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Your Top Modern Characters part 69

Written by Chris Mitchell on Thursday, April 02 2009 and posted in Features
Top List
An Ultimate, a lady with big "guns", an Initiative member, and an angel.



ultimatehulk.jpg139. Ultimate Hulk (27 points)

Year first appeared: 2001

*face palm

A version of the Hulk appears in the Ultimate Marvel imprint, first appearing in Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #2 (2001), written by Brian Michael Bendis and drawn by Phil Hester. In the Ultimates series, Banner works for S.H.I.E.L.D., attempting to re-create the super-soldier formula that created Captain America. He injects himself with an experimental version of the formula, turning into the green-skinned Hulk, and rampages through New York, and is only stopped through the combined efforts of Spider-Man and a S.H.I.E.L.D. battalion led by General Ross. He later combines Captain America's blood with his previous Hulk formula, and injects it into himself (Ultimates #4), thereby transforming him into the more powerful gray-skinned Hulk.

Ultimate Wolverine Vs. Hulk shows that after escaping an execution attempt, Banner travels through France, Ireland and India, seeking a means to control the Hulk within. In Ultimates 2 #11, Bruce Banner appears in Washington D.C. He proclaims himself "in touch with his inner sociopath" before allowing a Crimson Dynamo robot to step on him. He immediately transforms into the Hulk and rips the droid apart. He then continues to aid the Ultimates against the Liberators in issue #12, by defeating, dismembering, and finally decapitating the Abomination.

He then appeared together with Iron Man in their own mini-series titled Ultimate Human, focusing on Bruce Banner approaching Tony Stark about the possibility of using the Iron Man nanites to control the Hulk transformations. The Leader is introduced as a scientist after the blood of both men, for use in the creation of a superhuman. This series depicts the Hulk's physiology as almost infinitely adaptive to adverse conditions, including simulations of hostile extraterrestrial environments such as the surface of the planet Venus. It also described him as generating carbon fullerenes in his skin structure, adding to his durability.

In issue #4 of Ultimate Origins, which takes place 15 years before the Ultimate timeline's present, Bruce Banner is shown to have been hired by the U.S. Government and Ultimate Nick Fury as part of a project to secretly recreate the Super Soldier Serum. At a covert lab in Dover, New Jersey, Bruce works alongside fellow scientists, Hank Pym, Franklin Storm, father of Sue and Johnny Storm, and Richard Parker, father of Peter Parker.

Bruce believes that he has come up with the correct formula for the serum, but needs to test it out. Eager to try his results on a human subject, Banner synthesizes his serum and injects himself with it. The serum turns him into the Hulk for the very first time. Banner goes on a rampage inside the laboratory and eventually destroys the entire complex, accidentally killing Richard Parker, along with his wife Mary, who had brought an infant Peter along with her to visit Richard.


knockout.jpg138. Knockout (27 points)

Year first appeared: 1994

All the people that voted for her on the DCU villains list voted for her again. Knockout has a loyal fan base, whowouldathought?

Born on the planet Apokolips, the future warrior known as Knockout was recruited at a young age from Granny Goodness' orphanage to become a trainee in the Female Furies. Although respected for her battle prowess she was impudent and Granny punished her with solitary confinement chained alone in the fire-pits of Armagetto.

Encouraged to follow a path of independence by the insurgent Himon, and the escape of Big Barda to Earth, Knockout accessed a Boom Tube to Hawaii on Earth. Admired for her statuesque beauty she had no problem getting by as an exotic dancer, but eventually the impulse to user her superhuman strength became overwhelming and she turned to a life of crime.

To help her lover Scandal, Knockout joined the Secret Society of Super-Villains as a double agent in service of the newly formed Secret Six. When the Secret Society stormed the Secret Six's base of operations and all looked to be lost, she abandoned her cover to protect Scandal. She would become a full member of the group after this, replacing Parademon who had died in the assault.

A year later, Knockout was one of the members of the Secret Six targeted by assassins in an agenda of Vandal Savage's. She was shot with an explosive round from a Thanagarian sniper rifle and nearly died. Though her entire body was badly burned by the explosion, she was eventually able to completely regenerate and look like her old self again as if never being harmed at all. She was then joined the group's efforts in finding who was sending the assassins. After a battle with the Doom Patrol, she engaged in sex with Deadshot while Scandal was asleep. It meant nothing to her. It was merely what was often done between surviving warriors on Apokolips. So when Scandal walked in on them and became enraged, she didn't understand why her love was so angry with her. She begged forgiveness, but Scandal left them and the Secret Six.

Knockout quickly realized Scandal's behavior was not entirely genuine. Her lover had left to face the one who had been trying to kill them all. Thanks to the Mad Hatter, she and the others were able to track where Scandal had gone. The two lovers were reunited in the aftermath and all was forgiven.

