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Your Top Modern Characters: OPC part 1

Written by Chris Mitchell on Tuesday, April 21 2009 and posted in Features
Top List

0topmodern.gifWelcome to the One Point Club, a special club reserved for characters that have received just one point out of all the 200+ lists sent to me. Again, there are some fun characters in this club, completely unknown characters to me, and some characters I thought would be on the actual list.

Before I go into the OPC, I just wanna state that if a character appears in the OPC that you know you voted higher then 10th spot in OR doesn't appear the list at all, please cough it up to an honest mistake. Between emails, PMs, posted lists, etc I may have misplaced a vote or two between cutting and pasting into Word then Excel. And I am truly sorry if that happened. I try my best to keep everything in order, but I am only human and this list SOOOOOO kicked my ass lol. So please, please do not get angry, ok cool? Cool.

So lets do this, Rockapella!!




Year first appeared: 1992

Michael Cray was born to a US Navy Admiral. He has a brother named Alexander. His parents were slain by terrorists and he joins the military to avenge their deaths. He became a Navy SEAL prior to being transferred to International Operation's newly formed Team 7. Like all members of that group, he was a highly experienced Special Forces operative. The team had been sent on a mission (or so they believed) when in reality they were sent to be exposed to the Gen Factor by Miles Craven (head of I.O.). Unlike the other surviving members of Team 7 (not everyone survived the exposure to the gen-factor treatment), Michael's powers did not manifest until many years later. Despite the lack of power, he would fight for his teammates, such as taking a Naval officer hostage when the other powered-members of Team 7 were literally being nuked as a test (they got through). When the majority of Team 7 went underground (with their families), Cray continues to serve I.O. (as did Lynch, Dane and Backlash). Miles Craven assigns Cray to the Special Operations Group. He did many wetwork and blackbag assignments for them.

Michael Cray left I.O. when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He wanted to atone himself for all the innocent men and women he killed during his missions. He got his chance when he became involved with the Order of the Cross. Their adversary, the Black Angel awoke, a demonic entity bent on killing a young boy with miraculous abilities. It turned out that Cray's cancer was in fact a result of the Gen Factor, giving him regenerative abilities. It would also give him the ability to manifest psionic shields to protect himself, but he could not control it and was not even aware it existed. Cray defeated the Black Angel with the help of Sister Mary, a former police officer turned nun, Gabrielle D'Angelo, his ex-wife who had become a vessel for the archangel Gabriel, and several of his Team 7 colleagues. After the death of the Black Angel, the young child restored the damage he had done by rewriting reality, but in the new reality, Gabrielle had died during their honeymoon.

Michael spends time working for Rayna Maure, who ran a bodyguard agency called 'Executive Protection Services'. Cray then is involved in the Brothers In Arm incident as Craven goes after all the surviving members of Team 7. Cray also deals with alien forces that are pursuing keys to an ancient warship. On a Team 7 mission long ago, Cray had actually found one of the keys, sticking up out of the mud.

Deathblow dies during the Fire From Heaven event, sacrificing himself in order to kill Damocles, the villain from that crossover. After the events of Captain Atom: Armageddon and the Worldstorm, Deathblow was revived and began starring in his own series, Deathblow Volume 2, written by Brian Azzarello with art by Carlos D'Anda. During World's End, he is part of Stormwatch: Post Human Division leading missions on a post-apocalyptic Earth.


johntheskrull.gifJohn the Skrull

Year first appeared: 2006

Sent to Earth in 1963 with the order to disguise himself as one of the Beatles (along with four other Skrulls) this unnamed Skrull warrior took the form of John Lennon. Renouncing the Skrull Empire and settling on Earth, The Skrull Beatles enjoyed money, power and women (and a brief rivalry with Gerry and The Skrull Pacemackers) until the infighting that comes with being in The Beatles broke them up. While John went off with Captain Boko of the Kree Liberation Army and Skrull George embarked on a pilgrimage with the Dread Dormammu, not much is known of what happened to the Skrull Beatles until John resurfaced as part of Britain’s MI:13, a group dedicated to the supernatural, paranormal and just plain fucked up. John reunites with the Skrull Beatles to help thwart a Martian invasion of Earth. He is next seen during the Secret Invasion, Mr. Grimsdale, the joint head of MI: 5, 6 and 13 is revealed to be a Skrull, he dispatches the other Skrull Beatles and is about to kill John but John reveals it was all a trap and Pete Wisdom slices the Skrull Grimsdale in half with his fingers. Unfortunately, John was executed as a traitor to the Skrull Empire while on mission in Avalon. Pete Wisdom still carries this guilt with him.


Clock King

Year first appeared: 2008

Love this guy. LOVE HIM!!

