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Your Top Modern Characters part 81

Written by Chris Mitchell on Monday, April 06 2009 and posted in Features
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More characters for you to boo or cheer at.





97. Ultimate Thor (35 points)

Year first appeared: 2002

"Thor is my favorite character ever, but what Millar did to him in the Ultimate Universe just so brilliant. The same yet different."

Ultimate Thor is referred to as once being a psychiatric nurse called Thorlief Golmen, until he suffered a nervous breakdown before his 30th birthday. He spent 18 months institutionalized, during which time he claims to have realized who he is and why he has been sent to Earth. He claimed to be Thor, Norse god of thunder, on a mission to save the planet. His political and social activism, as well as his own self-help books, attracted rebellious hippies and conspiracy theorists. He has spoken against America's military aggression against other world powers and the military-industrial complex. However, the truth behind these statements is questionable, as they came from characters aligned with or later revealed to be Loki, a reality-changing Norse god.

When General Nick Fury contacted him about joining the Ultimates, Thor refused to work for the military-industrial complex that he detests. When the Hulk appeared in Manhattan, Thor refused to assist unless the President doubled the foreign aid budget. Not long after the Ultimates confronted the Hulk, the President relented and Thor appeared in time to save Captain America from Banner. Following the battle, Thor became good friends with Tony Stark and Steve Rogers, pledging his support whenever lives are in danger. Soon thereafter, Thor was briefed on the Chitauri and sent to investigate a suspected Chitauri base in Micronesia. Finding the base abandoned and about to explode, they were saved by Iron Man's force field. Once a Chitauri fleet appeared in Arizona, Thor brought the survivors there, and alongside Iron Man provided air support against the Chitauri spacecraft until the Air Force arrived. Iron Man asked Thor to help him dispose of the Chitauri bomb that would obliterate the entire solar system, so Thor teleported it to the wastes of Nastrond, where its detonation caused only a small ripple in our space-time.

In Ultimates 2, Thor is discovered talking to an Asgardian only he can see, and resigns from the Ultimates, protesting its likely involvement in foreign affairs, and the team's assumption that it was he who outed Banner as the Hulk. When an Italian demonstration against the European Defense Initiative's super-soldier program turned violent, Thor intervened. The Ultimates learned from the EDI's head scientist, Gunnar Golmen, Thorlief's brother, that the Norwegian government had chosen the Norse God of Thunder, Thor, as their national image and modeled a super soldier after him. They created a power-belt in the image of Thor's that granted the wearer unbelievable strength, durability and the power of flight. Their biggest success was the electric power battery in the form of Thor's hammer Mjolnir, which can ionize the environment, control the weather and allow the user to teleport. Gunnar alleged that Thor had stolen the technology that gives him his powers, and they tracked him in Norway to take him into custody. Thor told them that Gunnar was actually Loki, but the Ultimates and EUI soldiers attacked him anyway. He shrugged off all their attacks, although his hair was burned off. It wasn't until Quicksilver managed to jump like 50 feet into the air at Thor, and grab his belt, that brought Thor to the ground. He was placed in Bruce Banner's cell in the Triskelion, where a vision of Gunnar/Loki taunted him about the existence of a traitor within the Ultimates' ranks. He remains there until the invasion of America, at which time a bright light shines on him, and Thor vanishes from his cell. Most recently, Thor appears standing beneath Loki, his hair restored, and wielding his belt and Mjolnir once more, challenging Loki to battle. During this battle he summons an army of Asgardian warriors, which battle Loki's monster army and, together with the Ultimates he defeats Loki, who is sent to Odin for punishment.

In Ultimates 3, the character underwent dramatic changes i.e.: Loeb'd. He has grown a beard and a bulkier body, he is romantically involved with Valkyrie, and now speaks in Shakespearean English only. He also uses a different hammer, with the same brick-like stone appearance of Thor's Mjolnir in mainstream Earth-616; the original hammer employed in previous Ultimate adventures is later revealed to be still in Ultimate Thor's possession, however. We find that Thor actually has an armory of different weapons that are gifts from his father, and forged by Ulik the Troll. The new hammer apparently leaves Thor for Magneto, who wields it in Ultimatum.

Then there is this huge clusterfuck called Ultimatum with more Loeb action, killing the Thunder God off.


darkness.jpg96. The Darkness (36 points)

Year first appeared: 1996

Jackie never had an easy life, not in the orphanage but neither in the life outside of it. As a hitman working for Paulie he learned to kill without remorse. He has an arrogant attitude and he loves to have sex with beautiful women and has a love for nice cars and the finer things in life. He can’t be considered a hero but isn’t really a villain either, he’s more of an Anti-hero who’s in it for his own personal gain. However he's not completely without morals and will protect those he loves. Jackie is also a sex addict, he admitted this freely when he visited a place to get rid of his addiction. He couldn't believe what he heard when Sonatine told him that he could no longer have intercourse.

Like all male members of his lineage, Jackie's father, Danny Estacado, was the wielder of The Darkness power before Jackie. The Darkness is passed on from father to son at the moment of conception, killing the father instantly. Despite this fatal drawback, the Darkness allows the wielder to create anything they imagine as long as they are not exposed to light. Danny was a hitman who used the Darkness power to make a name for himself in the criminal underworld. He used the Darkness power for personal gain, and wielded the power he possessed to kill his enemies in savage and brutal ways. When Danny impregnated a prostitute the Darkness was transferred along with his seed to son Jackie. Danny died during intercourse

Jackie is highly intelligent and is a ruthless killer. His life before 21 consisted of being Frankie "Kill the Children too" Franchetti's top hitman. Because of this he is a skilled fighter, is experienced with a variety of weapons, and is an expert marksman. Jackie's upbringing by the mob was hand selected by the Brotherhood of the Darkness to make him an ideal weapon for wielding the Darkness power. As wielder of the Darkness, Jackie possesses a number of supernatural abilities. The Darkness power allows the wielder to create anything they desire.

This includes everything from solid constructs such as armor and weaponry to living, sentient beings controlled by the Darkness. One of the most common manifestations of the darkness includes darkness armor around Jackie as well as demon-like creatures to do his bidding. A primary weakness of the Darkness is that it only functions in the absence of light. When light hits anything created of the Darkness it vanishes, and Jackie cannot access his power in the light. This leaves Jackie particularly vulnerable to attack during the day.


drmidnite.jpg95. Dr. Mid-Nite (36 points)

Year first appeared: 1999

I was really hoping for a Top 25 for this character. Along with Mister Terrific he is one of my favorite members of the JSA. But damn, a 95 slot? Wow. That’s harsh people. HARSH!

A child prodigy Pieter Cross received his medical degree while still in his teenage years. Cross soon started practicing medicine but became frustrated with the limitations of modern medicine and decided to dabble in the unorthodox. This was soon discovered by his colleagues, which led him to be forced from medical circles. He continued to treat patients with both conventional and unconventional methods using his wealth, talent and a network of contacts to provide health care to a wide range of patients.

Cross was investigating a dangerous mutagenic steroid being sold in his home city of Portsmouth which caused its users to become both extremely powerful but psychotic. Getting close to the source of the drugs, a cartel know as the Terrible Trio; Cross was captured and forcibly administered the drug which interacted with other chemicals in his bloodstream producing unexpected results. During his escape, Cross was injured in a blinding explosion which would enable him to see into the infrared spectrum, but left him blind in normal light. Creating special light-filtered goggles Cross was able to regain his normal vision.

In honor of the original World War II mystery man who saved his mother from a band of murderous thieves, Cross become the new Dr. Mid-Nite



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