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Your Top Modern Characters part 103

Written by Chris Mitchell on Monday, April 20 2009 and posted in Features
Top List
This post will break is into the Top 20. I believe all the characters in the Top 20 should be in the Top 20, some should be a tad higher or lower then where they placed but overall I am happy with how this list turned out. I am sure there are one or two of you who would disagree with me, so please, commence bitching. I have so missed it.




22. Scott Pilgrim (127 points - 6 first place slots)

Year first appeared: 2004

"Scott Pilgrim is the best hero ever. A lazy 23-year-old bassist in the band "Sex Bob-Bomb" he has to battle 7 of his current girlfriend’s crazy ex-boyfriends in order to date her. He's generally just very lazy and lives the life of a typical uni student. Still he deserves to be on this list for his awesome series so far, and how many quotes of his have made me laugh."

I remember getting back into comics back in 2006 and joined the Rama. I saw this character on all kinds of avatars. I had no clue that it was, but apparent he was uber-popular. Apparently he still is popular, he made the Top 25 on this list. Not the Top 20 though, but still damn close. And he got six first place slots to boot. Not to shabby. I really should read this, it does take place in Toronto.

Scott Pilgrim is one of three children (younger sister, Stacey and younger brother, Lawrence, who has only been referenced off-panel). He moved to Northern Ontario in high school, where he met Lisa Miller and Kim Pine, who was assigned as his history project partner. During a conflict in which boys from a rival school came and beat up the entire student body and took Kim hostage, Scott fought through the "bosses," ultimately defeating their leader, Simon, and rescuing Kim. The two began to date soon after, Scott asking Kim to play drums in his and Lisa's garage band, "Sonic & Knuckles." Eventually, Scott moved away with his family to Toronto and began college at the University of Toronto. There he met Wallace Wells, Stephen Stills, who was dating Julie Powers, roommate to Natalie V. Adams. Natalie, Stephen, and Scott began a band, "kid chameleon." However, Natalie began to change, exchanging her anime and figurines for "good music" and taking greater charge of the band. The band grew to be considerably large and popular, to Scott's protest, who wanted to play for playing's sake rather than to get a recording contract. Eventually, Natalie, now calling herself "Envy" (N.V.) dumped him and kicked him out of the band. The breakup devastated Scott.

Scott, now 23, eventually moves in with Wallace aka Cool gay roommate in a one-room basement apartment. Maintaining friendships with Kim Pine, whom he ran into living in downtown Toronto, and Stephen Stills, he plays bass in their new band, "Sex Bob-Bomb."

Still carrying baggage from is breakup with Envy, Scott begins a relationship with Chinese high school student, Knives Chau, but found himself intrigued by a mysterious "ninja delivery girl" who would often appear in his dreams and who was another friend of Julie's. Scott eventually learned that she was Ramona Flowers, an American ex-patriot working as a delivery girl in Toronto who uses "sub-space highways" that go through the subconscious to travel to her various locations. He and Ramona went on a date, cementing their romantic interest in one another. However, Ramona carries baggage from her previous relationships, in the form of "Seven Evil Exes." While playing a concert at a local music venue, Scott is confronted by Matthew Patel, Ramona's first evil ex, who was sent by the mysterious and unrevealed "Gideon." He states that in order to date Ramona, Scott must defeat each of her seven evil exes. Matthew summons the power of his demon hipster chicks, but is defeated by Scott, leaving behind some GP.

Ramona and Scott begin dating, but Wallace issues an ultimatum where Scott must break up with Knives (who has remade herself as a hipster girl who listens to "good music") or else Wallace will tell Ramona about his relationship with Knives. Scott breaks up with Knives, who is devastated. He then introduces Ramona to Kim, Stephen, and Stephen's roommate, Young Neil Nordegraf. Realizing that Scott is dating someone new and still in love with him, Knives attempts to make herself more "indie" to win Scott back.

