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Your Top Modern Characters part 97

Written by Chris Mitchell on Thursday, April 16 2009 and posted in Features
Top List
Three more characters for your approval or disapproval, but here they are...




42. Rick Grimes (68 points) rickgrimes.jpg

Year first appeared: 2003

"Holy shit. Nothing good happens in this book, and even the main character isn't immune. I was talking with another poster in this thread and we agree that if any book would have the balls to kill its main character it's this one. I don't want Rick to die, but I see no other way for this book to end. A survivor who's changed so much from issue 1 that's he's unrecognizable."

"The flawed leader of the Walking Dead crew. Awesome character keeps a lickin' and keeps on ticking."

Was I expecting him to be in the Top 10? No, not at all. Though, I honestly expected him in the Top 25 though. And this hurts. This really hurts. I am not really a huge fan of non-Superhero comics, but I do love this title. Why? You never truly know what the hell is going on. Just when you think a character is a star BLAMO they are zombie food. I guess the Top 50 is damn good, but he really should be Top 25.

After waking up from a coma, Rick finds the world to be quite a different place. Finding no doctors, nurses or anybody in the hospital, Rick ventures outside. What he finds is a desolate, barren scene. Nothing, no noise or cars in sight. No one. Nothing. Rick slowly makes his way to his house. Only to find his family is gone. What he does find is a "squatter" in his house. A man and his son, hiding from the madness outside. After waking back up -the son believed Rick to be "one of them" and hit in the head with a shovel- Rick gets the full story. Zombies walk the streets. The undead roam the city preying on the living. It is here that Rick is told that most folks fled to the cities, this case Atlanta, and believes his family must have made the trek as well. So Rick returns to the Police Station, his old place of employment, gathers some gear and heads to Atlanta. He is driven to find his wife and son.

On his way to Atlanta the squad car that Rick takes runs out of gas and he makes it the rest of the way on horseback. As he arrives at Atlanta zombies surround him. He falls off his horse and the zombies rip apart the horse. As Rick runs away from the zombies Glenn found him. Glenn helps him escape from Atlanta and they make their way Glenn's camp and Rick finds his son and wife still alive.


41. Bane (68 points - 1 first slot)

Year first appeared: 1993

"He broke Bruce Wayne’s back, so he deserves a spot on this list."

Bane was to serve his father's life sentence in the prison Peña Duro in Santa Prisca. In prison, he gathered a great amount of knowledge and became a body builder. With the harsh treatment of prison, he learned to protect himself from other prison mates. During prison, he had a teddy bear called Osito who was his only friend. Behind the bear's head was a knife so Bane could use it anytime he felt threatened. Bane was now the king of the prison, manipulating through his strength and intellect. The prison guards took note of this, and decided he should be the subject of an experiment where scientists would inject a drug called Venom. It had killed all other subjects. Bane undertook this experiment in which it nearly killed him, but he survived and he discovered that his strength increased greatly. He must take it every 12 hours though, as it causes side effects if he doesn't.

He soon escaped Peña Duro along with a few friends. He soon turned to destroying Batman as he heard many tales of him during his sentence. Bane was smart enough to avoid a direct confrontation with Batman, so he punched the walls of Arkham Asylum and many criminals were let free. Batman spent three months catching them and was exhausted. He returned to his manor where Bane was waiting for him. They both fought in the Batcave where Bane broke his back and threw him down from a building. Bane was now the ruler of the criminal world, and Bruce Wayne gave up the mantle to Jean-Paul Valley. During his time as Batman, he didn't fight crime like Bruce, he once ended up killing a criminal. Jean-Paul also had a cold relationship with Robin, refusing to acknowledge him as his partner. However, during Jean-Paul's time as Batman, he confronted Bane and cut his tubes, which fed him his Venom. It caused him great pain and received a severe beating but Jean-Paul let Bane live.

Bane recovered from Venom while serving time in prison. He escaped from prison to fight with Batman to get rid of a criminal group who was distributing Venom. Following these events, Bane exclaimed that he realized all the bad things he had done and urged him to see him as a good guy rather than bad. He then left Gotham to look for his father. He questioned Jesuit, a teacher of his while he served time. Jesuit told him there could've been one of four men that was his father. When looking for his father in Rome, he encountered Talia, who was the daughter of the super villain Ra's al Ghul. Bane was introduced to him, and was so impressed that Ra's al Ghul left him as the heir. Ra's al Ghul and Bane became developed a good business relationship, unleashing a plague amongst Gotham City. Bruce Wayne was back to being Batman and defeated him, but just narrowly. Later on when they both confront each other, they usually end up in a draw, Bane not using Venom anymore. Bane soon had a falling-out with Ra's al Ghul and searched the Lazarus Pit to destroy it and in the process met Black Canary.

Continuing his search for his father, it was possible that it was an American doctor. He did some more research to discover that Bruce Wayne's father had become close to Bane's mother. Bane told Batman and DNA tests were run while Bane fought alongside Batman once again. It was then revealed that Dr. Wayne was not Bane's father, and he left Gotham peacefully, Batman and Bane on good terms. Bane finally found his father, him being King Snake. Bane and Batman foiled King Snake's plan. Bane was shot trying to save Batman. Bane was then put in the Lazarus Pit and was healed once again.

Now Bane runs around with Catman and Co. in the in Secret Six.


jackoffables.jpg40. Jack of Fables (69 points)

Year first appeared: 2002

See the entry for Rick up there? Kinda replace the "Rick" with "Jack" and Walking Dead references with Jack of Fable references.

Jack is a thief and con artist, selfish, charming when it's to his benefit, and boastful. He and Rose Red were lovers. When her promise to marry Bluebeard came due, Jack helped fake her death, though Bigby Wolf was able to realize that he was lying. He later stole money from Fabletown to form a film studio, hoping that increasing his stories' familiarity to the Mundies would make him more or less immortal. While the films were a success and his powers increased greatly (such as healing from shattered bones in an instant, and increased strength) he was ratted out by his Liliputian companion Jill and forced to go on the run. Winding up at the Golden Boughs Retirement Home run by the mysterious Mr. Revise, Jack managed to engineer a mass escape. When he realized that another escapee, the Pathetic Fallacy or "Garry" was able to make gambling equipment work in his favor, the two went to Las Vegas, where Jack found himself in a quickie marriage to a wealthy heiress. But she was killed when Lady Luck blew up her father's car, and Jack is once again on the road.

In the story arcs of the Jack of Fables comics, a pattern repeats itself. It can be seen in the Hollywood and Las Vegas arcs, and in a story of his days as Jack Frost that he tells to his fellow fugitives, John Henry, Pecos Bill and Alice of Wonderland. In each story, he achieves great wealth and position by underhanded means, with at least one beautiful woman by his side. In each case, his greed, impulsiveness and/or infidelity cost him everything and leaves him -- yet again -- a fugitive vagabond on the road. His narration of these events suggests he does not have enough insight to blame himself for his repeated falls from a high position.




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