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Your Top Modern Characters part 58

Written by Chris Mitchell on Monday, March 30 2009 and posted in Features
Top List
A bunch of DC characters and a Valiant Two-some.



177. Indigo (22 points - 2 first place slots) indigo.jpg

Year first appeared: 2003

Indigo is an android and a member of the Outsiders. Born in a distant future era, she comes to the 21st century badly damaged, and desperately looking for a cybernetic or mechanical organism capable of repairing her. In the process, she tries to install her self-repairing routines into the Metal Men, but they are incapable of assisting her in maintenance. Then she turns to Cyborg, but in the process, she damages him.

Attacked by the combined forces of Young Justice and the Titans she retreats, switching into an offensive mode. Although the combined forces of the young superheroes best her, adding further damage, she is able to activate a dormant Superman Android before shutting down for repairs. Yet when the android comes after the young heroes (killing Lilith and Troia), Arsenal briefly reactivates the young female droid and sends her to stop the Superman Android before shutting down again.

When Arsenal reforms the Outsiders, he claims the female droid, now called Indigo, as a member.

Her memory was supposedly damaged in the aftermath of her dramatic appearance; any remainder was wiped out by S.T.A.R. Labs. Indigo displays a very naive personality, guilelessly taking pleasure in the simple things in life, like doing laundry for friends, bowling, and silent movies. She often struggles to learn how to behave in society, and takes her cues from those she lives with. As she grows more integrated in her quest to earn the acceptance and forgiveness of Nightwing and her teammates, she even manages to find love with Shift.

It was revealed in Teen Titans #24 that Indigo is actually Brainiac 8, and every bit the ruthless, inhuman villain that previous Brainiac’s were. Indigo as the Outsiders knew her is essentially a subprogram, designed by 8's "grandfather" Brainiac 6 to endear her to the superhero community.

Brainiac 8 had been sent back in time to kill Donna Troy, because a living Donna would negate Coluan domination over the "organics" after the Infinite Crisis. After a beating by the combined forces of the Teen Titans and Outsiders, in Outsiders #25, the Indigo persona wrests control from Brainiac 8, and reveals herself to be a genuine personality. Weeping, she begs Shift to kill her before the Brainiac 8 persona could harm the people she loves. Shift, in tears, transforms her molecular structure into flesh, killing her in the process.


archer-armstrong.jpg176. Archer and Armstrong (23 points)

Year first appeared: 1992

As a child, Obadiah Archer discovers that his Evangelist parents are using their position in the church to abuse young parishioners. In an attempt to cover their tracks, they burn down their own home, leaving their son unconscious inside. Archer is left clinically dead, but miraculously returns to the land of the living - longing for vengeance.

Running away to escape further attempts on his life, he travels to Ladakh, India, where he is trained to become the greatest living martial artist. Returning to America many years later, Archer is sought out by Mahmud, a devotee of the Sect - an ancient cult that has been hunting an individual called "he whose name is never spoken" since the late XIIth century. Archer agrees to help the sect only to discover their great Satan is actually Armstrong.

Born Aram, Armstrong is the youngest of three immortal brothers. The others are Ivar, the Timewalker, and Gilad, the Eternal Warrior. Archer quickly realizes that the Sect is the true evil and attempts to help Armstrong escape. Unfortunately, the two are captured and taken to Vatican City where Armstrong is to be ritually killed. In the fight, Armstrong loses his satchel and the age-old magical items it carried. Archer and Armstrong must retrieve the satchel before it falls into the wrong hands.

Pursued across the globe by the Sect they hide at Armstrong’s home where Archer meets Armstrong's beautiful wife, Andromeda – the Greek goddess. But the Sect is everywhere and once again the pair must flee. Finally returning to Los Angeles, they find that Sect leader Mahmud now wields enormous power, derived from the mysterious items within the satchel, and he intends to use them to destroy Armstrong.


kryb.jpg175. Kryb (23 points)

Year first appeared: 2008

"Can you name a more creepy comic character? I think not."

Exactly. This chick creeps the hell out of me. I dunno if it’s the Ramones’ haircut of the fact that she keeps a bunch of kidnapped babies in her back, or both, but yeah. She is one of the creepiest characters to hit comics in a long, long time. Thing is, she truly loves her babies and they grow to love her. I know all her kiddies are gonna get rings and attack the corps. If that’s what the Omens and Origins translates into. But we shall see.

A frightful hunchbacked alien, Kryb is a Sinestro Corps member with a particularly ghoulish modus operandi: She only attacks Green Lanterns who have newborn children. Kryb instills fear into their hearts by threatening the life of their child and then strikes. After murdering both parents she takes the child, putting it in her sac-like back.

