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Your Top Modern Characters part 92

Written by Chris Mitchell on Tuesday, April 14 2009 and posted in Features
Top List
Three characters. Enjoy. I am sure you will bitch about something.





59. Linda Danvers (50 points - 2 first place slot)

Year first appeared: 1992

Linda Danvers (daughter of policeman Fred Danvers and his wife Sylvia) began her life in a less-than-heroic fashion. Lured into a world of darkness by her boyfriend Buzz, Linda was involved in many illicit and illegal activities. Little did she know that she was intended to be a sacrifice for a demonic cult Buzz worked for. Buzz slashed her with a dagger to use her blood to release a demon into the world, but Matrix, the protoplasmic Supergirl, intervened. She used her shape-shifting powers to try plugging the gaping wounds on Linda, but instead became fused with Linda. Linda and Matrix became a new Supergirl. Armed with newfound superhuman abilities and the power to change from ordinary Linda Danvers into tall Supergirl, Linda began to fight crime and demonic activity, and redeem her darkened soul. She was hesitant to reveal her situation to her adoptive "brother" Superman, fearing his reaction to her co-opting a human life, but he accepted the change. Further complicating the situation was the revelation that Matrix's sacrifice in attempting to save Linda transformed her and Linda into the Earth-born Angel of Fire.

When Linda became an Earth-born Angel (one of three), she developed wings of flame and flame vision. She discovered that she could teleport in a S-shaped burst of flame. She used her powers to fight demons and dark gods, and even her fellow Earth-born Angel Blithe. She met an angelic ally, the equine Comet, who was revealed to be her friend, Andrea Jones, and the Angel of Love, born in an accident in an ice cavern. But stranger still, Linda began to encounter a young boy named Wally, who claimed to be God himself. His name, he explained, was a variation on "Yahweh," the Hebrew name for God. Wally helped Linda through her strange transformations, especially when her wings changed from angelic to bat-like. Linda also found herself fighting a superhuman named Twilight, whose dark powers were almost strong enough to overpower Linda's angelic abilities. But her greatest challenge came when Linda was captured by a strangely Wally-like man, who was the Carnivore, the first vampire. She defeated him, with the help of an angelic figure, simply called "Kara". But in her defeat of Carnivore, her Matrix side was ripped away, leaving Linda alone once again.

After the split, Linda retained half of the super-strength and invulnerability she had when fused with Matrix/Supergirl and could only leap 1/8th of a mile. Using some items from a costume shop, Linda created a white, blue, and red Supergirl costume (the same costume used by the animated version of Supergirl in Superman: The Animated Series) and acted as Supergirl, while searching for Matrix, with the help of her demonic ex-boyfriend Buzz and fellow superhero Mary Marvel. Even with diminished abilities, she was still powerful enough to stop Bizarro, and even found herself fighting a Bizarro Supergirl. Linda's search led her to the Amazon, where Matrix was held prisoner by Lilith, the mother of all demons, who had sent Twilight after Supergirl, holding Twilight's sister hostage to keep her under her evil control. Lilith fatally injured Mary Marvel, Twilight, and Linda, but not before Matrix was freed from Lilith's prison. Linda asked Matrix to merge with Twilight, and Twilight became the new Angel of Fire in the process, using her powers to heal Mary and Linda, thus giving Linda all the powers she'd had when she was merged with Matrix. At this point, Matrix passed the Supergirl mantle on to Linda.


songbird.jpg58. Songbird (50 points - 2 first place slots)

Year first appeared: 1992

"Her journey on becoming a hero has been interesting."

Taunted by schoolmates and emotionally abandoned by her father after her mother was convicted and jailed for robbery, Melissa Joan Gold ran away from home, adopting her mother's maiden name as an alias. Little is known of her life until she was convicted for having stolen goods in her residence, items that had actually been stolen by her boyfriend. While in prison she met Marian Pouncy (Poundcakes), who after their sentence was served would offer Gold a position on the women's wresting team the Grapplers as Screaming Mimi.

The Grapplers were a group of female wrestlers with enhanced physical abilities. After the vigilante known as Scourge murdered two of the Grapplers, Gold would join the Masters of Evil under the command of Baron Zemo II. After the Masters of Evil infamous attack upon Avenger's Mansion, Gold would partner with one time social activist Angar the Screamer. When Angar was shot and killed during a daylight bank robbery, Gold screamed in pain until her larynx was destroyed. Sometime later Baron Zemo would offered her a place in his Masters of Evil posing as the superhero team the Thunderbolts under the code name of Songbird.

Songbird originally could produce super sonic screams, which could cause a variety of effects such as disorientation, hallucinations, and unconsciousness. After her vocal cords were nearly destroyed, Songbird had them technologically enhanced, which gave her the ability to create solid-sound energy constructs, which she can manipulate at, will. She most frequently uses this ability to create a set of solid wings, which allow her to fly. She has also been able to create inaudible ultrasonic waves, which she can use to influence the emotions of those around her. However, she does not seem to have access to the rest of her original power set and it remains unclear whether they will ever return. As of now, Songbird's current powers cannot function without the use of her high-tech harness.


57. Alex Wilder (51 points)

Year first appeared:

"He was my favorite Runaway. I voted for him on the top Marvel villains list. He's an excellent character with an awesome tragic story arc. "

Those are keeping track, with Alex here the total for the Runaways is at 127 points. Just putting it out there.

Alex was the original person who stumbled upon the secret passageway that uncovered the double identities of their parents as the super villain group The Pride and subsequently led to the formation of The Runaways. Under his guidance and leadership, the ragtag group of teenage superhero wannabes managed to thwart practically everything that their parents threw their way including the interference of local law enforcement, as well as a small group of vampires they stumbled upon as they were holding up the local Circle A. Alex was also the only member of the group who did not adopt a superhero moniker stating that he would rather fight to redeem his family name than hide under the guise of a pseudonym. Although Alex did not have any super powers or technological devices, he was an incredibly gifted tactician, which was recognized by his father and by his internet friends who accused him of being older than he actually was because of his intelligence.

Later on, it was revealed that Alex was working as a mole for The Pride of his own volition. Alex’s identity as the mole was not known, even to The Pride, until he decided to reveal himself and his true intentions.

He developed feelings for and begun a shaky romance with Nico Minoru early on that was tested time and time again. After he betrayed his friends, Alex offered Nico the chance to join him and their parents, but was rejected. Their relationship officially ended in Alex's death at the hands of the Giborrim. It was later revealed that Nico tried to revive Alex by using the Staff of One, but failed.

Alex is probably the only member of The Runaways who did not have any overt powers. While Chase had his Fistigons, and Gert had Old Lace, Alex's only real ability was his natural talent for leadership and his intelligence as he has managed to lead the group and keep them together against enemies who were out of their league. At the time of his betrayal, it was his intelligence that allowed him control; over Nico's Staff of One, Chase's Fistigons and Old Lace.




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