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Your Top Modern Characters part 49

Written by Chris Mitchell on Wednesday, March 25 2009 and posted in Features
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Our last tie. All others are not broken by the Tie Breaker Rule (read the opening post in you have no clue what the TBR is). So, are you ready? No Big 2 characters, but one of these characters could be played by Tom Cruise and was awesomely penned by Brubaker. I’m too brainfarty to write other clues for the other characters so lets just do this.



209. Kabuki (18 points)

Year first debuted: 1994

The main character, codenamed Kabuki, is the granddaughter of a former World War II Japanese military man known as "General Kai" and an Ainu comfort woman. While working for the Noh Assassins, she experiences much conflict with her life and personal identity.

In the beginning, Kabuki and the Noh are controlled by two masked men, who are known as the Devil and Dove, although the group serves the Company, lead by the General. The Noh is charged with the control and elimination of various yakuza groups in Japan, especially the Kai Syndicate of Ryuichi Kai.

However, Kai is powerful politically, and important to the Noh to keep alive for the time being. For her own personal reasons, and at the request of Dove, Kabuki goes against the General's orders and kills Kai and his gang. The Board of Directors of the Noh demand she be punished for her disobedience, and she massacres them before dying herself. She is revived, and brought to a facility run by the Control Corps, a combination prison and mental hospital where rogue agents can be reprogrammed. Her former associates, the assassins of the Noh, are sent to eliminate her, but she escapes, and takes on a new identity.


208. Two Characters (18 points)

heathhuston.jpgHeath Huston

Year first appeared: 2005

"Just pure damn fun."

Fear Agent is a science fiction comic book series by Rick Remender with art by Tony Moore and Jerome Opena, who alternate on story arcs.

It stars the rugged alcoholic Texas spaceman Heath Huston, the supposed last Fear Agent, in a series of fast-paced adventures. The series is notable for its emphasis on action, adventure, horror, and plot twists rather than realism or scientific detail; Remender claims in the first issue that "science fiction has lost its stones" and that Fear Agent is his attempt to fight that trend. Many incidents in the early issues are unexplained until many issues later to reinforce this.

The series launched in October 2005, published by Image Comics. It ran for 11 issues. In September 2006, Dark Horse Comics announced that Fear Agent would be moving to Dark Horse. The company reprinted the first trade paperback collection (originally published by Image), released on April 28, 2007. The second volume followed on May 30th, 2007.

On June 13, 2007, Dark Horse began Fear Agent: The Last Goodbye, a four-part mini-series telling of the alien invasion and creation of the Fear Agents by way of flashback after issue 10's events. The series will continue in the four-issue mini-series format.

I have not read this book, but after seeing the covers and reading the solicits, I am gonna go find trades for this.


Atomic Robo

Year first appeared: 2007

"Atomic Robo is a little Iron Giant, a little Rocketeer and a whole lot of Indiana Jones all mashed together into this five foot tall, 300 pound robot who wears pants."

Iron Giant and Indiana Jones all wrapped in one package?? How the hell didn't I know about Atomic Robo till now? HOW?!?

In 1923, Nikola Tesla's career is in its twilight until he unveils a robot with automatic intelligence--Atomic Robo. Granted full American citizenship in return for his participation in a top secret military operation in 1938, Atomic Robo goes on to found Tesladyne--a think tank dedicated to exploring the fringes of weirdness, from vampires to super intelligent dinosaurs, Atomic Robo and his so-called Action Scientists of Tesladyne became the go-to defense force against the unexplained.


tao.jpg207. Tao (18 points) 

Year first appeared: 1995

"Brubaker at his best."

"Read this if you consider yourself a Brubaker fan."

Again, until December I have not heard of this book. Then, I tried to find it for someone in a little Secret Santa thing. Oh, this book is a bitch to find. A real bitch. But I found the second and third one. Oh, yeah this is signed to a movie with Tom Cruise. I think he should play him. Read this book.

Tao was created by scientists but no one ever knew why. He was left in a base with other things like him until Savant and Mr. Majestic came looking for people to replace the WildC.A.T.s when everyone thought they were dead. He manipulated a worker at the base to let him out so he could join the team. When he became a WildC.A.T. he started manipulating the other members into attacking enemy groups in a way that would eventually cause a Gang War. When his teammates found out what he had done they tried to kill him. To escape, he tricked a shape shifter named Mister White into pretending he was him. Tao had gotten three members of his team hospitalized and had blown up a nuke in Mr. Majestic's face in his escape, so when Mr. Majestic found Tao (the shape shifted Mister White) he didn't hesitate to kill him.