Scott begins to train with Wallace, recognizing that he must fight Ramona's second evil ex, former pro-skater-turned-actor Lucas Lee. Lucas reveals that while they were dating, Ramona cheated on him and broke his heart. Scott is no match for the buff Lucas, but manages to defeat him by daring him to skate down the rails of Casa Loma in Toronto. The accumulating speed is too much for Lucas to survive and he is defeated, leaving behind a bunch of change and an unusable Mithril Skateboard as a video game "dropped item." Meanwhile, Stacey and Ramona are confronted by Knives, who comes to the realization that Scott was cheating on her with Ramona. The two clash, Ramona unaware of who Knives is, and Ramona easily defeats her. Knives flees the scene, stating that she will win Scott back.

Envy Adams has made it big in a Montreal art-school band called "The Clash at Demonhead." Her band is scheduled to play at Lee's, a local and popular music venue. Envy calls Scott personally to ask Sex Bob-Bomb to open for them. The band reluctantly agrees, recognizing that they "do kind of suck" and "badly." At the venue, they meet Kim's friend Holly, and her gay roommate Joseph. They also discover that Knives has now started dating Young Neil. Watching The Clash at Demonhead play, Ramona realizes that the bass player, Todd Ingram, is one of her evil exes.

After the set, Envy invites the group to hang out in the back room. Envy (who is dating Todd) is aware of Scott's involvement with Ramona and tells Scott that he cannot defeat Todd and that he'll have to stop dating Ramona. She then humiliates a star-eyed Knives (who idolizes Envy), causing Scott to say that Envy has changed from being a nice person that he once knew. Scott attempts to attack Todd, but is easily defeated by Todd's vegan-based superpowers. They attempt another challenge, which ends in a tie. Meanwhile, Scott and Ramona talk to Wallace, who met a boy at a club called Mobile, who teaches Wallace a psychic trick using chi.

At the night of the big performance, the group learns that Todd has been cheating on Envy with the band's drummer, Lynette Guycott, a ninja with a bionic arm. Envy and Ramona have a conversation where Envy reveals that she knows about Ramona's mysterious past with Gideon. She claims that Ramona is using Scott and that Ramona is trying to make a bigger name for herself than she actually is. This results in a fight between the two, the crowd clearly favoring Envy, despite her being evil. Ramona gains the upper hand temporarily due to Wallace, who is unaffected by Envy's charms and can distract her by exploiting her vanity. When Envy is about to defeat Ramona, Knives manages to stop her, claiming that she saved Ramona because she only wants Scott's happiness. As Sex Bob-Bomb goes up to perform, Scott sees that Envy is about to defeat Ramona and Knives, as she has them unawares. Scott manages to deal with his baggage concerning Envy and stops her in the nick of time.

Ramona tells Envy that Todd is cheating on her with Lynette and that they deserve each other. However, Envy retorts that she and Todd were made for each other, having made a pact in their childhood to be together forever. Ramona then reveals that Todd was dating her first, and that Envy was actually the "other woman." Envy confronts Todd and Lynette, but enraged, Todd attacks Envy. This sets Scott off, and he begins his fight with Todd. Todd's actual talent at guitar and his vegan superpowers makes him too much for Scott. However, at the last minute, the Vegan Police arrive and cite Todd for various violations of his, such as eating Chicken Parmesan and gelato. They neutralize his vegan powers, reducing him to a normal person. Scott defeats him by head-butting him and gains an "extra life" for winning.

The band performs to mixed reviews. Later, Scott and Envy settle their differences and come to a resolution. Scott moves on with his life and prepares for his next battles.


21. Cassandra Cain (134 points - 2 first place slots)

Year first appeared: 1999

"The greatest modern female hero. But why does she deserve the #1 spot? Three reasons.

Her origin is quite compelling. Here you have a child who was given no right or say so in what she was taught to do. Simply be a killing machine. And after realizing how precious life was when she took her first life she ran away and rejected this lifestyle. And it's in this motivation to redeem herself and total commitment to make sure no child suffers like she did actually works real well.

As Bronze Tiger once said to her, "I changed my stripes is all. But you humble me. We made you a warrior. You made yourself a hero."