She was first introduced in a tale told by a captive Lyssa Drak to the married Green Lantern couple and expectant parents Amnee and Matoo Pree. Lyssa recounts the tale of Jeryll, a Green Lantern who had recently given birth to a child. Jeryll's husband called her, reporting an attack on their home. Upon returning, Jeryll finds him murdered and her newborn in the clutches of Kryb. Terrified to see her child in the clutches of a monster, Jeryll's willpower fades and Kryb easily kills her.

Kryb then comforts the baby, letting her know that no harm will come to her and welcoming her to join her many brothers and sisters - all orphans of the Green Lantern Corps.

Lyssa concludes her tale, visibly unnerving Amnee. Matoo rebuffs her, stating her fables do not scare them. Lyssa tauntingly wonders how they will feel when Kryb comes to see them the day their child is born.

Kryb recently attacked a sector house in Sector 1111 in hopes of getting another child of a Green Lantern, but was intercepted by Kyle Rayner, Soranik Natu, Amnee Pree, Matoo Pree and KT21, officer of Sector 181. Amnee flies into the sector house and rescues the baby before Kryb could get to him and the four remaining Lanterns smash into the sector house to fight Kryb, knocking the sector house out of it's orbit.

The sector house starts to burn during the free-fall and impacts onto the surface. While underwater, Kryb infects the four Lanterns with gas/liquid that she gives off. The Lanterns are now under her complete control. Kryb starts to fight Amnee, who wasn't in the sector house when it crashed, when Amnee goes into labor. Kryb commands the other Lanterns to hold Amnee down while Kryb goes to forcefully take the baby from inside Amnee.

Kyle is able to break free of Kryb's hold over him and releases the other Lanterns as well. Kyle and KT21 go to fight Kryb while Natu stays to deliver the baby with Matoo's help. The Lanterns are helped out by Miri Riam, one of the first Violet Lanterns, who was attracted to the battle after she sensed Kryb trying to end Amnee and Matoo's love. She helps take down Kryb, but not before Kryb manages to kill KT21. Kryb became incased in violet crystal and was taken to Zamaron to "rehabilitated" by the Violet Corps.


greatten.png174. The Great Ten (23 points)

Year first appeared: 2006

This is how Grant Morrison explained the creation of this team: “I'm pleased with the introduction of the Great Ten who grew out Paul Levitz' desire to see more international superheroes. After the first 52 story meeting I went home, dug out the reference material on Chinese history and culture I'd used to help create the backstory for the 'Xorn' character in New X-Men and hammered out a huge document complete with detailed origin stories and backgrounds for every member of the Great Ten, as well as some details of the Chinese Government's 'super-functionary' program.”

First appearing in 52 #6, the Great Ten's actions are hampered by bureaucracy. Three of the team's members were forced to sit out a battle with Green Lanterns Hal Jordan and John Stewart because they had not completed the required paperwork. Following the events in the Infinite Crisis story arc, as a signatory of the Freedom of Power Treaty China has entered into a Coalition with Khandaq, Iran, Uzbekistan, and Pakistan, leading the Great Ten to join forces with Black Adam on the battlefield. Later, in week #32, the Accomplished Perfect Physician saves Ralph Dibny from his rampaging teammate Yeti, and gains his help subduing and restoring him to his human self. The Accomplished Physician then shares with Dibny details about his life and powers, his role as a "super-functionary", and some cryptic advice about a coming crisis in the Middle East. The Great Ten later battle Black Adam when he invades China as part of his vendetta after the death of Isis in World War III. This also involves confrontations with several American based superheroes, as the Chinese government was willing to go so far as to launch nuclear missiles if their territory was violated. This portion of the standoff was ended when the government changed their minds.

On the final page of Checkmate #3, the Checkmate ground team, on an infiltration mission in China, is discovered and cornered by The Immortal Man in Darkness. In Checkmate #4 the August General in Iron, Celestial Archer and Yao Fei the Accomplished Perfect Physician show up to support the Immortal Man in Darkness, after a brief skirmish both sides declare a truce. Later after Yao Fei prevents Count Vertigo (acting under secret orders from Amanda Waller) from stealing Chinese state secrets, the August General decides that Checkmate has betrayed the truce and orders their deaths, only the timely intervention of Green Lantern Alan Scott and the Chinese Ambassador saves the lives of Sasha's ground team.

In Checkmate #13-15 and Outsiders #47-49, the Checkmate and the Outsiders are on an infiltration mission in Oolong Island. In Outsiders #48, they are attacked by The Immortal Man in Darkness and Chang Tzu has re-appeared, ready to experiment on the captured Sasha Bordeaux of Checkmate and Captain Boomerang, in the presence of August General in Iron.

According to DC Comics’ Director of Sales Bob Wayne 52’s team of Chinese superheroes the Great Ten will also return in their own title.




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