older boy named Georgie. In self-defense Evan smashed Georgie in the head with a rock then drown him in a creek. This was the first time Evan killed but it would not be the last. McCulloch would leave the orphanage. He made his way to Glasgow, had a few on and off jobs, none of them held and Even eventually turned to a life of crime, a life he was very good at. Evan McCulloch had a way of just disappearing. Evan would eventually take an assai nation mission for a customer and end up shooting his own father without realizing it. McCulloch killed the man who hired him just for peace of mind. He then planned on trying to patch things up with his mother. By the time he got to her she had already taken her own life. He found a note beside her that said she could not live without her husband. Evan McCulloch was all ready to turn himself in when his life of crime caught up with him. Uncle Sam came knocking at his door. Too his surprise they did not want to arrest him, they liked his work and were willing to give him the old Mirror Master's weapons and costume. McCulloch had found his calling and Mirror Master II was born. Mirror Master II quickly got tired of his new bosses trapping them in a mirror world, and became a genuine super-villain.

Mirror Master and Captain Cold were both tricked by Brother Grimm and trapped in a mirror world, along with the Flash. With his help they escaped, accidentally bringing Plunder with them. They traveled with the Flash to Eastwind, and tried to help him so they could get out of there. Once free, they again turned on the Flash, hitting him with a snowball, and fleeing. Captain Cold strikes out on his own, while Mirror Master joins Blacksmith's Rogues. There is still some tension with Plunder, due to Plunder's attempted murder of him in the mirror world. When Blacksmith's Rogues disband, Mirror Master joins up with Captain Cold's Rogues, which includes Weather Wizard and Trickster II. Mirror Master's cocaine addiction is discovered by Captain Cold, who beats him up and makes him quit. Mirror Master fights with the non-reformed Rogues during Rogue War. He joins Alexander Luthor's Secret Society with the rest of the Rogues. Mirror Master is one of the Rogues responsible for the death of Bart Allen. He is shipped to planet Salvation with the Rogues, which they were there for a few days before they got back to Earth. Mirror Master helps Libra with one mission, teaming up with Doctor Light, before quitting his society with the other Rogues. Libra tries to force them to join his society, sending the New Rogues to trap them. Mirror Master kills his New Rogue counterpart, Mirror Man. When the Rogues go to confront Inertia, the Pied Piper knocks out many of his teeth. Mirror Master helps kill Inertia.


211. Chase Stein (18 points)

chasestein.jpgYear first debuted: 2003

Now, before all of you start bitching at me about how you could not vote the Runaways as a single unit, let me offer you this. How about you add up the points of the members of the team nominated, all five of them. And put that total into the list and you can say that the Runaways hypothetically got that total. You will find, they racked up quite a bit individually, together I think that woulda been in the Top 10.

Chase Stein had a hard upbringing as he was of below-average intelligence from a family with overachieving genius parents; Victor and Janet. His father was often abusive, while his mother would turn a blind eye and deaf ear to the beatings her son received by going upstairs to turn up her NPR so she couldn't hear his crying. Chase later gave an example of his father hitting him with a Burbank phonebook until he passed out, and he was never certain exactly why he was being physically punished (possibly for getting a D in algebra, a parking ticket or if his father had simply had a bad day).

Prior to Civil War, Chase was romantically linked with Gertrude Yorkes, who was killed by a time-displaced Geoffrey Wilder from 1985. The emotional pain of having his girlfriend die in his arms drove him to offer up his own soul to the Gibborim in exchange for Gert's life. The effects of her death were still evident during the events of Civil War, as Chase would often lash out at people due to his frustration at not being able to save his girlfriend. Molly Hayes, the youngest member of the team, suffered the most from this as she looked up to Chase as the older brother she never had and had never experienced the distance and anger he displayed. Chase only realized how much Molly cared for him when she was nearly knocked unconscious by Noh-Varr while attempting to save Old Lace, one of the only things that Gert left behind in memory of her.

Chase has displayed a level of technical savvy that comes at an unnatural rate, manipulating and understanding machinery without even knowing why or how he does. This was most evident when he bonded with the younger Vision during their encounter with the Young Avengers. If this is a genetic trait that was passed on from his parents or rather signs of untapped intelligence has yet to be established.