And even though she's Batgirl she owes only the fact that she proved to the big Bat himself of her commitment to her mission which earned her the costume and Barbara's consent. Seriously she's the only Bat Family member whose origin isn't tied to Killer Croc, Two-Face, Joker, Robins, or Batman directly. She can stand fully by herself if ever the tale is produced of an adventure about her.

Which leads me into the second reason she is so human. No matter how good she is at fighting (a reason many people have hated her), it is this reason that also makes her more human as presented in her own series with her not winning a lot of times. Even more, she has had more tragedy in her life than Tim Drake has had (save for the shared resurrection of her best friend Spoiler) in losing everything when Bludhaven was nuked. And I haven't even talked of her disability. The fact that even though she knows all this kung fu and ways to kill a person she can't read, write, or speak. Not to mention all she knows is to fight setting up awkward things as friendships and feelings. She truly is an outsider when it comes to these things. Honestly, how many characters can you name who have to deal with these additional hurdles besides the usual ones thrown at her?

And no matter how much the current regime of DC likes to ruin her character (and ruin it a lot they have tried by canceling her long running series to pave the way for another character's series that never got off the ground, making her into a one dimensional villain straight out of a James Bond film ((monologues are always a weakness of villains, but in Cassandra's case it was her greatest)), and finally having the writer who turned her into a villain write her mini knowing her fans know the author just doesn't understand her character at all).

But I digress enough of that. I want to talk more about the hero whose series did quite well for all the hurdles in her way. She's a minority female character. Yet somehow her series lasted just over seventy issues. In light of this kind of market of comics that's a pretty good mark for one's self. She truly does earn her right to be up there amongst the current pantheon of DC Heroes (Blue Beetle II, Atom II, Question II, Miss Martian, Impulse, Robin III, Spoiler, Wondergirl II, Superboy II, Steel and Supergirl)."

Cassandra spent the next nine years homeless, beating herself up mentally over what she'd done as she traveled the world. Entering Gotham City at 17 Cassandra came to be one of Oracle's agents in the No Man's Land of Gotham City. After saving Commissioner Gordon's life from her assassin father, she was given the Batgirl costume with the approval of both Batman and Oracle. She became Barbara's ward and in a sense, the Batman's adoptive daughter. As the No Man's Land wore on the new Batgirl was introduced to the rest of the Batfamily with varying levels of acceptance. Usually going out under the Batman's watchful eye she was finally allowed to go on a solo mission when a patrol station needed guarding against a local gang. Near the end of No Man's Land Batman noticed her death wish and forced her to make a decision between suicidal actions and self-preservation. She opted for self-preservation.

At the end of the Batgirl series featuring Cassandra, she gave up the Batgirl identity, but after One Year Later, she has appeared wearing it once again, this time as a villain in Titans East and the leader of the League Of Assassins. Cassandra had even framed Robin for murder. It had been revealed that the super villain Deathstroke had drugged Cassandra Cain and kept her as his loyal subject. Thanks to the interaction of Robin and the Teen Titans, Cassandra was released from the influence of the drug and has reverted back to her original personality.

After what happened with Deathstroke, and the Titans East. Cassandra went on a manhunt for Slade and her father. She then found a name and went back to the batcave and ran into Nightwing and got into a fight. Batman and Robin arrived and stopped their fracas. She then left after her conversation with Batman and continued her search. Which led her to a factory where she ran into a masked woman named Marque. Cassandra and Marque eventually teamed up as they were both after David Cain and Slade Wilson. A no killing rule was established by Cassandra, but was promptly broken by Marque. Soon after she and Marque "joined forces" they were caught by Ravager, who was also looking for her father, Slade Wilson. Again Cassandra was able to gain an ally and the three fought together against Marque and Cassandra's "sisters". They are working together to find Wilson and Cain. At the end of the story, Cassandra decides not to kill Cain and actually save him. Bruce Wayne then adopts her.

As for her status now? I dunno, she was a Terror Titan then an Outsider and now a member of the upcoming Network series. Is it her? Is the new Batgirl gonna be Spoiler? I have no clue, and I am pretty sure DC has no clue either.