On a job in Azerbaijani, the Secret Six came into conflict with the Birds of Prey. It began when Knockout recognize Big Barda at a party the Birds of Prey were infiltrating. This led to Knockout finally getting the chance to face in battle the one who inspired her to escape from Apokolips. Big Barda seemed to have the upper hand, but Knockout refused to yield, insisting that she was winning. They continued to fight even after the two groups called a truce and the Rocket Red Brigade attacked. Their fight went on inside a frozen lake until the two dragged themselves out of it, battered and exhausted. Big Barda compliment Knockout on a battle well fought and called her sister before the two parted ways with their respective parties.

And then something stupid called Death of the New Gods happened.


komodo.jpg137. Komodo (27 points)

Year first appeared: 2007

Melati Kusuma is a former graduate student of Dr. Curt Connors. She stole Connors' regenerative lizard serum, modified it to her own DNA and administered it to herself. Connors later registered her for the Initiative and she was sent to Camp Hammond. At the camp she was victim of a training accident; her arm was blown off by Armory, whose powers were out of control. The arm regenerates in moments. During their "field trip" to Texas to save the President from HYDRA she performed very well, and was activated for fieldwork. She worked with War Machine in an attempt to use S.P.I.N. tech to take away Spider-Man's powers, just as had been done to She-Hulk. Spider-Man called her a "dollar-store version of the Lizard" and convinced her she would fail even as she had him pinned down, warning her that her powers would be taken away when he defeated her, which he does by firing a blast of webbing into her face. Komodo was seen begging War Machine not to have her powers removed as she considers her former human identity to be a nobody. It was also recently revealed that, while in human form, both of her legs are missing below the knee.

During World War Hulk, when a number of Komodo's teammates broke rank to go and fight the Hulk, Komodo chose to follow orders and stay put. Komodo has recently struck up a relationship with fellow trainee Hardball even going as far as to show him her true form.

While fighting KIA, he used his Tactigon to infect her with poison so potent that it would kill her before she could regenerate. In a desperate gamble to save her, Hardball used his power to sever her poisoned legs, stopping the poison before it can travel to the rest of her body. Although he manages to save her, this solution is especially painful for her as she is a former amputee who lost her legs once before.

When Komodo completed her Initiative training, she was assigned to Arizona, as a part of the Desert Stars team. She later appears with the rest of her new team during the Secret Invasion. When the new 3-D Man and the Skrull Kill Krew arrive and identify team member the Blacksmith as a Skrull, Komodo helps them fight and kill the Skrull infiltrator. As the rest of the Desert Stars team was incapacitated during the fight, Komodo leaves with the 3-D Man and the Skull Kill Krew to travel to Nevada to help Hardball's team and find the Skrull infiltrators on the other Initiative teams.

Hardball later becomes the new leader of HYDRA and leaves the Initiative. Komodo insists on accompanying the Shadow Initiative to take down Hardball in Madripoor.


zauriel.jpg136. Zauriel (27 points - 1 first place slot)

Year first appeared: 1997

As a denizen of Heaven, Zauriel served as a guardian angel. When Zauriel left heaven he was pursued by forces loyal to the renegade King-Angel Asmodel. Falling to Earth, Zauriel came into contact with the Justice League. Eventually renouncing his immortality, he now lives an Earth-bound angel.

The most potent of Zauriel's powers is his devastating sonic scream (sometimes called a "sonic flash"), which is capable of tremendous amounts of destruction. An ability that is specific to angels of the Eagle Host, Zauriel's scream is acutely attuned to the vibrational frequency that angels adopt when temporarily descending to the Earthly plane, enabling Zauriel to vaporize an angel in milliseconds. It is speculated that his scream could liquefy a normal person. This scream can shatter steel or disintegrate the bodies of betraying Bull-Angels, robbing them of material form in the Earthly plane.

A less-defined property of Zauriel's angel-hood is what he refers to as his angelic over-mind, Zauriel's mental connection to Heaven. This connection grants Zauriel various abilities, including the ability to communicate with any type of animal and a divine connection to the flow of magic on Earth. He can also sense good and evil around him and in people.

Zauriel has a number of other powers, including a moderate amount of super-strength, toughness and agility when compared to a normal human. He is an expert in the ancient warfare, customs, and theologies of the Abrahamic religious traditions. For example, he invoked the beliefs of the Gnostic Christians when counseling Hawkgirl, and he can also perform what he calls the "Red Sea trick," enabling him to part a body of water in much the way Moses did. He has also been submersed in water at length without drowning on more than one occasion. Zauriel does not have the mortal need to eat, drink, or sleep, and seems to have a moderate healing factor.

Zauriel has quite a diverse and versatile set of skills. Zauriel is an incredible swordsman, having wielded a flaming sword since the dawn of creation as a guardian angel. He also has amazing flight capabilities, again considering his eternity of experience. His role as a leader and a guide are impressive, as he has led groups into Heaven and has served as guidance to various individuals, including the present Hawkgirl, Kendra Saunders.




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