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Your Top Modern Characters part 56

Written by Chris Mitchell on Friday, March 27 2009 and posted in Features
Top List
More random characters for your viewing enjoyment.




kc-batman.jpg184. Kingdom Come Batman (22 points)

Year first appeared: 1996

Not even the world's most forceful will can hold together an aged body so badly broken and battered for so very many years. Batman, his physical frame reinforced by an exoskeleton, no longer dons the familiar cape and cowl. Now, out of costume but having long ago abandoned his foppish Bruce Wayne persona, he holes up night and day in his Batcave, remotely monitoring his robotic Bat-Knights, using them (with tremendous success) to maintain order in Gotham City. Batman, the aristocrat, believes (as billionaires are wont to do) that a measure of power and rule rightfully belongs in the hands of those who will grasp it and use it. However, he's just as unnerved by the threatened totalitarianism of the new Justice League as he is by the out-of-control "heroes" who run rampant through the streets, mocking the standards that Batman once set. When it comes to dealing with the threat of the "new breed" of heroes, Batman, as always, has his own ideas. Like Luthor, he's convinced that a steady, concentrated, methodical approach to the problem will win him the world. But unlike Luthor, Batman is spurred on instead to fast, hard-strike action by the reemergence of the League.


verablack.jpg183. Vera Black (22 points)

Year first appeared; 2004

I like her. I dug JLA: Elite. I am glad she made the list. Again, blame the Faust-effect for this one. Yeah, shut up.

When she was a child, her parents would often fight, so her brother would take her out to play. As his psychic powers developed, this 'play' would develop into killing sprees. This twisted Vera in later life. When her brother died after attempting to destroy Superman, Vera tried to get revenge. She underwent cybernetic enhancement, replacing her arms (which were long ago lost in an accident) with cybernetic versions that could turn into any weapon she wanted, and went on with her misguided mission of revenge.

Thanks to the Elite member the Hat, an Earth elemental with a connection to the planet, she became aware that the Planet Earth, in a reflex response to all the strife it endures, was going to destroy human life. Vera and the JLA devised a plan in which she would lead a reformed The Elite in one last battle in a bid to scare the United Nations into cooperation. The ruse worked, and the Earth did not follow through.

The JLA, mainly on the encouragement of the Flash, asked her to lead the new team permanently, handling black ops that the JLA couldn't tackle due to what they represented to the public. She brought together members of The Elite, Coldcast and Menagerie, with some Justice League members, Flash, Manitou Raven, Major Disaster, Green Arrow and Kasumi, and added the spy Naif al-Sheikh to keep the team in check and serve as a liaison to the world's governments. Those stories were told in the Justice League Elite mini-series.

Vera and the elite tackle the Crime Syndicate of America in the storyline running through "JLA #107-114". They are not happy about it, with Vera remaking sarcastically about the Elite's usual method of operating from the shadows. She reluctantly acknowledges the world-threatening aspect of the Syndicate. She and her group hold their own, at one point stopping the villains from creating a slave-backed stronghold in China.

Somewhere along the way, Vera began showing signs of madness. Eventually, it came to light that the spirit of her dead brother haunted her. In reality, it wasn't him, but her own weak psyche that represented the cruel and murderous side of herself with an image of her brother. It tormented her, stole her body and proceeded to destroy London. Her teammates in the Elite helped her see that she was better than her brother, and she overcame him, and prevented the outright destruction of the city.

Presumably, she is still leading the Elite, as several members of the team were shown as still being together under her as of the end of the series.


sublime.jpg182. Sublime (22 points)

Year first appeared: 2001

This dude dropped in points, he got 33 points on the Marvel Villains list. I am sure some of you are cheering bout this, because I do recall the work "suck" a lot when this guy appeared on the list. I do like his Silvestri White Beast look though.

Sublime has been around longer than any other sentient life form native to Earth, and most non-sentient life as well. The Sentient bacteria that makes up Sublime gained sentience three billion years ago, not long after the formation of the planet but long before any complex life forms developed. Sublime functioned with one mind, it was the first genome, fully evolved and as a result of its bacterial nature it was virtually indestructible. Simple life forms gave way to more complicated life forms, and finally humanity arose to become the dominant species of the planet. This did not bother Sublime, as humans were easily controllable. Sublime could live inside humans, and could be transmitted between humans--controlling their behavior and silently, invisibly dominate and species however it saw fit.

The inception and rise of homo superior, or Mutant kind was the first true challenge to Sublime's dominance. Mutants were stronger than humans. The larger evolutionary leaps between parents and offspring in mutants allowed stronger mutants to be born each generation, mutants that were capable of wielding power on a cosmic scale and mutants that were impervious to Sublime's infection. Sublime saw this shift as a threat to its very survival, and for the first time feared for itself.

In what it perceives as a fight against extinction, Sublime has put itself in direct opposition to mutant survival and success. It wishes to prevent continued mutancy and engineer the destruction of the mutant species permanently


soraniknatu.jpg181. Soranik Natu (22 points)

Year first appeared: 2005

So, how many of you are thinkin’ Sinestro is her father? I am. How many of you enjoy GLC more then GL? I do. Why? Well, for her. For Kyle, for Guy, and mostly for the lack of Hal. Though, she better not die like all of the other girls Kyle dated. I dig her. A lot.

A neurosurgeon by trade, Natu, like the rest of her race, saw the Green Lanterns and everything associated with them as a symbol of oppression, because the first Korugaran to have been a Green Lantern was the renegade Sinestro. Sinestro, unbeknownst to his superiors, the Guardians of the Universe, who recruit and administrate the Green Lantern Corps, used his GL power ring to enslave his people and rule over them as a dictator. As a result, he is known among Korugarans as “The Wicked.” Although Earth’s Green Lantern Hal Jordan eventually exposed Sinestro’s crimes to the Guardians, and he was imprisoned as a result, the Green Lantern power ring and logo became to the Korugarans what the Nazi swastika represents to the people of Earth. When another Korugaran, Katma Tui, subsequently became a Green Lantern, this did nothing to restore the Green Lanterns' image. Rather, Tui was seen as a monster by her own people for allying herself with them, even after she eventually gave her life in the line of duty, and is known among the Korugarans as “The Lost.”

The Corps suffered devastation when the demonic parasitic entity known as Parallax took control of Hal Jordan, turning him into a psychotic mass-murderer, and killing almost all the other members of the Corps, including all the Guardians but one, Ganthet. The ranks of the Guardians were eventually restored by Jordan's replacement, Kyle Rayner, and after the Parallax entity was removed from Jordan, and Jordan restored as a Green Lantern, the Guardians set about to repopulate the ranks of the Corps, searching for 7,200 new Green Lanterns. When Tarkus Whin, the Green Lantern of space Sector 1417 (of which Korugar is also a part) was killed on his first day as a GL after Star 196 collapsed into a black hole, his ring sought out a replacement, and found Dr. Natu in the middle of delicate neurosurgery on her home planet, Korugar.



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