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Your Top Modern Characters part 101

Written by Chris Mitchell on Friday, April 17 2009 and posted in Features
Top List
Three away from the Top 25. Who made the cut? Who did not? Honestly? Two of these characters should not be this high, imo. But hey, you voted for them.




28. Hitman (95 points -3 first place slots)

Year first appeared: 1993

Tommy Monaghan is a Gulf War veteran turned hitman who resides in Gotham city. He grew up in an orphanage in "The Cauldron" section of Gotham, a predominately Irish neighborhood. Tommy never knew his father, and the closest thing he ever had was Sean Noonan, the uncle of his childhood friend Pat Noonan.

Monaghan was working his way up through the ranks of the Gotham city underworld. This all changed when he was bitten by an alien parasite. He found soon after that he had come away from the ordeal with the meta-human abilities of x-ray vision and telepathy. Recognizing the opportunities now open to him, Monaghan began taking contracts on other super humans.

Tommy doesn't depend on his meta powers alone for success in his line of work. He makes good use of his sharp mind, military training, and gun fighting skill. Although he is a contract killer, Tommy does have a moral code he lives by. He refuses to kill those who he sees as undeserving of death. Monaghan enjoys being a freelance hitman since it gives him the opportunity to choose his hits. Tommy has no qualms about using his powers to benefit himself, such as reading a woman's mind for what will impress her or undressing her with his x-ray vision. He does have his limits though. An example is the fact that he doesn't use his telepathy to cheat at poker. On the other hand, there was the case where he was invited up to the Justice League of America watchtower to ‘audition for membership and the only reason he accepted the invitation was to use his x-ray vision on Wonder Woman. Upon leaving the watchtower he say’s “Now I can die a happy man.”

During his superhuman career Tommy was faced with various characters from the DC universe including the likes of Batman, the Joker, Green Lantern, and Catwoman. He at times uses outlandish methods to complete his task, such as laying the corpse of a cat on a spotlight to create the "Cat Signal" to attract the attention of Catwoman. His most notable crossover comes in the form of two of DC comics "Big Hitters" Superman and Batman.

In the story arc regarding Batman (Rage in Arkham pt.1), Tommy was contracted to kill the Joker for the sum of one million dollars. Batman confronted Monaghan and ended up shot in the chest at close range (Tommy saw his bulletproof vest). Batman soon caught up with the hitman again and punched him repeatedly in the stomach causing Tommy to regurgitate all over him. Monaghan did successfully shoot the Joker, who survived due to the first-aid skill of caped crusader. It turns out that the whole hit was a trap laid by some otherworldly demons to force Tommy to work for them or destroy him outright if he refused. Together the Monaghan and Batman defeat the demons and Tommy escaped before Batman could apprehend him.

With the Superman crossover, the issue took an even more bizarre route. Tommy came upon Superman standing on a Gotham rooftop and they had a talk about life. The discussion was mainly concerning the American publics perception of Superman and the pressure he feels to live up to it. After their discussion Superman flew back to Metropolis feeling his burdens of guilt and self-doubt relieved. Once Superman was gone, Tommy commented aloud "What an unbelievably cool guy." He then took out a sniper rifle and aimed it across the street, finishing his hit on a local criminal. Tommy then holstered the rifle and left the rooftop on the phone with his friend Nat to tell him who he bumped into.


27. Molly Hayes (98 points - 3 first place slots)

Year first appeared: 2003

"Her comments always make me laugh, she's innocent and fun. Her "Why aren't you awesomed" (I think that was it) when she punched the Punisher was, well, awesome."

"AKA Princess Powerful. The most blissfully innocent character in comics, she deserves to be high up the list just for her costume. Although she's seen so many of her close friends and family die, she still always is looking to do good, and helps a lot of people. To anyone who hasn't read Runaways, I recommend picking up BKV's entire run, it's fantastic, and you'll read it and want to put Molly on the list yourself."

"I can't wait until she hits puberty and grows into an adult woman. She has the potential to be Marvel's Wonder Woman."

"She is the heart of Runaways and who doesn't love her hats."

For those who are keeping tracking still, the total points for the Runaways on the list if you include Molly here is 225 points. To put that number into perspective, the 11th place slot got 220 points and the 10th place slot received 229 points. Since I didn't allow the Runaways to be nominated as one, do a mental list and add them into there. Cool? Cool.

Molly Hayes is the daughter of Alice Hayes and Gene Hayes, two mutants who were chosen to be part of the Pride. While her parents' powers were mental in nature, Molly's mutant ability is physical. When it was revealed by Molly's peers, the children of other members of the Pride, that their parents killed an innocent girl, they ran away from home. While on the run, the children tried to escape the grasp of their parents out of fear. Molly, being the youngest out of this group of Runaways, believed this was her chance to become a superhero. It's worth noting that Molly is the only member of the Runaways that created a costume, though she made it from old clothes and bedding.

Molly is a mutant with extreme strength and invulnerability. Her strength level is such that at peak performance, she was able to rip off Cloak's cloak from his corporeal form, something, which Cloak stated, even a god's strength was incapable of doing. She was also able to prevent a skyscraper-sized monster from stepping on her.

