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Your Top Modern Characters: OPC part 6

Written by Chris Mitchell on Wednesday, April 22 2009 and posted in Features
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The last group of OPCers. Enjoy.





Geppetto/The Adversary

Year first appeared: 2005

"Geppetto by far is the most interesting character in Fables to me. Yes, Blue Boy, Bigby, Snow White and the rest get all the glory, but Willingham did something so brilliant with this character. He turned a man, who just wanted a son, a family of his own into a vicious dictator all fueled by the urge never to be alone. Every time I watch Pinocchio with my son, I get chills now because I see what the man was before the monster. Thank you Willingham, you are a true genius."


Geppetto fell into his role as the most voracious conqueror in the Homelands almost by accident. When Pinocchio ran away to the Mundane World, Geppetto carved new children to keep him company. The Blue Fairy obligingly brought them to life, with an added loyalty spell, so that they would never run away. A group of nobles approached him about replacing a corrupt and tyrannical ruler with a living puppet, and after some misgivings, Geppetto agreed. The tyrant was humanely dispatched, and a puppet in his image took his place and ruled well. But another land had a terrible leader, and so he repeated the process. And then again, and still again, until all the countries around him were ruled by puppets bound to him by the Blue Fairy's loyalty spell.

However, the Fairy ultimately tired of the game, putting Geppetto in a problematic situation. With his co-conspirators hungry to expand the territory that they controlled, the inability to turn the duplicates human was a problem. Geppetto began to research the magic himself; many of the lords under his control had court magicians in their service and were able to send them to Geppetto to instruct him in the ways of magic. Within a short period of time, Geppetto came to understand how the Blue Fairy performed her magic, but he lacked her unique magical nature, which acted as her power source. During her next visit, he solved that problem by attacking her and hooking her up to a system that allowed him to create elixirs from her body that could turn his duplicates human.

Geppetto now faced up to the problem of his co-conspirators. Too many people knew about what was happening and he felt that it would only be a matter of time before one of them revealed it. Some obligingly died of old age, but others were of Fablekind and refused to age. Acting entirely alone, Geppetto proceeded to kill and replace the remaining conspirators, while also continuing to replace local government officials from the surrounding areas. Without him really realizing it, Geppetto's empire was well under way.

Expansion became the key to maintaining his empire, and Geppetto had by now developed a taste for ruling, taking the view that it was better that he should be in charge than someone who might prove to be less benevolent. However, a new problem had arisen. His empire had expanded to the extent that the nearby leaders were complete strangers to him, so it would not be possible to surreptitiously replace them. Subterfuge was no longer an option. Fortunately, by this point, Geppetto had control over a considerable military force, through the various lords under his control. Augmented by magically summoned creatures, his armies were able to overwhelm most opposition with some ease, especially since few (if any) expected the attacks. Geppetto also created the figure of the Emperor, a massively imposing figure, heavily armored, to be his figurehead to inspire martial loyalty and to strike fear into enemy forces.

The empire continued to expand, operating on a fifty-year cycle of expansion and consolidation. Geppetto himself tends to stay out of direct control, allowing his sons and daughters, now numbering in the tens of thousands, to handle the day-to-day running of the empire. Geppetto prefers to remain in his cottage workshop, only occasionally getting involved to set policy and broad goals for the empire.

At the time of the Fables stories, the empire has absorbed all of the European Fable worlds (with a few exceptions, such as the kingdom of the North Wind) and is beginning a new expansion cycle, launching an assault on the Arabian fables.

To find out what else happened, read Fables.


Solid Snake

Year first appeared: 2004

This was a comic?

On a remote isle of Alaska, Foxhound, now under the command of a domineering Liquid, captures a nuclear weapons disposal facility, making them traitors and a full-fledged terrorist group in the eyes of the US government. Snake is coerced out of retirement by Col. Campbell once again to stop his old team. The terrorists demand a huge sum of money, and the remains of “Big Boss” whose body has been preserved.

Snake infiltrates the facility and encounters members of Foxhound, including Decoy Octopus, Vulcan Raven, Psycho Mantis, Sniper Wolf, Revolver Ocelot, and Liquid Snake. He also comes across Meryl Silverburgh and Hal Emmerich who join him, and a mysterious Cyborg Ninja who is a sometimes friend and sometimes foe.