20. Gambit (148 points - 5 first place slots)

Year first appeared: 1990

"Has been one of my favourite X-Men since the nineties cartoon."

"I can't lie. Gambit, when written well, is AWESOME. I started reading X-Men in the 90s. And Gambit was badass. Gambit is the sly charmer of the X-Men. Sadly Rogue was the heart that he charmed the most. (I'd prefer him with Storm). There’s nothing like 90s Gambit."

"No matter me Gambit is the one from the 90's...Hardcore. Charmer. Drinker. Smoker. Badass and you can't beat him in poker."

"In the right hands he is a great character. He's the classic shifty charming scruffy guy pretty much the X-Men's answer to Han Solo. I loved his old solo comic in the 90's the thieves and assassins guild were pretty cool."

X-Men's answer to Han Solo. I like that. I kinda imaged him to be in Top 15, well, at least he made Top 20.

Orphaned at birth, Remy LeBeau was adopted by the legendary Thieves Guild of New Orleans. To seal a peace pact between the Thieves Guild and their rivals - the Assassins Guild, LeBeau married the rival leader's granddaughter, Bella Donna Boudreaux. Her brother objected to the arranged marriage and challenged LeBeau to a duel. Severely wounding his opponent, LeBeau was forced to flee New Orleans to prevent war between the guilds. Wandering the world, he plied his skills as the master thief known as Gambit.

Later, Remy met a de-aged Storm from the mutant team, the X-Men. As a result of her transformation into a child, Storm had amnesia. Gambit helped free her from the psionic entity, the Shadow King and the Orphan Maker. The two formed a partnership as thieves and Gambit looked after her as they worked their way along the Gulf of Mexico, robbing people as they went. When Storm was returned to her true self, she lobbied for Remy to be admitted into the X-Men. Looking to make up for his part in the Mutant Massacre years ago, he accepted and joined the X-Men. Soon after, he began to flirt with Rogue, another X-Man. Gambit aided several X-teams in battling the Genoshans. Wolverine held doubts about their new Cajun teammate, which lead to a Danger Room confrontation that resulted in Gambit's victory after having distracted Wolverine with a doppelganger of Lady Deathstrike. The X-Men were later taken to the Shi'ar galaxy by Lila Cheney to help the Starjammers battle the Imperial Guard and Warskrulls. Upon their return to Earth they battled the Shadow King. The X-Men would later fight Magneto and his Acolytes, and several other threats including Mojo, the Hand, Omega Red, the Ghost Rider Dan Ketch and the Brood Queen. He also witnessed the supposed death of his ex-lover Bella Donna.

Some time later, Remy was given a mock trial by the mutant Magneto for his crimes, mainly the gathering of the Marauders. During the trial, Rogue was forced to kiss Gambit and her mutant power of absorbing powers and memories caused her to realize Remy's role in the Mutant Massacre. Distraught, Rogue left him to die in the Antarctic wastes as the X-Men departed. He would have perished had he not agreed to share his body for a time with a strange psionic energy of a dead mutant name Mary Purcell that kept him alive until he reached the Savage Land and struck a deal with the mysterious New Sun. Remy did different errands for the New Sun, such as stealing artifacts, in return for passage back to America. When Gambit tried to steal the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak, he encountered the X-Men and agreed to return to the team. Mary, the wraith connected to Gambit did not like his decision and threatened him and the X-Men if he didn't stay with her forever. The team soon found out about Mary. Remy and the wraith went back to her hometown where she tried to coerce Remy into merging together to become a new hybrid life form. With the help of Rogue, Gambit was able to rid himself of the mutant wraith that had bonded with him. Eventually Remy was re-accepted by the X-Men and Rogue, but Gambit still harbors some resentment towards them for their callous condemnation.

