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Your Top Modern Characters part 74

Written by Chris Mitchell on Friday, April 03 2009 and posted in Features
Top List
We will break into the Top 120 today. Which mean next week we will be in the Top 100. Sweet Christmas.



tulip.jpg123. Tulip O'Hare (30 points)

Year first appeared: 1995

"One of the most powerful women in comics history. Confident, badass and a fucking marksman. She's probably my favorite female in comics. "

"Jesse Custer's lover, and every bit as dangerous as he is."

Tulip O'Hare is Jesse Custer's romantic interest and a trained marksman of exceptional skill. Her mother died during childbirth, and her father, Jake O’Hare, who raised her much like a son by introducing her to firearms, hunting, fishing, and war stories, raised her. Jake died during a hunting accident, and she is sent off to boarding school. She befriends the wealthiest girl at the school, Amy Grinderbinder, who remains her friend throughout college. The two-drop out after Amy gains a large inheritance, and Tulip meets Jesse while waiting for Amy at a bar. The two fall in love very quickly, though Jesse is eventually forced to leave. She falls into depression and other troubles, she eventually meets Cassidy, and the two eventually find Jesse.

Jesse’s grandmother, Marie, later captures them and Jesse reveals his past to Tulip, which causes her to fully forgive Jesse. Seconds after, she is killed under Marie's orders. God soon revives her to warn Jesse that more misfortune awaits him if he continues with his quest. After killing a wounded T.C. and leaving Marie to die, Tulip and Jesse are reunited. After becoming involved with the Grail, she believes Jesse to be dead, falls into a serious depression, and becomes involved with Cassidy while under the constant influence of drugs and alcohol. She asks Cassidy if Jesse said anything before he fell out of the plane to which Cassidy lies and says no. After months of the drug induced hell Cassidy puts her through, she eventually leaves him after a moment of clarity by shooting him through the chest out into the sun. She then heads to New York with her closest friend Amy. There she learns that Jesse is alive and is headed right where she is. Once they find each other and reconcile, they begin to travel together again.

Jesse makes his final plan to rid himself of Genesis. Before doing so he drugs Tulip so she sleeps through the whole ordeal and leaves her a note explaining his action and a key to a locker with a small fortune attached to it. Skeeter wakes her up and she reads the note so enraged she follows him to the Alamo, where she kills Starr after he kills Jesse. She goes to pick up the money from the locker where the revived Jesse finds her. Still very angry she explains that she cannot be with Jesse after the Alamo because it shows that Jesse doesn't trust her and that he would never change. Stuck in traffic she finds a note that Cassidy left her explaining that he lied to her when she asked if Jesse said anything when he fall out of the plane. Jesse then steals a horse from a cop and rides after her. He wins her back when he shows emotion by crying for her proving that he is changing for her. They both ride into the sunset together with Skeeter.


proof.jpg122. Proof (30 points)

Year first appeared: 2007

"Best field agent since Fox Mulder."

See, this sounds like a fun character. It has that Hellboy weird shit happening feel, but with a comedic touch behind it. And if it were not for this list, I would never have heard of it. Damn. I think I may need a second job to pay for all these new titles I will be picking up. Dammitalltohell.

Proof here (aka Big Foot) dressed in a suit and a tie with a pair of size 29 shoes, John “Proof” Prufrock is the main agent and focus of Image’s Proof as he acts as an ambassador of both cryptid and humans and at the same time has a hidden desire to find more of his kind but try to fit in to be like us. The guy seems to get along with every one around him and loves bagels imported from New York and on his spare time loves to go shopping for new suits with his best bud, Wayne. Proof is one of the classiest characters in comics. He’s not a bloodthirsty violent monster. He’s a man who would like to talk things over with you politely. But when pushed to the edge like any other human being, he’d slowly walk up to you with not an ounce of a threatening vibe, pick you up and snap your leg like a twig. And he’d do it with class and finesse too. He’s a man with a doctrine in Anthropology and reading through the book, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t wish to just climb in and shoot the breeze with Proof. He’s that cool of a character.


thunderstrike.jpg121. Thuderstrike (30 points)

Year first appeared: 1993

Eric Masterson, an architect, is merged with Thor and given Thor's form and powers after Thor is sealed in Eric's mind, by Odin, due to Thor's accidental killing of Loki. Eventually, Odin is revealed to have been possessed by Loki, who was attempting to manipulate everybody. Eric and Thor are separated and restored to their original bodies.

