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Your Top Modern Characters part 78

Written by Chris Mitchell on Monday, April 06 2009 and posted in Features
Top List
A former Top 10er in this group. He didn't even make the Top 100.



107. Zoom (33 points)

Year first appeared: 2001

How far you have fallen, Zoom. You were in the 10th spot in the Top Villains list, now you are not even in the Top 100. Wow. I am sure Professor Zoom fans are cheering cuz they hate you. I have a feeling you are the bad villain at the beginning of the Flash: Rebirth. I stated my theories around, if you haven't heard it ask me later.

Hunter Zolomon became a criminal profiler to understand why his father brutally murdered five young women and eventually his mother with an axe. Excelling under the mentorship of his wife's father, he became overconfident, a flaw, which cost his mentor his life, ended his marriage and career, and crippled his leg. Taking a position as the criminal meta-human profiler with the Keystone Police Department, Zolomon worked closely with the Flash.

After Zolomon was brutally beaten and crippled by Gorilla Grodd, he called upon his friendship with the Scarlet Speedster to use the Cosmic Treadmill to travel back in time and change one hour that lead to the tragedies of his life. Concerned by the implication of changing the past, the Flash had to refuse Zolomon's request.

Undaunted, Zolomon broke into the Flash Museum and used the Cosmic Treadmill, while still seated in his wheelchair. The time-travel device self-destructed, and Zolomon woke up in the hospital. Reminiscing over the tragedies of his life, he realized that the Flash was a hero who never truly experienced tragedy. Zolomon also began to notice subtle physical differences and that his legs were no longer crippled. Rushing to inform the nurse of his miraculous cure, he discovered that he had inherited powers like the Flash. Coupled with his revelation of tragedy, Zolomon realized that he "fit the profile" and resolved to teach the Flash to become the hero he should be, as his arch-nemesis, Zoom.


firestorm.jpg106. Firestorm (33 points)

Year first appeared: 2004

After the death of Ronnie Raymond in Identity Crisis, the "essence" of Firestorm found its way to a young man named Jason Rusch, and imbued him with powers very similar to the original. However, in order to become Firestorm, Rusch needed another person to complete the matrix. Unlike previous incarnations, this was not a fixed set of people. It was Rusch and whoever happened to be nearby. This was usually a surprise for the other person, which made controlling Firestorm more difficult. There were risks, however. If Jason over-exerted himself, the person he merged with could fade away and die. Also, if he merged with someone strong enough, it was possible for that other person to take over Firestorm and bend it to their will.

At one point, the mind of Ronnie Raymond reappeared in the Firestorm matrix, but didn't last very long. Raymond vanished again, perhaps never to return. During the Infinite Crisis, Firestorm was part of the team that went into space to close the rift opened by Alexander Luthor. Rusch's companion in the matrix, his friend Mickey, died during the fighting, and Firestorm was saved by the reappearance of the elemental Firestorm, Martin Stein. Stein offered to help him, and Rusch talked Stein into rejoining the Firestorm matrix. They returned to Earth, though not unscathed, and eventually resumed work as a hero.

In the events of 52, Firestorm, with Firehawk, tried to lead a new Justice League, but that proved to be a failure when the new League was decimated by Skeets, the robot companion of the late Booster Gold.

With knowledge of a quarter of the Life Equation hidden in the Firestorm Matrix, Firestorm and Shilo Norman are attacked simultaneously by the New God Orion (who wanted to keep Martin Stein safe), and the Female Furies and Kalibak of Apokalips, who carried out Darkseid's plans to secure the Matrix. Darkseid himself feared that the Life Equation would hinder his Anti-Life Equation. With the combined might of Firestorm and Shilo, Orion, Apokalips and the Female Furies were defeated. But that didn't stop Darkseid from arriving in a boom tube, and snatching the essence of Martin Stein from the Firestorm Matrix. With sheer determination, Jason merged with his girlfriend Gehenna to become Firestorm, in order to find Martin Stein.

While searching for Martin Stein, Jason was later taken down by Lex Luthor, Joker and the Cheetah. After his recovery, he helped the Justice League break free of imprisonment and joins them in battle against the Injustice League. After the battle, Batman drafts Firestorm into the Justice League.

During the events of Countdown, Firestorm teamed up with Una and Karate Kid to find a cure for Karate Kid's infection in Bludhaven. The Atomic Knights confronted them, but they made quick work of them. Digging deeper into the underground of Bludhaven, the team stumbles upon Desaad torturing Martin Stein. While attempting to stop him, Firestorm was trapped inside of a mystical barrier, and that alone allowed Desaad to take over the Firestorm entity and relentlessly attack Karate Kid and Una with the intent to kill them. The Atomic Knights intervened just in time to separate Desaad (who then fled back to Apokalips through a Boom Tube) from the Firestorm Matrix. While Firestorm held off the Atomic Knights for another go-around, Karate Kid and the rest of the team continued into the Bludhaven Underground. Meanwhile, Brother Eye and the OMACs arrive in Bludhaven and take over the area, using Firestorm as a power source. During a battle between an OMAC and Red Robin, Firestorm is freed from Brother Eye.


rulk.jpg105. Rulk (33 points)

Year first appeared: 2008

I was gonna write up something huge for Rulk here, but I will let these quotes I have gathered say why he was voted. Mind you, these people never voted for him but they do read him:

"Loeb's Hulk is enjoyable. It's in no way good, but it's enjoyable."

"Other than McGuinness's art, which is kickass, it is in absolutely NO WAY good, but I still for some unfathomable reason enjoyed it. God, rdrsfn is gonna tear me a new one."

"I like Loeb's Hulk It's insane and makes no sense, but it has cool art and it's fun. I love the unpredictable nature of the book. You really don't know what to expect because it’s so insane. There are really very few books I can say that about"

"Rulk >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> more enjoyable than FC. Yeah, I said it. I didn't say it was good, but at least Rulk is told linearly. And actually tells you what the fuck is happening and gets from point A to point B. And doesn't waste time with cutaways every 3 pages that have no real use in the story."

"Rulk is so bad it rocks harder than the greatest metal bands. It's like those cheesy badwrongfun B movies like Waxwork and Waxwork II that are just so awesome. Anyone that doesn't enjoy Loeb's Hulk has lost all sense of fun and enjoyment in comics “

"You've been saying this for a long time, and I've been agreeing with you for a long time. It's fast moving and action packed, and it features great guest appearances: Iron Man, She Hulk, Namor, Thing, Thor, Gray Hulk, and so many others. What I love is that it references so many parts of the Marvel Universe so frivolously. When I was a kid, I loved nothing better than guest appearances, unusual team-ups, and surprise villains. Rulk incorporates all these elements. That's what I love about it."

"It's not so bad it's good. It's so bad it's bad. I bought the first issue and nearly gave up. Then after issue 2 I just couldn't deal with it. It's awful. It's bad choices (killing Emil and turning Rick into A-bomb) and terrible dialog around awesome art. It's not good at all."

"I think some people voted for RULK just to piss people like me off."




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