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Your Top Modern Characters part 95

Written by Chris Mitchell on Wednesday, April 15 2009 and posted in Features
Top List
From this point on, great characters. Give or take a few.





49. Pete Wisdom (57 points)

Year first appeared: 1995

Peter Paul Winston Wisdom was born to Harold Wisdom and his wife in London, England. He has an older sister named Romany. His parents are divorced. His father is a retired detective sergeant and criminal profiler for New Scotland Yard. His mother was killed by a random killer named Michael Ryan who shot her while she waited for her son at the window. Black Air sent Wisdom to investigate an uprising of free mutates in the island nation of Genosha as a representative of the British government along with the mutant team Excalibur. After the conflict, Wisdom returned to Muir Island after he was injured during the uprising by a newly developed type of ammunition. To investigate the source of this ammunition, Wisdom traveled back to London with Kitty Pryde to infiltrate a Black Air facility.

In the facility, Wisdom discovered that Black Air was collecting alien artifacts for use in combat and cross-genetic experiments on human subjects, which were performed in conjunction with the London branch of the Hellfire Club. During the investigation, Pryde and Wisdom encountered the alien race that referred to themselves as the Uncreated. After defeating the aliens and destroying the Black Air facility, Wisdom returned to Muir Island with Pryde, with whom a mutual attraction was beginning to develop.

After his London experience, Wisdom left the Black Air organization and was admitted as a member of Excalibur. Wisdom was also instrumental in bringing Black Air down when, in concert with the Hellfire Club, the corrupt organization captured the techno-organic entity known as Douglock and used him as a living conduit to a demon that resided under the streets of London.

Shortly before Excalibur disbanded, Wisdom ended his relationship with Shadowcat and left the team. Wisdom later resurfaced in Genosha where he was attempting to retrieve a CPU from a satellite that had crashed on the island. The CPU was, in fact, the disembodied brain of Archie Fogg, an old friend of Wisdom's, with the ability to remotely link to and control any sort of machinery. Aided by X-Force, Wisdom opposed Magneto and managed to download Archie into an android body. Six months later, Wisdom reappeared again, this time as leader of X-Force. Wisdom utilized the team as a strike force against Black Ops organizations and establishments. Wisdom was shot and killed by Doctor Niles Roman during X-Force’s attempt to stop Romans bio-slaves from destroying San Francisco.

Recently, Wisdom has joined some of the X-Men to form the newest incarnation of the British super-team Excalibur. Consisting of Juggernaut, Captain Britain, Dazzler, Nocturne, Sage, and for a while the Black Knight. After M-Day, Wisdom was forced into an arranged marriage with a fairy named Tink to prevent a fairy invasion of Earth. Tink was a part of the original line up of the government team lead by Wisdom to counteract supernatural, alien and other strange happenings that threatened Britain, known as MI: 13.

Pete Wisdom and his team defended Britain from threats such as interdimentional aliens, re-awoken giants and the Welsh Dragon before the beginning of the Skrull Invasion of Earth. Pete's MI: 13 team joined forces with Captain Britain and Spitfire to fight off the invading Skrulls. In the end, Pete was responsible for banishing the invading Skrulls from Britain and it's magical counterpart, Avalon but as a result he released all the Magical and supernatural evil that had been imprisoned in Avalon.

Now Pete is the director of MI: 13. Directly reporting to only the Prime Minister himself, Pete has the authority to request help from every super powered individual in the United Kingdom. At the moment, the core MI: 13 team is made up of Captain Britain, Spitfire, The Black Knight, Faiza Hussain, Blade and Wisdom himself. Pete Wisdom continues to lead MI: 13 against the magic evils that threaten Britain. Pete has lost many friends and allies, always making the difficult choices that others don't want to make. This has had a huge effect on his psyche and he feels responsible for the pain and suffering of all those he comes into contact with. Still reeling from the betrayal of Captain Midlands Pete was attacked by the forces of Dracula and is now beginning the job of leading Britain and MI: 13 in a war against the deadly vampire commander


static.jpg48. Static (58 points - 1 first place slot)

Year first appeared: 1993

"Static is important because under the Milestone imprint, minority creators got a chance to play with the superhero toys for a change. Among all the Milestone characters, Static stood out even back in the day, for much the same reason Invincible does: he could have easily been today's Spider-Man. Another simple, straightforward character with mainstream appeal, but he's black. And he never needed to yell out "Sweet Christmas" or castigate whitey at regular intervals for merely being white. Moreover, he made a successful leap from forgotten comic book title to Saturday morning cartoon. Not only did he carry that series, but he soon made the leap to the animated DC Universe. And as if that wasn't enough, he then made the leap to mainstream DC in the Titans this year. Sweet Christmas!"