Eric continues in the role of Thor, after having been given Mjolnir by Thor, who tells Eric to carry on as Earth's protector. Eric then returns to Earth and joins the Avengers in Thor's place. During this time, he aids them in such battles as the Kree/Shi'ar war and the Infinity Gauntlet crisis, being one of only three heroes at the conclusion of that battle to remember the entire confrontation (the other two being Doctor Strange and the Silver Surfer).

Eric's role as Thor is relatively brief, as the Enchantress manipulates Eric into attacking Thor for Sif's affection. During a confrontation with Thor, Eric hits Sif, which provokes Thor, leading him to defeat Eric and reclaim Mjolnir while Odin reveals the Enchantress’ manipulations. Odin then creates a new mace for Eric called Thunderstrike.

Eric first uses the Thunderstrike mace against the villain Bloodaxe and is promptly defeated. Afterwards, Eric creates his own costume to distinguish himself from Thor, while keeping Thor’s reputation intact. Eric names himself Thunderstrike, after the mace itself. Eventually Eric defeats Bloodaxe, only to discover that Bloodaxe was actually Jackie Lukus, his current love interest.

After a confrontation with Seth the Egyptian god of death, Eric realizes the only way to defeat him is to succumb to the curse contained with the Bloodaxe and increase his strength. After his supposed slaying of Seth, the Avengers, who attempt to arrest him for murder, confront Eric. Eric defeats the Avengers and is confronted by Thor. Eric pleads with Thor to kill him to prevent the curse of the Bloodaxe from taking him over completely. Eric is eventually forced to fight the Bloodaxe subconsciously, which manifests in Eric’s mind in the form of Skurge. Eric eventually defeats the Skurge duplicate, causing a psychic backlash that kills him and destroys the two weapons. Claiming that Valhalla is not where he belongs, Eric is sent into the afterlife by Odin.

The Grim Reaper temporarily resurrects Eric several years later, along with several other deceased Avengers. After overcoming the Grim Reaper's control, he and the other undead Avengers are returned to the afterlife by the Scarlet Witch. Before returning to the afterlife, Eric asked Thor to check in on his son for him.


phoneybone.jpg120. Phoney Bone (30 points)

Year first appeared: 1991

"The Lex Luthor of Boneville."

They really need to make this into an animated movie. I can tell you it will make shitloads of money. Since Scholastic started releasing the colored versions of the trades, this book sells like hotcakes in bookstores. Kids love this book. Kids = $$$. Just sayin’.

Manipulative and greedy Phoney Bone will do anything to get rich. Run out of Boneville by an angry mob of villagers after a few shady business deals, his greediness and selfishness makes an enemy of anyone who crosses him in the valley. Referred to as "The One Who Bears The Star" (due to the star t-shirt he wears) by the Hooded One, Phoney is sought after by the Rat Creature army though he does not know why (later it's revealed that the Hooded One erroneously believed a giant balloon of Phoney used in his campaign for mayor of Boneville that fell in her lair to be an omen that Phoney could be used to fulfill her agenda). Fone says that part of the reason for his cousin's resourcefulness and greed may be that Phoney, as the oldest of the Bone trio, raised his two cousins when they were young — and poor — orphans. Though he is selfish he is very defensive of his cousins when he needs to be, and shows he really cares about them. An example is given when he is approached by The Hooded One who proceeds to threaten Fone Bone, Phoncible becomes angry and warns The Hooded One to stay away from Fone. He also shows his jest side, despite his complaining the whole story, by appearing to run away in the last battle, only to come back in armor with reinforcements ready for battle. To his dismay, they arrive right as the battle ended. However he still claims himself as a hero.



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