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Your Top Modern Characters part 67

Written by Chris Mitchell on Wednesday, April 01 2009 and posted in Features
Top List
Closer and closer we get to the Top 100.




rexsplode.jpg146. Rex Splode (26 points)

Year first appeared: 2003

As a child, Rex was born into a poor family. Relief came eventually in the form of a government agent. The man offered his family a life of luxury in exchange for Rex. The deal was made and Rex was taken. Rex was made into a soldier. He was trained in gymnastics, fighting and was put through experiments to alter his body, including giving him increased strength and the ability to charge inorganic materials. He was used as an agent and was sent to places as a terrorist of sorts. All seemed fine until one day he decided to escape. It might have been a longing to meet his true family and that's exactly what he did as soon as he was clear. He found his family prosperous with young girls. This devastated him and he became secluded. Eventually he met up with Robot and formed the Teen Team.

Rex-Splode was one of the first heroes Invincible met along with the rest of the Teen Team during a fight with the Mauler Twins. Invincible thought he was a jerk and had a hard time getting along with him especially because they both had feelings for teammate, Atom Eve, whom Rex was with. Their relationship was short lived however when Eve found Rex with fellow teammate Dupli-Kate. This angered Invincible, but eventually they became friends.

When the original Guardians of the Globe were killed, Rex decided to try to get into the team. When he was at the member drive he got in a fight with future teammate Monster Girl because of her appearance. With Robot as team leader Rex was granted membership as long as he behaved. He coasted with the team and enjoyed his relationship until one day he came into HQ and found Dupli-Kate with The Immortal much in the same way Eve found her and Rex. During one of the team meetings Cecil revealed the real Robot, a young boy who looked remarkably similar to Rex. Robot explained that his body was not sufficient so he made a younger clone of Rex as a replacement body.

During the Sequid's attack on Earth, Rex, Shrinking Ray, and Kate were all benched because they could be used as hosts for the Sequids. However, during the rest of the team's time in space the Lizard League attacked a nuclear missile base. The remaining team went to confront the league and appeared to have the upper hand by killing Salamander and Iguana, but the strongest member, Komodo Dragon, turned the table by killing Shrinking Ray and apparently Dupli-Kate and all her clones. Rex sacrificed his hand to put an explosive in his head, killing him. Rex thought he won until King Lizard pulled a gun on him. Rex fought it out and ended up getting shot in the head. Luckily King Lizard passed out when he did and Brit showed up to take them away. Rex was able to heal and got a robotic, replacement hand that shot explosive projectiles.

These events seemed to have matured Rex emotionally. He takes his activities as a superhero more seriously. Upon hearing of Invincible and Atom Eve's new relationship, Rex sincerely wishes them well, much to Eve's surprise. After Invincible leaves the government, Rex along with Robot, Monster Girl, and Bulletproof leave the Guardians of the Globe to reform the Teen Team.

In order to save his team from an Invincible from an alternate universe, Rex blows himself up so they have time to escape, destroying himself and the Invincible.


katchoo.jpg145. Katchoo (26 points)

Year first appeared: 1993

Katina "Katchoo" Choovanski ran away from her abusive stepfather, only to find herself a pawn in a criminal enterprise that trained young women to seduce powerful men for financial or political power. She and her lover Emma, who died later of AIDS, stole a lot of money from the cartel and escaped.

Returning alone to her old life and the company of her best friend Francine Peters, Katchoo has tried to escape her past, but is still being hunted down by both the criminal cartel AND the FBI.

The emotional counter-currents of this series are complex: David loves Katchoo; Katchoo loves Francine; Francine loves other men. And since David is related to the head of the criminal cartel, who wants him back, and Katchoo is related to some of its worst enforcers, who want her back AND bearing an heir to the family, there's a lot of tangled love and pain to go around.

Creator Terry Moore chose to present this series as a branching of alternate possible futures as the characters make different choices that alter their lives, so there's no single answer to how their triangle is resolved.


reneemontoya.jpg144. Renee Montoya (26 points)

Year first appeared: 1992

Renee Montoya is a police officer at the Gotham Police Department. Commissioner Gordon would eventually promote her to homicide detective, where she would be partnered with Harvey Bullock. While they were working together Harvey and Renee became close friends. During No Man’s Land, Renee befriends Two-Face. She is able to surface the good Harvey Dent personality to help aid the city after the earthquake. Two-Face would eventually fall in love with Renee while they help the people of Gotham.