Clock King first appears in Teen Titans #56 as the head of a team of legacy villains named the Terror Titans. In an interview with Teen Titans writer Sean McKeever, he described this Clock King as "...Very smart. He sees things differently than others." His costume is similar to the suit worn by the Clock King seen in Batman: The Animated Series, although with clock faces on the tie and lapel as well as the lenses of his glasses. After his group defeats and captures Kid Devil, Clock King conditions the hero to be sold as a fighter to a group called "The Dark Side Club". Clock King then brings the Titans to his base of operations, a dimension outside of time. After besting Robin, Clock King is stymied by Ravager, who possesses similar precognitive abilities. He offers Ravager a chance to join him, but she refuses. Clock King then removes the Titans from his base and decides to move on to new plans. Ravager ultimately reconsiders his earlier offer.

The new Clock King has the always-active ability to see what is about to happen four seconds or so into the future, allowing him to anticipate an opponent's every move. He is also a technological genius, creating devices such as teleporters, communications jamming equipment, and even an anti-gravity platform, all of them modeled after timepieces.



Year first appeared: 1992




Paul Johnstone grew up in Harlem with his mother after his father died, but was able to avoid a life of crime thanks to Richard Woodroe. Woodroe was a caseworker and started working with Paul after he was arrested for stealing. Woodroe became a good friend to Paul and soon his stepfather. Paul grew up to become a lawyer, then a district attorney. Sadly he gave up on the system after being brutally attacked and injected with HIV by some gangsters for not getting their men out of prison. After the encounter, Johnstone was left uncertain regarding whether he had been infected or not. The attack had been made public and word of his possible infection spread through Johnstone's workplace, making it a very inhospitable environment to be in. In frustration of the bigotry he experienced he punched a co-worker. For this he lost his job and ended up in jail only to learn that he was HIV positive. While walking the streets to clear his head Paul was threatened by a group of young gang-members. He went berserk and attacked them, leading to his brutal mugging and return to the hospital. During this time he resolved that he would use the rest of his time to dispense justice to the individuals who preyed on innocent victims. A friend of his visited Paul, Christina Ried a former cop fired that day for excessive force. She told him that she and a friend named Carlton Sun created a armored costume that Paul could use to "take back the night" from the corrupt and evil people of the cities. Christina trained Paul in hand-to-hand combat. Paul decided that simply overpowering them was not enough, because the court system would not adequately punish them. So instead of merely defeating them, but without going as far as killing them, Paul would break the spines of each of the criminals. He justified his actions by catching them in the act and delivering swift punishment. He named himself Shadowhawk after his favorite hero.

He would attack his victims and leave them to be discovered by police with no indication that he had attacked them other than hearsay from the criminals. This led to Shadowhawk garnering a reputation as an urban legend as well as being hunted by both criminals and law enforcement alike. The use of the name Shadowhawk brought out racist psychos like Hawks's Shadow who believed he should have been Shadowhawk after discovering he was black. After the destruction of the second Brigade team, the man known as Troll was contacted by Seahawk, one of the survivors from the team. He wanted Troll to retrieve an ancient tome. The search for the book and the encounter with the cult brought him together with Vanguard and Wally, Shadowhawk, Glory, Roman and Tremor, ending in the formation of the third Brigade team. Shadowhawk only stayed with the team briefly as he started to get sick shortly after joining the team.

As his life was shorted by his HIV Johnstone eventually grew to be less violent in his career. One night when he was on patrol, Johnstone met the soul repossessor Trencher and his accomplice Phoebe. Recognizing the need for a cure for Johnstone, Phoebe teamed up with him in order to get him around.

The search for a cure took Shadowhawk many places but no one could help him. As he and Phoebe were searching for a cure, he started to get weak and sick. One of the cures he tried was getting a blood sample from Supreme. Instead of getting a blood sample he ended up fighting Supreme. In the fight he lost his helmet and it was revealed to the World, that Paul Johnstone was Shadowhawk. In the end he met Spawn who told him that there was nothing he could do, but death was not the end and he should learn from his experiences and face death like a man. He would also meet WildC.A.T.s. (who offered a possible solution involving a robotic body to transplant Johnstone's consciousness into - which would ultimately fail to work) and Youngblood's Chapel (another hero also infected with HIV). One of his few regrets was never joining a superhero team seeing how fun and useful it is to fight in a team. In his final act as Shadowhawk, Johnstone would rescue his mother from being attacked by Hawk's Shadow. The aftermath of the fight would leave Johnstone in a weakened state and unable to elude the pursuit of the police. He was remanded into custody and transported to a hospital where AIDS eventually took its toll and ended his life.




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