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Your Top Modern Characters part 88

Written by Chris Mitchell on Monday, April 13 2009 and posted in Features
Top List
Two teams and a couple of ladies.




73. Blood Syndicate (43 points) bloodsyndicate.jpg

Year first appeared: 1993

This was a great, great comic. Those who are bitching about the Milestone characters being in the current DCU go out and find the back issues for this title. They were really, really good. Cool characters with very cool powers and unique personas.

In Milestone Comics' fictional city of Dakota, the Blood Syndicate is a loose affiliation of super-powered individuals brought together by circumstance; 35 issues of their eponymous comic book, written largely by Ivan Velez, Jr., were published between 1993 and 1996.

The Blood Syndicate differed from other super groups in that they were (in Velez's words) "not a team - they're a gang". In fact, they were the surviving remnants of multiple street gangs (thus the name, a combination of "Paris Island Bloods" and "Force Syndicate"), who had gained superpowers in the so-called Big Bang, and decided to use them for a greater purpose. However, their constant infighting, the unsustainability of their methods, and their lack of a central vision (particularly after the death of their first leader) led to the Syndicate's eventual disintegration.

The 'Big Bang' refers to an incident where gang members from all over Dakota met in one, huge battle. Unknown to them, or even the police involved, the tear gas used to disperse them was tagged with a radioactive agent. Many gang members and police officers died. Others were transformed, some according to what they are next to. Aquamaria, landing in water, gains water powers. Brickhouse merges with a brick wall and becomes brick. Other entities are affected in other ways. Dogg, a normal canine, discovers he has cognitive abilities and develops speech. Other heroes and villains they would later encounter would prove to have gained their abilities from encounters with the gas. Some of them, such as Static (See later on the list), were neither gang members nor police.


theboys.jpg72. The Boys (43 points - 1 first place slot)

Year first appeared: 2006

"The epitome of modern day heroes."

"It's an adult series with gory violence and sexual content. If you are curious and don't know if you'd like it -- if you like Quentin Tarantino movies, you'd like The Boys. "The Godfather" scene where a horse's head turns up in the bed is nothing compared to an illustration of a face sliced off and delivered in a pizza box and then chewed by the dog."

Never read this title, and I should I guess because I love Robertson’s art. Then again, I am not a fan of Ennis at all. Never read Preacher or his Punisher. His Crossed title is completely fucked up.

Wildstorm published the first six issues in 2006. On January 24, 2007, the series was abruptly canceled with issue 6. Ennis later explained that this was because DC (of whom Wildstorm is an imprint) was uneasy with the anti-superhero tone of the work. The planned collection of said issues was also canceled. However, Robertson said that "DC is being good about reverting our rights so we can find a new publisher and we're in the process of doing that now". Ennis then released a statement telling of interest from a couple of publishers and that issue 7 and a trade of the first six issues would be available. While Darick Robertson is currently on exclusive contract to DC, he has been given special dispensation to continue working on The Boys. In February 2007 Dynamite Entertainment picked up the series and it resumed in May. A collected edition of the first six issues was also published by Dynamite, with a foreword by Simon Pegg.

"The Boys" refers to a team of four men and one woman who are tasked with not only keeping tabs on the super humans of the world, but also killing them if required. It's a multicultural task force, which is backed by the CIA.

A virus has been injected into 150 people with super powers. Unexpectedly, their heads explode. The vaccination was intended to be a control device, an internal bomb that the government could detonate at will if the supers got out of line. Instead, the biological contaminant has become unstable and exploded headless super bodies are cropping up around the world.


manhunter.jpg71. Manhunter (44 points)

Year first appeared: 2004

"No need for explanations. Anyone who's ever picked up an issue knows she's awesome."

"One of the great female characters who have appeared in the last few years, and she does not rely on T and A to sell books. She is just pure badass."

I would agree with both of those quotes, anyone who has picked up an issue of this title would know how awesome she is, and she does not need a little boob and ass shot to seal the books. Too bad it wasn't as good after it returned, shame. But, you can get your dose of Spencer here in the new Battle of the Cowl title The Network where she stars with Ragman and Batgirl.

As a federal prosecutor, Kate quickly tires of guilty criminals evading punishment. Angered that the cannibal super villain Copperhead escapes from custody after killing two prison guards, she steals equipment from an evidence room, hunts him down and kills him.

She then blackmails a former criminal, now in the Witness Protection Program, to build and maintain her weapons and armor. As a divorced mother of a young boy, she finds it difficult to balance both life as a Manhunter with her career and family life. However, during DC’s Infinite Crisis series, Barbara Gordon (aka Oracle) offers a chance to join the fight in Metropolis with her team, the Birds of Prey.

Her first appearance as a team member came in issue #100, along with Big Barda, leader of the Female Furies. While Kate is not imbued with super powers, her suit keys in to her bioelectrical signature, supplying her with increased strength, agility and endurance. Her staff was once carried by the Manhunter, Mark Shaw.


355.jpg70. Agent 355 (44 points)

Year first appeared: 2002

"My favorite character in the series. Loved watching her grow and change. My heart was broken at the end of the book. I'd be lying if I said I didn't shed a couple tears when I read that issue. If you've read the book you know what I'm talking about. And I read the whole thing in just a couple weeks. I can't imagine how that would have felt had I read it in the monthly format and spent years thinking about this character. A hero in every way."

"She rocks. I can't wait to see her in live-action on the screen (be in big or small)!"

She should be in the Top 25.


Agent 355 serves as Yorick Brown's bodyguard. Her name is pronounced "three fifty-five", not "three-five-five". It's believed that she may have inadvertently started the plague that killed all the male mammals of her world. She was on a mission in the nation of Jordan to save Dr. Frozan Hamad and an amulet in her possession. Dr. Hamad told her that it was a family heirloom. She mentioned that her father told her that a catastrophe likened to the Trojan War would happen if it the Amulet was removed from Jordan. After Dr. Hamad was killed by people after the amulet, Agent 355 took the Amulet of Helene. Right as the Amulet entered Saudi Arabian airspace the plague hit. She is part of the Culper Ring, a US government agency that can trace its origins back to American Revolutionary War.

In issue #58 she admitted to Yorick that she loved him. She then whispered her true name to Yorick, only to be killed moments later when Alter shot her with a sniper rifle. Although her original name is never explicitly revealed, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Brian K. Vaughan revealed that there are clues to her name in the series. On the cover of issue #58, she is depicted making the peace symbol with her fingers. This, added to Yorick's reaction when she reveals him her name, might be a hint open to be interpreted as 'Peace' is 355's real name. Also, in issue #60, a grown up Yorick visits the tombstone of the Agent, a tree where the number 355 has been scratched, along with the word 'Peace' right below it.




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