Renee did not love Two-Face back and he thought the only way to have her was to take everything away from her. Two-Face reveals to the public that Renee is a lesbian and he frames her for murder. Renee is taken in by the police and held in jail pending her trail. Two-Face would proceed to kidnap her and make it look like Renee escaped. Renee and Two-Face would get into a fight and they both struggle for a gun Two-Face is holding. Batman comes to save her and clears her of the murder and returns Two-Face to Arkham Asylum. Renee’s life would take a downward spiral, though her parents were very religious so in response to her sexuality, they disowned her.

During War Games, the Black Spider ambushed Montoya and Crispus Allen and her partner shoots and kills him. Jim Corrigan stole the bullet used to shoot Black Spider during the crime scene investigation and tries to sell it on the Internet. Montoya needed the bullet to prove Allen only killed in self-defense. Renee was able to buy the bullet and clears the name of Allen. Renee becomes so obsessed with trying to expose Corrigan that Allen decides to bring him to justice to stop Renee’s obsession. Corrigan kills Allen during the investigation and it fueled Renee even more to bring Corrigan in. She is able to track him down and has him in front of her gun. In the end Renee could not kill him and she quits the GCPD right afterward.

When Batman disappeared from Gotham City for a year, the Question became the cities chief protector. Recruiting police detective Renee Montoya, the faceless avenger had a secondary motive beyond investigating an incursion into Gotham by the criminal organization known as Intergang - the Question was dying of cancer and needed a protégé to carry on after his death. Trained in body, mind and spirit Montoya uses her mentor's arsenal and faceless disguise to carry on the quest of the Question.


bob.jpg143. Bob, Agent of Hydra (27 points)

Year first appeared: 2007

Bob is, in every respect, a normal guy. He signed up for Hydra believing that they have a dental plan (which they don't), and made $40,000 a year. Bob kept a blog while he was at Hydra, primarily remarking about the mundane, like complaining about the commissary food. When Agent-X was captured when a pharmaceutical company hired him to infiltrate Hydra, the mercenary known as Deadpool mounted a rescue operation to free him.

At the time Deadpool was only three inches tall due to exposure to Pym Particles. His height did not stop him from taking down several Hydra agents before finding Bob. While Deadpool was beating an unnamed agent, Bob came running down the corridor to locate the intruder and was tripped by the tiny merc. Wade commanded Bob to take him to where Agent X was being held. Believing that Deadpool could not hurt him, Bob refused. Deadpool then hurt him... twice (because it was so much fun the first time). Deadpool used the string from a retractable I.D. card reel to aim Bob's head, and (somewhat) forced Bob to shoot his fellow Hydra agents. After being abused and mistreated by Deadpool, Bob introduced himself. Deadpool recognized Bob from his blog.

On the way out of the facility with Agent X Deadpool shot Bob so that he could claim he was being held at gunpoint and rejoin Hydra. The three stole a Hydra plane and Deadpool forced Bob to pilot it away from Hydra. Wade now runs Agency X in Agent X's stead and has kept Bob on as a teammate. His opinion of Bob changes from moment to moment, but generally regards Bob as either a friend or a pet. Bob is not unhappy with Deadpool, but may believe himself to be kidnapped from Hydra (Deadpool refers to the kidnapping as a "liberation").

Wade's friend Weasel was also taken into Hydra custody, and when Wolverine attacked the Hydra base that Weasel was at, Wade was afraid that Wolverine would kill Weasel during the carnage. Deadpool forced Bob to tag along as an insurance policy. Unbeknownst to Bob, Deadpool planned to (possibly) trade Bob for Weasel if the need arose (but he would not admit this to Bob).

Bob and Deadpool go to several different mystic realms on behalf of Doctor Strange, to save the whole multi-dimensional existence by freeing T-Ray, and fusing his soul and body back together. They go to a swamp and meet Brother Voodoo, and Bob is knocked out and given Nightmares, as Deadpool does all the work.

When they finish up, they return back to Agency X base. There, Agency X watch as Deadpool and Agent-X negotiate Deadpool's contract, by shooting at each other. Bob, Deadpool, and Weasel are then sent to the Savage Land. They get back to New York, and it has been infested with symbiote dinosaurs. Bob hides. Then one of the dinosaur’s tendrils grabs Bob by the foot and starts to drag him away. While Bob is being dragged around by the dinosaur, the dinosaur hits an electrical billboard, it falls on the dinosaur killing it. A reporter comes up to Bob asking him if the H on his uniform stood for hero because that’s what he truly is?! Bob replies by saying: "Yes, it does stand for hero because that is what I truly am!". He then gets a text from his wife saying she saw him on T.V. and that he looked hot. Then Bob and Agency X is seen at Deadpool's place watching TV.



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