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Your Top Modern Characters part 52

Written by Chris Mitchell on Thursday, March 26 2009 and posted in Features
Top List
Look. LOOK. We are no longer in the 200's. YAY. Excited? Good. Oh, I fully expect some bitching and "who are these losers" and "How could another BLANK beat a Runaway character.



huntress.jpg199. Huntress (19 points - 1 first place slot)

First year appeared: 1989

As a child, Helena Bertinelli witnessed the murders of her mob-connected crime family. Helena dedicated her life to one day destroying the Gotham City Mafioso as the relentless Huntress.

Introduced in April of 1989 in Huntress #1, Helena Rosa Bertinelli was born into one of Gotham City’s biggest Mafia families. When she was only six years old, she was kidnapped and raped by a man from a rival Gotham Mafia Family. Her parents decided to send Helena to boarding school and hired her a personal bodyguard that would protect her as she grew up. She was sent to Europe for protection. At the age of 15 she learned that she came from one of Gotham City’s most influential Mafia families. When Helena was at a family wedding, her entire family was massacred by another Mafia family. She swore to rid Gotham of Mafia families and began her journey to become a vigilante. She traveled the world with her bodyguard Sal, who trained her in hand-to-hand combat.

She teamed with Nightwing to fight against the Mafia. During this time the two of them had a fling. Helena confessed to Nightwing that she originally only wanted to get close to him so she could break into the "boys club", but then began to fall for him and slept with him. Nightwing and Helena continued their relationship as friends.

Helena's violent methods placed her at odds with Gotham's resident vigilante, Batman. But it was the Dark Knight who nominated the Huntress for JLA membership, hoping that time with the League would help her learn restraint. However, the uncompromising Huntress was ousted after threatening to kill Prometheus.

Helena and Batman have never seen eye to eye, and he would rarely accept her, as a hero because he believed Helena was too unpredictable and violent. However, Helena does get along with other members of the Bat family such as Tim Drake. The two of them have a good relationship and would also team up. When Helena was framed for murder, Tim was there to help clear her name. Eventually, Helena would be offered a membership in the Justice League of America. Batman was the reason she was allowed on the Justice League, he would sponsor her. In time, Helena became respected amongst her peers in the Justice League. Also, working with Superman has helped Helena become much more confident in her abilities. She is eventually forced to resign when she attempted to murder the villain Prometheus.

When a mission goes wrong and Black Canary is hurt and nowhere to be found, Oracle calls on the Huntress to help search for her. Oracle always kept an eye on Huntress and even though she didn't approve of her tactics with criminals she asked for Helena's help. During this mission she did for Oracle she finds out information that made it awkward between them. Oracle wouldn't ask Helena to join the Birds of Prey at first, not just because of the way that she had handled things but the fact that Helena had slept with Dick Grayson also known as Nightwing. Oracle holding resentment let her personal feelings and pride get in the way of asking Huntress to join the Birds of Prey, but after Huntress proved herself by acting the way she did during the situation and saving Canary's life. She is eventually offered to join the Birds of Prey and work as Oracle’s agent alongside Black Canary.

Black Canary and Huntress begin to develop a close friendship but Huntress would not stay on the Birds of Prey for long. Oracle knowing about what happened had kept a close eye on her and in a way she had felt threatened on some scale of Huntress because she was afraid of losing Nightwing.

Huntress had soon found out about how she knew after spying on Barbara and realizes what was going on. She realized that Oracle had been manipulating her the whole time and quit the team. Eventually, Huntress had to rejoin the team when she could not prevent an incident from getting worse and had to ask Oracle for help. While working for the Birds of Prey, Huntress still went out on solo missions. Her missions mainly consisted of revenge against the Mafia families. Batman feared that she wants to cause a massive gang war, but in the end she confronts Batman and gives him a map listing all of Gotham’s Mafia family locations and base of operations.

One year after Infinite Crisis, Huntress is still working with Oracle and the Birds of Prey alongside Black Canary, Lady Shiva, Gypsy, and Lady Blackhawk. When Black Canary left the Birds of Prey, Huntress became one of Oracle’s top agents, earning her full access to Oracle and her equipment.


198. Darth Wyyrlok (20 points)

Year first appeared: 2006

Darth Wyyrlok was a Sith Master in the One Sith, and the most trusted servant of Darth Krayt himself. A Chagrian, Wyyrlok was the third to hold that title after his grandfather and his mother before him. He also had a daughter in training on Korriban, whom he hoped would one day replace him. Following the Massacre at Ossus, Wyyrlok journeyed with Krayt to Coruscant. As the Sith-Imperial War was declared over by Grand Admiral Morlish Veed of the Fel Empire, Krayt installed himself as Emperor, and established his own Sith Empire.

Over seven years, Krayt continued to establish his empire with Wyyrlok at his side. Simultaneously, the new Emperor's body continued to deteriorate, due to the presence of Yorik-Kul in his body. Wyyrlok sought remedies to the ailment, but was unable to find a cure for his Master. Krayt attempted to bring Cade Skywalker, who possessed unique healing abilities, into his Sith Order, but failed to do so. Although Krayt remained optimistic about his condition, Wyyrlok was not satisfied, and he set off on a perilous journey into the Deep Core to find a cure for his ailing Master. Unable to find one, Wyyrlok later killed his master on Had Abbadon, after Krayt had been severely injured in a battle with Imperial Knights and criminals led by Skywalker.