Soon after, Gambit was forced to have his surgery undone by Sinister after he became stranded over 100 years in the past. It was with his full potential being realized that Gambit was able to return to the present under his own power, now having the ability to traverse time and space. Soon after, Gambit was the patriarch of the Thieves Guild in his father's stead. Gambit also unified the two Guilds into one, the Unified Guild, for which he served as patriarch. Around this time the New Sun had organized an assassination game, utilizing super-powered mercenaries to kill Gambit. Gambit found out that the New Sun was an alternate version of himself from another reality whose powers had reached their full potential and had destroyed his own world. The New Sun traveled to several different realities to kill each version of himself before they made the same mistake he had. Gambit burned out the majority of his natural potential to defeat the New Sun, returning Gambit to his normal level of power.

Gambit was later framed by Sebastian Shaw for the murder of Australian crime lord, Viceroy. Along with former Triad member Red Lotus, Rogue, and her X-Treme X-Men, Gambit was able to clear his name. An alien race tried to invade Earth lead by the inter-dimensional warlord Khan, and used Gambit as a power source to open a portal to allow their entire fleet to pass through to Earth. Khan wanted to assemble the Madripoor set, a group of seven gems. Vargas decided to use this particular opportunity to kill Rogue and Gambit but when Vargas tried to kill Gambit, they were both impaled on his broadsword. Remy and Rogue both found themselves de-powered and decided to live a normal life outside of the X-Men. Unable to live a normal life for too long, the two were pulled back into the world of the X-Men, to battle Elias Bogan. Remy's powers were jump started by the mutant Sage.

70 years from now in Bishop's future, Gambit goes by the name, Witness, because he is supposed to be the only one to know the identity of the person who betrayed the X-Men, leading to a world where mutants are hunted down and killed. When Bishop traveled to the present time-line he tried to kill Gambit when he realized that he was the same old man from his time line, henceforth, he had to be the traitor. During the Onslaught story arc it was revealed that it was Xavier who was the traitor.

Unused to dealing with his mutant power after having lost it, Gambit was accidentally blinded by one of his own cards shortly afterwards. Rogue began to distance herself from Gambit when he started lashing out at her. Even though he was blind he gained the ability to read his playing cards like they were tarot cards, predicting an attack by the Brotherhood. Rogue would later ask Sage to heal Remy's vision. Mystique was never around of her foster daughter's decision towards a lover. So she infiltrated the school and joined Gambit's squad in an attempt to separate Gambit and Rogue. Mystique even offered Remy the chance to sleep with her after transforming into Rogue. It is still unknown as to what exactly happened.

In Apocalypse's recent plan for mutant survival, Remy joined his side as a double agent and became one of the Horsemen. After Apocalypse's defeat, Gambit was left insane by the brainwashing. After a failed attempt to abduct Polaris in which Gambit attacked Rogue, Sunfire took Gambit with him to a temple in Japan where Mr. Sinister surprised them. He is currently working with Mr. Sinister alongside Sunfire, another former Horseman.

Recently, Gambit has attacked Cable on his island nation of Providence to get to the data stored in the computers there. He and Sunfire mortally wounded Cable, but where unable to get the information they wanted when Cable sacrificed himself to destroy the mainframe. Gambit was next seen with the Marauders battling the Purifiers in Alaska. When several X-Men attacked Sinister's base, the X-Men thinking that the Marauders have the baby mutant, Gambit faced off against Wolverine. Wolverine stabs Gambit in the stomach, but Gambit tells him they don't have the baby.

He reappears with some other Marauders to take down Bishop, who has the baby. The Marauders take the baby, but Gambit leads the X-Men to Muir Island, by leaving his mind open to telepathic detection. Gambit hands the baby over to "Sinister" who is revealed to be Mystique in disguise. Mystique has killed Sinister, and she and Gambit have been working to revive Rogue. Mystique forces the baby to make contact with Rogue's skin, but Gambit snatches her away, telling Mystique that Rogue could never get over an infant dying for her sake. The baby is revealed to be fine, and Rogue wakes up from the coma. After adsorbing Mystique's powers memories etc, Rogue realizes that the baby got rid of the other minds from inside her, and she should of stopped and listened. Rogue walks away, telling Gambit not to follow her. Gambit then gives the baby to Professor X.