"Milestone's flagship character and one of my all-time favorite teen characters. The comic was cool but I loved the cartoon. He is on his way back in Teen Titans and I'm hoping he gets his own ongoing again later."

Virgil was just a nerdy teenager, attending Ernest Hemingway High School, with a fetish for comic books and role-playing board games. His only problem was being ridiculed and bullied, mainly by his rival Francis Stone, also known as Biz-Money-B, later becoming Hotstreak. After taking a beating from him, Larry Wade, a close friend, asks him to meet him at Paris Island, the most dangerous section of Dakota. Once there, Larry hands Virgil a gun in order to pay back Francis from earlier. But, he couldn't bring himself to do it, and with that, he tosses the gun into the water. There was one problem. Virgil was present at the Big Bang, a large brawl between rival gangs, but at the same time, the police arrived and unleashed a tear gas, spiked with chemicals to track any gang members that tried to slip away. Things backfired, and the gas proved harmful. Out of over 500 gang members, only 10% of the people exposed to the gas survived. Either mutating into monstrous creatures or gaining superhuman powers and abilities, and leaving the rest on their deathbed. When Virgil was exposed to the gas, he gains electromagnetic powers, and unwillingly dismantles police robots with his powers before making his escape from Paris Island. Later, he decided to become a superhero, naming himself Static.

One of his best friends, Frieda Goren, later finds out that Virgil is Static, after he takes yet another beating from Francis, who is now Hotstreak (who in turn, is defeated by Static in later confrontations). She later becomes more of a confidant then a friend to him, as she keeps his secret safe. His other close friend, Rick Stone, later comes out as homosexual. At first, Virgil is unable to deal with Rick's homosexuality, but later comes to deal with his homophobia to save Rick and a bunch of other homosexuals from a gay bashing being orchestrated by Hotstreak and his cohorts... In desperation, Rick shoots Hotstreak, and his status is left unknown throughout the series.

At one point in the series, Static and some of his Dakota-verse comrades are sent to the DC universe to team up with its respective superheroes (most notably Superman, Superboy, and Steel) during the Worlds Collide event, a crossover between Milestone and DC Comics. They team up against a villain named Rift, and he is later defeated when Static uses his powers to trap him and send the heroes back to their universes.

During his career as a superhero, Virgil begins to deal with relationship problems. One of his well-known relationships was with Daisy Watkins, but because of lack of commitment on Virgil's part, it didn't last. He had a flirtatious attraction with Dusk, a teen vigilante with unknown powers. They patrolled the streets together, even while Virgil was with Daisy, unknown to her. During a drug bust, Static ended up finding out that one of his close friends, Larry, was a drug dealer and on the run from enemy gangs. He let him go because of his friendship with him. But, while trying to protect Dusk from being killed by gang members, Larry was killed in cold blood. Static erupted in rage, and brutally beat every gang member in the street, responsible for Larry's death.

After Larry's funeral, Virgil told Frieda that he was going to give up his identity as a superhero, but Dusk managed to talk him out of that, and told him that she had to leave the city, after being wanted for murder. Static later joined the team, Heroes, a ragtag group of superheroes from Dakota. Around this time, Virgil was in a relationship with a girl named Madison. But, she and Frieda end up fighting over him. Later, he and the Heroes faced off against Tower, a man with the power to steal the powers of other superheroes and have been kidnapping Bang-Babies. With Static's cunning, he managed to gain the upper hand, and defeat Tower, with the help of other Bang-Babies.

During the events leading up to Final Crisis, the Dark Side Club began capturing teen meta-humans for cage-matches, under the direction of Clock King and Granny Goodness. Static was captured, along with the majority of the other Bang Babies. Virgil was subjected to the Anti-Life Equation and entered into the tournaments. He quickly became the champion, and reigned undefeated for a time. Though in the end he proved hard to control. To Clock Kings displeasure he had to be restricted to the lower-levels were he was kept locked up and heavily sedated. In an attempt to entice Ravager, and make a profit, Clock King released Static and set him against Ravager in the ring.

