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Your Top Modern Characters part 55

Written by Chris Mitchell on Friday, March 27 2009 and posted in Features
Top List
Let's do this like Brutus...




187. Lincoln Red Crow (21 points) lincolnredcrow.jpg

Year first appeared: 2007

Another comic I have yet to read. I know, I know, I KNOW!! I have to read this, I just need to find time and money to pick it up. Please do not yell at me.

Lincoln Red Crow is the newly appointed chief of the Oglala Lokota people on the Prairie Rose Indian Reservation in South Dakota, he has split the people of the Rez in two with his planning and building of a Casino on tribal land. He claims it is good for the reservation and good for his people but some thing he stays to far from the old ways. In his fifties, with the kind of bullish appearance of a man once in excellent shape. He has his fingers in many unappealing pies, drugs, prostitution, whatnot. His main preoccupation is ensuring the smooth opening of the 'Crazy Horse', the casino he planned and built (with some other people's help) and by means of which he wants to turn the rez into something other than the alcohol- and drug-fuelled cesspool it really is. He's your typical Al Capone figure, though whether he is a complete bastard, out to enrich his already-rich self or whether he actually means to ease the squalid lives of his 'subjects' remains unclear. He and Gina Bad Horse share a troubled past, with overtones of a love-hate relationship. He is extremely sensitive to all matters concerning his daughter, even though they no longer talk (although she does sometimes scream at him).


therussian.jpg186. The Russian (21 points - 1 first place slot)

Year first appeared: 2000

Two first place slots, people. TWO!

The man known as the Russian was hired by the crime boss Ma Gnucci to eliminate the Punisher. He located him while the Punisher was moving out of his latest safe house, still recovering from severe wounds suffered in a previous battle with the Gnucci army. Almost unarmed and weak, Frank Castle is beaten severely by the Russian, who took the chance to enlighten Frank about his views on capitalism and American comic heroes and enjoyed the exercise immensely. During the course of the fight, though, the Punisher learns that the hired killer has a serious aversion towards hot things. When the fight ends up in the apartment of Frank's obese friend, Mr. Bumpo, the Russian is stunned when Frank hits him with Bumpo's fresh pizza. Frank then has Bumpo lay on the Russian's head for many minutes. The Russian's severed head is later used as an intimidation tactic against the remnants of Ma Gnucci's army.

Several months after his death at the hands of the vigilante, a secret paramilitary organization retrieves his body parts. Using technology stolen from S.H.I.E.L.D., they "reattached" his head onto his body, and augmented him with super-hard alloy coating to his skeleton. The Russian receives many other internal augmentations, rendering him resistant to injury.

He enthusiastically agrees to serve the organization's head, General Kreigkopf, only to be allowed to take a one-off attempt at revenge on the Punisher. His efforts lead to throwing Frank Castle off the Empire State Building, but the vigilante is rescued by Spider-Man, who becomes deeply involved in the fight. Spider-Man refers to this version of the Russian as "Giant-Sized Ma'am Thing", a pun on Giant-Sized Man-Thing, an infamous comic. Frank, literally hiding behind Spider-Man, fills the Russian's mouth with webs and pushes him off the building. The Russian smashes through the pavement, is hit by a subway train, and manages to escape in the confusion. Though heavily damaged, he is eventually repaired. Though willing to follow the General via his old bargain, he cannot wait to clash once again with his adversary.


sebastianfaust.jpg185. Sebastian Faust (22 points)

Year first appeared: 1993

I know what you are thinking, how the hell did this character get this many points? Well, some of my coworkers who participate in this found out he was being voted for kinda changed there list around to add him. Neat eh?

Sebastian Faust is the son of the evil magician Felix Faust. His soul was sold by his father to a demon named Nebiros in exchange for power, but the demon cheats and grants the power to Sebastian instead of his father. Faust works with the Outsiders for some time. He originally assists the team when they reformed under the threat of a vampire invasion of the country of Markovia. When a bear attacked Technocrat’s bodyguard Charlie Wylde, Faust saves the man's life by merging the bear and guard together. This does not go well, as the bear's violent side would result in the deaths of innocent Markovian soldiers, who believed they were simply arresting assassins. Wylde would go on to fight and lose against his bestial half, eventually ending up in a zoo, tormented by Sebastian's sister, Fauna.

Faust is not trusted by many of his teammates. Despite this, he develops a romantic relationship with the innocent Halo. Soon, Felix, along with Sebastian's sister, attacks the team, drawing them into a different dimension. The team suffers various extreme tortures, surviving only due to the flexible laws of reality in this realm. Faust leads an escape attempt that culminates when Halo, who had not been captured, neutralizes Felix's power objects. This freezes Faust's realm, allowing everyone to go home. After the team breaks up, Faust tries to pursue a solo career.




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