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Your Top Modern Characters part 64

Written by Chris Mitchell on Tuesday, March 31 2009 and posted in Features
Top List
A whole ton of characters, I think do not deserve to be this high.



156. Wonder Girl (25 points) wondergirl.jpg

Year first appeared: 1996

Not a fan. You know how much I dislike her? Liefeld pic'd

The daughter of the Olympic god Zeus and the archeologist Helena Sandsmark, Cassie became a superhero despite her mother's objections. "Borrowing" mystical devices not being used by Wonder Woman, she unleashed her super-human powers, and helped the Amazon champion defeat a clone of the living weapon Doomsday.

Summoned to Mount Olympus by the gods, Cassie petitioned Zeus for super-powers of her own. Impressed with his daughter's courage Zeus granted Sandsmark's wish. Empowered, but unaware that the Olympic god was her father, Sandsmark returned to Earth assuming the role of Wonder Girl.

When Cassie first became Wonder Girl, she attempted to fight crime with the help of Amazon artifacts "borrowed" from Wonder Woman. She derived super strength from the Gauntlet of Atlas, while gaining flight and super speed from the "Sandals of Hermes". It was also during this period that she was trained in unarmed combat, largely by former Wonder Woman stand-in Artemis.

The powers granted to Cassie by Zeus were largely the same as those granted by the artifacts, but they operated at a higher level. Unfortunately, they also came with a rarely used loophole given to Cassie's mother Helena, wherein her powers could be canceled if her mother so wished. Soon after Cassie joined the Teen Titans, she was granted the Lasso of Ares by the War god himself. The lasso gave Cassie the ability to manipulate electricity through its enchanted fibers. She also has a suit of Armor similar to Diana's with a shield and sword to go with it, for times of great Danger or need.

When Zeus and the rest of the Olympic Pantheon left Earth during the Infinite Crisis, Cassie realized that her powers were waning -- with some instances of total failure. In order to help defeat Alexander Luthor, Cassie finally gave into Ares, taking half of his powers to replace what she had lost. She seems to have retained her former abilities, but recent battles show her strength may have been enhanced -- a fact Cassie herself has commented on

Cassie served Ares as his connection to our realm, until recently when he brought his son back to take her place. After talking to her father, Cassie realized that she had spent too much time relying on others, first artifacts, then and her father and later her brother. During her battle with her nephew, she gave him all of her brother's power and was able to tap into the divine energy that was her birthright as a daughter of Zeus. Cassie appears to have all the same abilities, though her strength has once more increased. Any other changes to her power-levels and abilities will have to be seen.


jackhawksmoor.jpg155. Jack Hawksmoor (25 points - 2 first place slots)

Year first appeared: 1996

"I knew I wanted some one from the Authority, and the man that can talk to cities won this time."

Hawksmoor was described in The Authority #1 as the "God of Cities", though a 2008 solo series called him the "King of Cities" by contrast with a future race of city-empathic figures that were Gods of Cities. He was repeatedly abducted and surgically modified by humans from the 70th century as a child, as a result of which he is linked to whatever city he finds himself in. These future humans modified Hawksmoor to provide him with the ability to combat a threat from the distant future, a gestalt being that was the entire city of Kansas City from the 70th century. Hawksmoor defeated the being by merging with -- and transforming -- the city of Tokyo into a giant humanoid being, battling and destroying the invader.

Jack Hawksmoor began quietly fighting crime in the city, later moving to strike higher, at politicians and corporations. He caught the attention of Stormwatch's Henry Bendix, who offered him a place in Stormwatch Black, the covert operations team of Stormwatch, alongside Jenny Sparks and Swift. Hawksmoor helped remove power-mad, super-powered cops, stop biological warfare in a small American city, solve the murder of ex-Stormwatch member Undertow and he personally fought and killed the insane, murderous, illegitimate son of a revered American President.

Jack had a tough time with Stormwatch, as the organization's flying fortress was simply not large enough in order to support his unique biological systems. Medical assistance was not very helpful. Hawksmoor was part of the mission against the Changers, a super-powered group out to change the world. During this mission, he was forced to kill fellow teammate Rose Tattoo in order to stop her from murdering. The action failed, as all the Changers ended up murdered or dead.