19. Superboy (150 points - 6 first place slots)

Year first appeared: 1993

"Not only the coolest Superboy in comic history, but the coolest clone as well. From conception to death, he never stopped evolving, which is what a great hero always does. May he rest in peace."

"Superboy was one of the few Rise of the Supermen titles to ever spark my interest. But he struck me at a bad time, as I was soon to enter a phase where I dropped out of comics. When I returned a few years ago, I was surprised to see that he was not only still around, but his popularity was steadily increasing. His impact on DC Comics has since been huge and infamous. From the legal battles surrounding him to his sacrifice while fighting the most powerful emo kid to ever punch the walls of his own reality. "

Another character who I thought would appear closer to the Top 10 mark that did not. Uh oh, if he appeared this low, I wonder what the fates of Bart or Tim are? Did they even make the Top 10? Wowsers.

After the death of Superman at the hands of Doomsday, scientist at Project Cadmus attempted to clone the man of steel, but without success. Detecting the aura around Superman that lends to his invulnerability and flight, they were able to produce a clone from the genetic material of Lex Luthor, empowering it with abilities similar to Superman. The pseudo-clone was artificially aged to about 15 years and implanted with knowledge and memories that would create an illusion to the public and himself that he was a true clone of Superman. When it was discovered that the director of Project Cadmus intended on using the pseudo-clone for his own purposes, he was assisted in escaping to Metropolis. For a time he believed himself to be Kal-El, and competed for the title of Superman amongst other pretenders. When Superman returned, the pseudo-clone assumed the mantel of Superboy.

Superboy is a founding member of Peter David's Young Justice, as well as the most recent version of the Teen Titans, which is as much a sequel to Young Justice as it is to previous Titans books. Following the apparent death of Donna Troy, the Titans reform with Superboy and former Young Justice members Robin, Impulse, Wonder Girl, along with Titans veterans Starfire, Cyborg, and Beast Boy.

Superboy and Wonder Girl's relationship is developed throughout Young Justice and Teen Titans. At first, Wonder Girl's infatuation with Superboy is unnoticed. In the final issue of Young Justice, both Wonder Girl and Superboy reveal they have feelings for each other. During Superboy's first adventures with the Teen Titans his Kryptonian powers start to manifest. In a battle with Jericho, he possesses Superboy’s body and Jericho was able to exhibit heat vision and other Superman-like powers. At first Conner seems to have a hard time controlling his powers but he soon adjusts. Later, during Wonder Girl and Conner's first date, Superboy is forcibly sucked through a time portal to the 31st century.

When Superboy reappears, he is wearing the classic Superboy outfit (with a Legion belt buckle). This was the result of 31st century minions of Darkseid stealing Earth's mightiest heroes from the past and turning them into warriors of the future Apokolips. Because Conner is a clone of Superman, he is mistakenly taken, because they thought he was actually Kal-El. But when their error is realized, Conner is left drifting in 31st century space. Conner is found by Phantom Girl's mother and the United Planets and is soon formally inducted into the Legion of Super Heroes. When Conner is seen by the people of the 31st century, he is revered as a great legend of the Superman mythos. He then helps the Legion defeat Darkseid and his corrupted heroes, which consist of Superman, Green Lantern, Orion, Wonder Woman, Lobo, Big Barda, Firestorm, White Martian and Hawkwoman, who were abducted and manipulated into his service. After Darkseid and his minions are defeated, the Legion returns the past heroes to their proper places in time. Conner suffers from short-term memory loss after his time jump and can't remember exactly when he vanished from the past. Because of this, Brainiac 5 refuses to send him back until they discover his point of departure. After months of probing Conner's mind, Saturn Girl finally discovers the point at which he left the past. With this newfound information, Superboy is sent back to the 21st century a second or two after he left.

It appears to Cassie as though he was only away for a couple seconds, but Superboy has spent five months in the 31st century with the Legion of Super-Heroes fighting the Fatal Five-Hundred. He returns to enlist the help of the Titans, bringing them to the future where they help the Legion to victory. On the return trip home, they accidentally arrive ten years in the future instead of the present. The Teen Titans meet adult versions of themselves. Superboy finds that he is now Superman, Tim is Batman, Cassie is Wonder Woman and Bart is the Flash. In this alternate future, Conner has greater control of his powers, Cassie chooses him over Captain Marvel Jr., Lex Luthor is his mentor/father figure and the Titans are "freakin' bad guys".