Use of her powers is fatiguing. While the upper limits of her strength have yet to be measured, the more she exerts herself, the more quickly she becomes fatigued, often to the point of becoming very drowsy and falling asleep. Her power seems to be enhanced by adrenaline. She was once awakened from her fatigue-induced sleep by a nearby explosion, and was able to again use her strength (though not to the same extreme levels). Nico also once gave her a power-boost through a mystical caffeine injection from the Staff of One.

Use of her powers is voluntary. Her eyes glow with a purple-colored light whenever she exerts herself, in the same way her parents' eyes glowed whenever they used their powers. It has also been hinted that she is more intelligent than she lets on. She is one of the few mutants to retain their powers after M-Day.


26. The Irredeemable Ant-Man (106 point - 6 first place slots)

Year first appeared: 2006

"It's about time douche bags started getting properly represented in comics."

Neophyte S.H.I.E.L.D. agents Chris McCarthy and Eric O'Grady were assigned to protect Dr. Hank Pym (Ant Man I) while his security agents were assigned to more urgent matters. Unsure if they were supposed to keep others out or anyone on the other side of the door in, O'Grady knocked Dr. Pym out when he exited the lab - a lab were he was developing a new generation of his Ant-Man uniform.

With the unconscious Dr. Pym stowed away the two intrigued agents decided to take the new cybernetic uniform for a test drive. McCarthy was the first to don the uniform, shrinking to the size of an insect and getting lost in the ventilation system of the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier, his ignorance prevented him from being able to return to normal size.

After a superhuman attack on the helicarrier, McCarthy sought refuge in his quarters were O'Grady had been ordered to hide until further notice - a place that proved ineffective. When the room was breached by superhuman criminals, O'Grady made an escape but McCarthy was killed by a laser blast to the head. In his final moments McCarthy died in O'Grady's arms. Badly damaged, the Helicarrier plunged into the farm fields of Arkansas. In a last ditch attempt at survival O'Grady stripped his dead friend of the Ant-Man armor making his way to the street of New York were he wages a less than altruistically heroic career as the Irredeemable Ant-Man.

Several weeks pass and while Carson's fate is left unresolved, it is shown that Eric has resumed his post upon helicarrier, having been offered his own job under unknown circumstances. Feeling guilty for Black Fox being in jail, Eric helps the elderly thief escape from the helicarrier, with Eric admitting that he was sorry for putting Black Fox through the ordeal of being arrested. Later on, Eric refuses Veronica's attempt to try and work out an arrangement for raising their child together, in part because of Eric's inner fear that he would be a horrible father due to his utter lack of morals or ethics. Meanwhile, despite their misgivings, Iron Man and Hank Pym reluctantly offer Eric his old Ant Man suit back on the condition of him becoming part of the Initiative, which Eric accepts.

Eric also has one last meeting with Abigail and tells her that he does, indeed, love her. However, he tells Abigail that he will be leaving for a while and wishes to be with her. While doing so, he hopes that he can be a better person. Before leaving, he tells her his real name. In spite of his vows to Abigail though, Eric continues his lewd and irredeemable ways upon joining the Initiative. He appears in Camp Hammond, as an official recruit for the Initiative, along with Crusader, Melee, Geldoff, Dragon Lord, Geiger, Red Nine, and Diamondback.

During his first meeting with the Taskmaster, Eric attempts to slander the name of his predecessor, Scott Lang by passing off stories of his lewd stalker behavior regarding Ms Marvel onto Scott, as well as claiming that Scott Lang was never really an official Avenger and that he was simply hiding inside the Avengers mansion during his tenure with the team and following the group around as a hanger-on. Unfortunately, Scott's daughter Cassie overhears Taskmaster and Eric laughing at Eric's lies and attacks by growing to giant size and attempts to step on the human-sized Eric. Using his suit to increase his size to fight the giant-sized Cassie, Eric tricks her into thinking she had stepped on and killed the hero Stingray, in order to knock her down with a cheap shot. This in turn causes Hank Pym to grow giant-sized and attack Eric, who upon defeating Cassie begins to mock her by yelling "Who's your daddy now?” However, as their fight begins to attract the attention of people outside the Initiative compound, the Taskmaster brings all three of the giants down with his shield.

O'Grady is defeated by a clone of MVP, along with most of the recruits in his class. He hid under an unconscious Geiger and survived mostly unharmed. He hid from the rest of the action along with the Taskmaster. Eric is later seen having a counseling session with Trauma, who helped him with a repressed "naked Santa" memory from his childhood.

When the Skrull invasion occurs in New York City, the Initiative are ordered to fight. Eric decides to avoid it by shrinking down and hiding. He soon discovers, however, that the Skrulls have taken over Camp Hammond. He aids the Shadow Initiative in a failed attempt to assassinate Queen Veranke. Escaping by once again shrinking down, Eric discovers the Skrulls' last resort plan: to open a giant Negative Zone portal, and have the entire United States removed from this dimension. Escaping the Skrulls on the back of one of their shock troopers, Eric brings the information to some of the remaining Initiative members, and they set out to stop the plan from happening. Following the Invasion's end, Eric is commended for his good work, and is promoted to a position in the Thunderbolts.




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