Unbeknownst to Solid Snake, at the beginning of the mission he was injected with a virus by the name of “FoxDie,” designed to infect persons of a certain genetic makeup. The virus jumps to some people that Snake comes across and they instantly suffer the effects, fooling Snake into believing they are having a heart attack.

In the final chapter of the mission, Solid Snake encounters his twin brother, Liquid. It is here that Snake learns of his past and his relationship to Big Boss. The two Snakes, were part of a project named Les Enfants Terribles, a government-sanctioned project to try and recreate the legendary soldier. However, during the process, the genes needed to be altered and one twin received the inferior (recessive) genes, while the other received the dominant genes. Liquid believed it was he who received the “inferior” genes and hated Solid for it. He believed he was robbed of what was rightfully his and therefore staged all the events of Shadow Moses to draw his brother out of hiding.

The two brothers engage in battle once Liquid is done scorning his bother. Liquid jumps into a bipedal Metal Gear, forcing Solid Snake to once again shut down the machine. From there, they meet each other in unarmed combat atop the rubble of the mecha raised high in the air. Liquid is tossed off by Solid and is presumed dead, allowing Snake and Meryl to escape the compound. As they are leaving they are chased down by Liquid once again, but once outside the facility, the effects of the “FoxDie” virus consume Liquid.

At the end of the mission, Dr. Naomi Hunter, who has been assisting Snake throughout the mission via codec/radio, admits to injecting the virus into him. She apologizes, and re-calibrates the nano-machines inside Snake's body to put a permanent hold on "FoxDie". Snake, with Meryl and Hal at his side, disappear into the Alaskan cold.

Years after the Shadow Moses affair, Solid Snake appears once again, partnering with Hal Emmerich in an anti-Metal Gear group known as Philanthropy. He must board a US Marine tanker that is carrying a new model of the Metal Gear. During the mission, a Russian army commandeers the tanker and the new model is stolen. The tanker sinks, and though Snake presumably dies there as well, photographs taken by Revolver Ocelot lead the general public to believe that it was Snake who was at fault.

Sometime after the tanker incident, Solid Snake and Hal reappear to help out rookie “Foxhound” member Raiden in locating the Metal Gear housed within an offshore water cleaning facility, simply known as “The Big Shell”. Snake covers his identity by referring to himself as Iroquois Plisken, a Navy Seal part of Seal Team 10


Johnny the Homicidal Maniac

Year first appeared: 1995

The series focuses on Johnny C. He is a deranged murderer who elaborately kills anyone who irritates him, then drains their blood and paints over a wall under his house with it to prevent a monster from escaping. His nickname is Nny (Pronounced "knee").

Johnny is also willing to murder people he perceives as innocent to keep the wall satisfied. The number of Johnny’s victims is in the dozens, if not hundreds. Authorities are unable to capture Johnny and seem unaware of his existence, even though his crimes are often witnessed in public and reported by the few who manage to survive. Johnny himself speculates on this being the result of interference from outside forces. Johnny is an insomniac and wishes to become devoid of all human emotion.

What little is known about Johnny's past is summarized in the appendices of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac: Director's Cut, in the words of Vasquez himself:

”Not much is known about Johnny's story. All we do know is that his parents were killed by an evil man, thus setting the course for Nny's life as a masked crime fighter. Or, perhaps not. At present, Nny is more his own enemy than any external mind could be, what with the discomposure of what may have been, at one time, a fine, intelligent mind. Johnny is, possibly, more hideously mentally malformed than the people he seems to think have ruined his world. He's not a loser, he's simply lost.”



Year first appeared: 2003

"I want to see chap explode."

Don't we all, voter dude. Don't we all.

A former FBI agent and the sister of Blüdhaven's district attorney, Catalina Flores decided to challenge the corrupt police of the city. An admirer of John Law the original Tarantula, she donned a similar costume to fight against corruption as the new and deadly lethal Tarantula.

Flores is skilled in hand-to-hand combat and was in the process of learning to master several martial art forms. She’s an excellent marksman and swordsman. She also possesses limited knowledge of various poisonous substances. In her arsenal carries various bladed weapons and a gun. She carries a Wirepoon (a miniature harpoon firing handgun used for scaling heights) and a Blowgun with darts containing low-levels of poison to paralyze victims temporarily.

And she is a rapist.


She raped Nightwing. Maybe I am tired, but I am so laughing right now and can't stop.

Oh fuck, that’s bad comics right there.



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