197. Nyx (20 points)

Year first appeared: 2003

Nyx is a witch who practicing magic by herself at the age of four. Her real name is Carrie Ann when she was twelve she then gave herself the nickname of Nyx. Nyx encountered Spawn when he lost his powers and was wandering the streets in fear, and confusion. Nyx then came to him and helped him regain his powers. Nyx eventually fell in love with Al and helped him on many occasions. She then remembers her friends Lily and Thea who each died years ago. Thinking how Thea is doing in Hell she asks Spawn to show her, but in horror she goes into a seizure at her friends’ pain.

During the Thousand Clowns story arc. Nyx encounters Mammon who tells her of Thea’s suffering in hell and convinces her to enter Hell to save her friend. She then prepares for her journey, and with Mammon’s help she is able to steal a bit of Spawn’s Necroplasm, Which givers her powers and a Spawn Suit. She then enters Hell with Mammon in the form of a fly. Shen then encounters the Third Redeemer Eddie Frank who thinks she is Al Simmons. After their fight she tells him she took Spawn’s suit to enter Hell to save a friend. Mammon’s then tells her to ask him for help, he refuses at first until Eddie tells her of his journeys in Hell and knowing where everything is. He decides to let him help her. But in return he asked her to help him get out of Hell. They then set off to find Thea, which let to another fight with a demon posing as Nyx's father and finally leading to Thea’s cell. Nyx was glad to see Thea and told her she came to free her. But Thea refuses to go and ask Nyx to free her soul. Nyx hesitant at first then asks the Redeemer for his sword and frees her friend. She then returned back to Earth with the Redeemer then goes to return Spawn’s powers back to him. But after doing so Spawn awakes from his coma and goes berserk on her. Sensing her danger Eddie returns to save her and finish his score with Spawn. After the battle with Spawn the victor, Mammon arrives to take away her powers for payment, and punishment for betraying Spawn.

After Armageddon and the White Light Phenomena Nyx manages to make her way to New Orleans. After running from Demonic Dogs she meets a Voodoo Mambo named Suzanne Lefèvre. Nyx then see her altar of Spawn, which tells her it, is Loa. Nyx tells her of her encounter with Spawn and what she did to him. Nyx then decides to leave to find faux Houngan who might restore her powers. Suzanne then warns her of him but Nyx still decided to go meet with him. When she arrives at his home he shows her his possession, which is Zera's head. Nyx hopes he helps her in getting her lost magic powers back; if he does not, she plans to commit suicide. Sensing her danger Suzanne summons Spawn to help her. Once Spawn arrives to help her Zera then posses Nyx and Kills the Houngan.

She then sets her sights at Spawn to get revenge for decapitating her. She punctures Spawn in the floor with her sword. She was about to give the finishing blow but then Suzanne arrives to help by breaking her head out of the jar and then feed it to the demon dogs that were chasing Nyx earlier. Mammon while watching the fight then returns Nyx's power back to her, saying he no longer needs her power and disappears. Nyx then asks Spawn if he came to kill her. But Spawn tells her no and he forgives her.


196. Black Tarantula (20 points)

Year first appeared: 1997

"A true mastermind. And so kicks ass in MC2."

Black Tarantula's origins are clouded with mysteries and misinformation. It is said that centuries ago, he used to be a European explorer who traveled to Japan and was trained by the ninja clan, The Hand. When his training was over, he was awarded with a special potion that gave him superhuman abilities and immortality. But the truth behind Black Tarantula's immortality is not because of a special potion. Immortality is passed from father to son, inside his family. Although Tarantula not being truly immortal, he does have several superhuman powers. It was his ancestor who drank the potion, and then passed it to him.

In addition to being a highly skilled martial artist, Black Tarantula has demonstrated the following powers: superhuman agility and strength, known limit of 25 tons; nearly bullet proof skin; concussive beams from eyes, require several minutes to restore the charge; and the ability to heal near-fatal injuries in himself and others through touch. Superhuman longevity is unconfirmed.


195. Lusiphur Malaché (20 points - 2 first place slots)

Year first appeared; 1991

Two votes. Two 10's.

Lusiphur, originally named Luis Amerillis Malaché, was found by a married Elvin couple in the Carpathian forest in 1380. He grew up in their inn in Port Sarnwog. However, his childhood was an unhappy one after a drunken patron set fire to their establishment leaving his adoptive parents desperate for money. His father sank into depression and was later killed in one of the city's violent class wars. With nowhere left to turn, his mother was forced to enter into the only profession she could, prostitution.

In 1390, things took a turn for the worse when an abusive client battered Luis' mother. She escaped without being beaten to death, but in her hurry, she stepped on a nail. The wound became infected and gangrene soon spread, crippling her and leaving her bedridden indefinitely. Her Elvin immune system prevented her from dying, prolonging her suffering until she begged a young Luis to end her suffering. With no money for a doctor or medicine, the young Elf had little choice. He slit her wrists with a razor blade to set her free from the suffering. The image of her death would haunt Luis for the rest of his life.

The orphaned Luis learned to survive on the streets alone where he adopted a new identity, which he uses today, Lusiphur Malaché. He spent his younger years working for a crime lord called The Nick, where he was involved in risky heists. During this tumultuous time in his life, he met and fell in love with the beautiful priestess Elf, Lirilith. However, he was unable to leave the gang and the continuing life of crime drove the young lovers apart




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