After Stormwatch was destroyed by alien life forms, Hawksmoor went into hiding with Jenny Sparks and Swift. There they recruited Apollo, Midnighter, the Engineer and the Doctor, the latter two being spiritual successors of two of the members of the Changers. This team later became The Authority, who formed after a devastating super villain attack on Moscow. This was where Jack learned his powers had increased, bonding him to cities much faster than usual. For example, Moscow let him know she was hurting through a painful nosebleed.

The Authority operated on a ship called The Carrier, which was large enough to qualify as a city, thus keeping Jack healthy. After helping in various invasions, such as Sliding Albion and God's own worms, Jack was there when Jenny's unique life came to an end. He inherited leadership of the team, leading it through many more dimension-crossing misadventures. He helped assert the team's independence, even once threatening Bill Clinton. For a while when the team was replaced by evil forces, he lived as a brain-damaged homeless bum, unable to convince anyone who he was. He was rescued by his teammates and restored to his normal self.

The team broke up in 2005 and was restored in 2008 by Jenny Quantum. Jack still completely subscribes to the team ideology to fight for a finer world, no matter what it takes. Despite his deformed genitals (which had made a Secret Service agent vomit), Jack is a womanizer, and he has an open on/off relationship with the Engineer.

It is noteworthy that Jack used to consider killing a last resort. When he was fighting the bastard child of an American President mentioned above, he said "Damn you for making me do this, you filthy bastard" just before hanging him. With tears welling in his eyes, he asks Stormwatch control to teleport him out of the place


154. Doop (26 points)

doop.jpgYear first appeared: 2001


Just wow.

Doop was an unknown being that first came into continuity as the X-Force's cameraman, but dropped that team to join the X-Statix after most of the X-Force died. It was later suggested by Captain America that Doop was a weapon made by the US during the Cold War that was essential in the defeat of Russia. In one of the X-Statix's missions, Doop's brain exploded. Many Marvel Universe heroes joined together in order to reassemble the parts of Doop's brain, and, for the most part, were successful. In the end of the hunt, Doop fought with Thor for the last part of his brain, since he was able to live and function on his second brain. Doop won the fight and successfully restored his brain. In that fight, he also demonstrated that he is considered worthy by Thor's mystic hammer Mjolnir enough to lift and wield Mjolnir. Although Doop allegedly died by gunfire along with the other X-Statix in their last mission, another creature that is possibly Doop due to the identical looks was found by Polaris and Havok in Costa Rica. Due to the uncanny resemblance, they named the being Daap.


bulleteer.jpg153. Bulleteer (26 points)

Year first appeared: 2005

For the love of....

Lance Harrower was obsessed with becoming a famous superhero. He fantasized about being able to socialize with world-renowned heroes like Green Lantern and keeping himself and his wife, Alix, eternally young. Alix’s dreams, however, were more mundane. Only 27, she did not appreciate her husband’s assertion that she was already beginning to show signs of aging. She supported her husband as he attempted to perfect his invention, “smart skin”. He had managed a successful test on a rat Alix nicknamed “Metal Mickey”.

The smart skin worked by bonding to collagen in the skin, forming an indestructible shell and increasing the subject’s strength. While Alix could see potential military applications, Lance thought she lacked vision and wanted to become like the World War Two superhero, the Human Bullet, who fought the Nazis with his wife. Tragedy struck when Alix discovered that Lance had secretly used the Smart Skin on himself. His body was suffocating under the weight of his new skin. Alix reached out to help him and the Smart Skin began to bond to her. She telephoned for assistance and paramedics rushed the couple to hospital. Alix’s wedding ring had prevented the skin from covering her body entirely and the doctors managed to inject her with life saving drugs. Lance, however, was not wearing his and so the doctors were unable to inject him. He died in the Emergency Room.

After the incident, Alix’s life began to disintegrate further. She had to leave her job, looking after autistic children, as they thought she had been replaced by a robot. She then discovered her husband had been in a seedy internet relationship with a super-teen turned porn star, Sally Sonic. Alix leapt from her apartment window and tried to run into something that could kill her. In her efforts to commit suicide, she came across a train wreck and began to pull people from the wreckage. The rescued people began thanking her and calling her a superhero and she decided that maybe she could be a superhero after all.




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