With Tao presumed dead he was able to leave and start a new life. He started the criminal organization that the comic Sleeper is focused on. He recruited Miss Misery, Holden Carver and another super powered being to be his Prodigals, three bosses that controlled all the underlings and completed various tasks for him. With his organization, Tao was able to meet the group of people who controlled the world. He became one of them and started going to their meetings, using his powers to manipulate and maneuver them into doing what he wanted. Eventually deciding he didn't like what they were doing, he turned the group to his own ends, namely destruction and chaos whenever possible. Tao's organization was eventually undone by one of his own Prodigals. Holden Carver was a double agent placed in Tao's organization by John Lynch. Tao had of course figured it out and both he and Holden knew it, but Holden continued to work with him, his allegiance to IO and Lynch in question (even in his own mind). It took some time, but Holden's alignment was revealed in an event that resulted with Tao turned over to IO where he sat in a large glass tube with his tongue cut out.

After the events of Sleeper in which Tao was finally caught, there isn't much known about what happened to him. It was assumed that he was still in IO custody, but it appears that was not the case. It turned out that he had escaped at some point, regenerated or re-grew his tongue, came into possession of the restored Void, and was making rather elaborate plans to continue his work of destroying the world. Tao's first move was to use Void to send various heroes into the future to show them a world that had been destroyed. Heroes from several prominent groups in the Wildstorm Universe saw the future but for whatever reason the actions they took on their return to the present didn't have the results that Tao wanted (or change it like they wanted). That was until Nemesis. When she went into the future and came back she reacted in the way Tao wanted her to and in her efforts to stop the end of the world, actually started it. When Tao was last seen World's End had not begun yet but he was already prepared. He had an army of SPBs in storage, he'd planned an uprising of another group of SPBs, he was still in possession of Void, and it appeared that he had set up a backup body with his personality in it in case anything should happen to him.


bairn.jpg206. Bairn (19 points) 

Year first appeared: 2006

Spawn: Godslayer. One of the many many Spawns out there. I never knew the Spawn-verse was so huge. I kinda like how they evolved the Spawns of all the different ages. I may need to pick up the stuff that came after the mopey Spawn on the church.

Bairn is a warrior prince from the island kingdom of Endra-La, in the Land of Ur. During a naval battle, Bairn is wounded and thrown overboard. Sinking to the bottom of the sea and dying, Bairn says he would give anything to see his love, Neva, again. A mysterious, Lovecraftian entity answers his dying plea.

In exchange for saving Bairn, the entity makes the prince his undead servant and orders him to kill the gods of Ur. Neva, thinking that Bairn is dead, devotes herself to the temple of the goddess Llyra and eventually becomes her vessel. Many years after his ordeal, Bairn sails to Endra-La. Commanding a mighty ship, he breaks through the kingdom's defenses. He finds Neva, now an old woman, in the temple of Llyra. She pleads with him, but he kills her without saying a word. Neva forgives Bairn with her final breath. Enraged, Llyra appears, and Bairn kills her as well, completing his task.

Set immediately after the Godslayer special, Bairn returns to his stronghold, with the spirit of his beloved Neva haunting him. Neva is a phantom to Bairn at first, but becomes visible to him when he attempts to remove his memories with nepenthe. Bairn relates the tale of his death and rebirth to Neva, but before he can say more he is summoned by his dark master to slay the Winter God, Urshrek. In his absence, Neva seemingly makes a pact similar to Bairn's with the mysterious dark master.

Bairn slays Urshrek, and is rescued from the sea by Neva, who has been transformed into an undead warrior similar to the Godslayer. The two sail to Endra-La and recover Neva's bones, which transform her into her original self. She then bids Bairn farewell and disappears.

Bairn, inconsolable after Neva's disappearance, returns to his mission to rid the world of the gods. He eventually makes his way back to his stronghold, once again escaping into dreamless sleep to forget his sins. Spawn: Godslayer was canceled after its 8th issue due to low sales. A note from the author in the back of issue 8 mentions that the further adventures of the Godslayer cast and the fate of their universe are tales that will have to remain untold, for now




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