Chase has at times used a switchblade in battle. Originally, he was in possession of The Fistigons, a pair of pyrokinetic gauntlets as well as a pair of X-Ray goggles. The goggles allowed him to see through clothing, walls and even miles of rock. The gloves allowed him to shape flames into any form he desired. Nico Minoru destroyed them when Alex Wilder had possession of them at the end of the first volume of The Runaways.

He has since inherited Gertrude's psychic link with her Deinonychus, Old Lace. As well as being able to communicate telepathically with Old Lace, Chase empathically feels its pain. Old Lace also empathically feels his own pain.


atom.jpg210. The Atom/Ryan Choi (18 points)

Year first appeared: 2006

Damn you DC. And damn you comic readers who didn't by this book. "Oh no, its not Ray I am not gonna touch it'. If I had a rubber hose I would so beat you all. This comic was great, and I am not a fan of Ray Palmer (shut it, chap). Gail made this book great. He was fun. His supporting cast was awesome, and yeah, Head is on the list. I do find it funny that Head did get more points than Ryan here. Then again, Head is bloody awesome. Anywho.

Ryan Choi, as described by DC solicitations, is "a young hotshot professor who's filling the extra spot on Ivy University's teaching staff... and who inadvertently ends up filling the old Atom's super-heroic shoes". This new Atom is based on a redesign by Grant Morrison. He debuted in the Brave New World one-shot, a preview of upcoming projects, and then appeared in the series, The All-New Atom, written by Gail Simone.

Born in Hong Kong, Ryan was a longtime protégé of Ray Palmer who had been corresponding with him through letters. After Palmer's disappearance, Ryan moved to Ivy Town in America to assume his mentor's place on the staff of Ivy University. Following clues left by Palmer, Ryan discovered a "bio-belt," allegedly the size and density-manipulating device used by his predecessor, and became the new Atom with Palmer's apparent blessing. Though taken with the superhero lifestyle, Ryan is a scientist first and foremost and approaches many of his adventures from the perspective of scientific discovery and investigation.

Since taking his mentor's place, Ryan has found himself at the center of a conflict between the forces of science and magic. It has been claimed that the impossible feats performed by Ray Palmer during his super heroic career caused the very fabric of reality to warp in Ivy Town's vicinity, making it a nexus of paranormal activity. Many parties, including the ancient "Cancer God" M'Nagalah and the microscopic aliens known as "The Waiting," consider Ryan a key player in the war and have made attempts to recruit, capture, or kill him. He is advised by among others Ivy Town Police Chief, Liza Warner (Lady Cop).

As The Atom, Ryan has faced numerous challenges, including the shrinking serial killer Dwarfstar, his strict and disapproving father, and being seduced, kidnapped, and even swallowed alive by the size-changing villainess, Giganta. Through it all, his ingenuity and keen deductive mind have served him in good stead.

Ryan Choi was involved in the search for the missing Ray Palmer, traveling into the restored Multiverse along with Donna Troy, Jason Todd and a Monitor nicknamed "Bob". Literally plucked back to New Earth, he leaves his role of dimension-hopper to Kyle Rayner, returning to defend Ivy Town from a monster invasion. Later he is led to a mistaken belief that Ray Palmer has become an egocentric madman, and Ryan himself may be only a pawn of his mad fantasies. This is later revealed to be a ploy by Ray's old nemesis, Chronos. The All New Atom series ended with issue 25, when Ryan, with some help from the returned Ray Palmer, is able to discern between the truth and the lies fed by Chronos and his new assistant, Lady Chronos, a former sweetheart of Ryan turned to crime. Ryan eventually discovers that Ray Palmer never knew of Choi: instead the bio-belt was a tainted gift from Jia, and the Ray Palmer letters a clever forging by Chronos, meant to force Ryan into accepting the Atom mantle, and taking the blame for the staging menaces sent against the city. However, due to Ryan's ability into sorting out the mess, besting the Chronos couple and restoring Ivy to normalcy, Ray finally gives him his blessing.

Both Ray and Ryan are later employed by Checkmate, as their powers are necessary to activate the Black Gambit, the plan to transport the last free humans on Earth-0 to another universe. Ryan expresses his desire to find a new identity for himself, since Ray, despite giving him his blessing earlier, had resumed using regularly his Atom identity.




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