They discuss the possibility of breaking up the team when they get back to the present, but Cyborg 2.0 tells them that the future developed the way it did because the team was not together during the "Crisis". During Teen Titans, it is revealed that Superboy's human DNA is not from Paul Westfield, as it was originally believed, but from the criminal mastermind Lex Luthor. Luthor reveals that the reason he had donated his DNA to help create Superboy is to generate a sleeper agent that he could use to destroy Superman.

He had been intimately involved with Project: Man of Tomorrow (a.k.a. Project: Lionel and Experiment 13), and he had implanted verbal commands into Superboy under Cadmus director Paul Westfield's nose. Brainiac and Luthor lead an attack against the young heroes of the Teen Titans and the Outsiders using a brainwashed Superboy and Indigo. Under Luthor's influence, Superboy's power magnitude was at a level he rarely displayed on his own. Conner defeats his team, including tearing Cyborg apart at his mechanical pieces, breaking Robin's arm and savagely beating his own girlfriend, Wonder Girl. He then shakes off the brainwashing. Afterwards, Conner takes a leave of absence from the Titans and secludes himself in the Kent’s' home. He is unsure as to whether or not, being a clone, he even has a soul. There, Raven shows him that he had a young soul that was stronger than his inner demons and steadily growing

When the events of the Infinite Crisis began to unfold and the heroes of the world being pushed to their limits, instead of coming to help Connor sat at home and watched, still fearful that Luthor might once again take control of him and ashamed at how he felt the Titans viewed him. All these events unfolded before Superboy Prime, who came to the Kent's doorstep to retake his place as the Superboy of earth. He forced Connor Kent into a fight, demolishing Smallville. Already quickly beaten and clearly out powered, Connor sent a distress signal that was received by current and auxiliary members of the Teen Titans along with their allies in the Justice Society and the Doom Patrol. Despite the death of Pantha and numerous injuries, the Flashes Wally West, Jay Garrick and Bart Allen were able to push Superboy Prime into another dimension.

Connor was put into a rapid-healing tube to immediately after the fight. When he was healthy enough to rejoin the battle, he made peace with his origin and rekindled his romance with Wonder Girl. Meanwhile, Superboy Prime was able to free himself from the alternate dimension, having been imprisoned for years yet returning just days later. Soon after Connor answered a signal from Nightwing at the Titans Tower. Deaths, injuries and the sheer number of other catastrophes left all other Titans unavailable to respond to the call.

Nightwing and Superboy alone went to Alexander Luthor's base hidden away in Superman's original Fortress of Solitude in Antarctica. At the center of this base was the corpse of the Anti-Monitor, converted into a tower able to tap into the vibrational frequency of any dimension. The tower, imprisoned with members of various Earths alongside Alexander Luthor's own reality altering powers was the source of Alexander's plan to reshape reality. There, Superboy and Superboy Prime had their rematch. Despite still being overpowered, Superboy was able to defeat Superboy Prime, hurling him into the Anti-Monitor tower and single-handedly putting a stop to Alexander Luthor's grand scheme. This valiant effort cost him his life though. One Year Later there have been attempts by both Wonder Girl and Robin to bring Connor back from the dead, to no avail. Currently there is a statue of him outside of Titans Tower.

In the Origins and Omens back-up story in Adventure Comics #0, the Guardian of the Universe known simply as Scar discusses Lex Luthor and his place in the forthcoming Blackest Night crossover. The Guardian also makes mention of "another" that Luthor will have control over. The character to which she is referring is revealed using a picture of Conner flying over Smallville. The only elaboration following the image of Conner is, "...But he is dead. And we control the dead. For once I bear witness to the book of the black, and I question what it shows me, the dead will save you, Luthor. From Brainiac. From Superman. And from yourself."




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