Still suffering form the effects of the Equation, Static wasted no time assaulting Ravager. Letting loose with his lightning, Static forced Ravager back while also destroying a good portion of the ring. The Terror Titans were all impressed with his prowess, causing even the Persuader to comment on his skill. Static was able to easily destroy Ravager's swords and part of her costume with a second burst of power. While Ravager's precognitive abilities allowed her to remain a few steps ahead of Virgil, she did so barely. When he was able to finally connect with one of his patented "Taser Punches", he was able to land multiples, much to the delight of the cheering crowd. As Static prepared to hit Rose with another burst of electricity, she was able to dodge him and use her agility to reach the wall. Ravager then launched herself at Virgil, landing a blow on him, but shocking herself in the process. Enraged, Static begins drawing in as much power as he can from all the surrounding power sources, draining the Electronics in the arena. Before delivering the final blow on Ravager, Static came to his senses, telling the Dark Side Club officials that he can't be controlled, exerting a massive amount of electromagnetic energy. The officials wasted no time putting him down with tranquilizer darts. He is later freed and confronts some Darkside Club members, they are telling their leader Desaad that they will get away, and static stops them saying, they just said something completely stupid. Then static asks if their surprised to him, after all the stuff they had him on, then asks them if they have ever been tasered before, then shocks them and says " 'cause that’s just a tickle. Then he says, "Hey don't thank me. The chick that busted me out told me the pass-off you would be making". At this time he is referring to ravager. He then attacks the Terror Titans with the other former captured teens to bring them down, then confronts Miss Martian saying that he is a big fan, but what happens now?

Static and the rest of the teens followed Miss Martian to Titans Tower. He starts talking to Aquagirl about what happened and that no one will ever know what they went through, later he says he isn't ready to go home and wonder girl says he has a spot on the team.


47. Cyborg Superman (59 points - 3 first place slots)

Year first appeared: 1990

Before I go into the little history thing I do, let’s hear from the all time expert on all things Hank Henshaw.

"The greatest villain created in the 90s. I kid you not. Sure Bane broke the Bat. Sure Doomsday killed Superman. Sure Stryfe unleashed the Legacy Virus. But if there was one villain whose every movement changed a lot of events it is Cyborg Superman. With Lex Luthor on the sidelines due to playing "nice", Henshaw filled the void of making sure Superman's life was hell. First by posing as the Man of Steel (even convincing Lois Lane herself he was Clark), and then utterly betraying that trust by nuking Coast City with Mongul (the act that made Hal Jordan become Parallax and changed Green Lantern books for the next ten years). And that was merely his warm up. Henshaw then went on to plague Superman while committing more heinous acts. But alas as with many villains of the 90s if you where popular you where used a lot and Henshaw became more a joke than actual fear whenever he appeared in the later half of the 90s and early 00s. That was until Geoff Johns realized the potential Henshaw had and used him in GL as the rogue right behind Sinestro for screwing up Hal's life and still a thorn in Superman's side. Right where he belongs. "

Crewmember of the space shuttle Excalibur, Hank Henshaw was converted by a freak radiation accident into a being of pure energy. Horrified by what he had become, Henshaw beamed his consciousness into Superman's Kryptonian birthing matrix that brought the Man of Steel to Earth, and used it to leave the solar system.

While in space Henshaw's irrational hatred of Superman grew. Eventually his consciousness was able to mold the alloys and residue Kryptonian DNA into a mockery of a body commonly called the Cyborg Superman.

During the Death of Superman storyline, Hank came back as one of the four people who claimed they were the real Superman back from the dead. Having everyone fooled, he gained their trust only to betray them all and ruin the image and legend of Superman for everyone. With the help of Mongul, they destroyed Coast City, which was the main cause for Hal Jordon going crazy. When all is said and done is he defeated and that is the end of Hank Henshaw, or is it?

Hank later began to lead the Manhunters and spent a lot of time and effort battling the Green Lantern Corps, before joining forces with the Anti-Monitor and his Sinestro Corps. It is here we discover that Hank Henshaw's one wish is to die, as the Anti-Monitor promised to grant Hank's wish of death once their goal is reached.

Henshaw was positioned to watch over the construction of the new War World. As the Sinestro Corps approach Earth, their primary target, Sinestro orders Hank to deal with the Justice League and control the Anti-Monitor's landing zone personally. He attacks the Justice League, along with his army of Manhunters, they appear to be victorious before Superman arrives and battles his cyborg counterpart. Using the power of the yellow rings, Henshaw is able to push Superman back but is beaten senseless once Supergirl and Power Girl arrive to aid their cousin. Henshaw is thrown into Superman-Prime who is in the middle of a battle with the rest of Earth's heroes. After landing on top of Prime, Henshaw states, "He almost did it."

Henshaw gets back into the action and continues to fight Green Lanterns and the heroes of Earth. He mocks the Green Lanterns for their lack of skills saying that since they are able to use lethal force they should use it. In the middle of the battle Henshaw lit Hawkman's wings on fire but John Stewart quickly puts out the fire. Henshaw was caught in the explosion when War World exploded. He survived and was rescued by his Manhunters.

He made the Top 50, Zechs. Gloat in this moment, if you can't well. You always have Cass to root for.




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