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Your Top Teams part 1

Written by Chris Mitchell on Wednesday, June 10 2009 and posted in Features

1topteams.jpgWelcome one and all, it’s that time of year again were we count down characters from lists you submitted to yours truly. Thing is, this time around we aren't counting down characters, we are counting down teams, so yes, I welcome you to your Top 205 Teams List!! You will see all your favorite teams on this list most likely more then once. That’s right, since I allowed you to vote for favorite eras of a team you will see three or more version of Fantastic Four, Teen Titans, Justice League, X-men, X-Factor, Legion of Superheroes and Avengers. We have teams that debuted in the 1940s and some that debuted just a few months ago, and everything in between.

The way the voting was conducted, each voter picked their ten favorite teams, ranked from 1-10 (1 being favorite, 10 being least favorite). For first place, the character was given 10 points, for second - 9 points, for third - 8 points, and so on and so forth. Then, all the points were added up, and ranked in order of points received.

Also in any case of a tie, they will be broken by who got more first place votes. If that number was tied, it went to second place votes, etc, etc, etc. We do have several ties on the list, all of which appear between 2 points and 10. From that point it’s all smooth sailing. So, get your eye roll smileys ready and for I think this list will be the most controversial yet, for we have A-List teams scattered throughout this list. So sit back and enjoy the mental breakdowns of others.

Lets do this, Rockapella!!



ghostbusters.gif205. Ghostbusters (2 points)

What can I say, I am shocked!! Now that they are this low on the list, but people actually voted for them. And this coming from the world’s biggest Ghostbusters fan. Yeah that’s right, I love the Ghostbusters. So much so my Xbox Live gamertag is Ghostbusters related. I have seen the movie so many times, I pretty much know if off by heart. I will admit I never read the comic though, so I can only assume if followed the adventures of the cartoon characters.

The Ghostbusters started when a group of unemployed scientists had the unique idea of creating a ghost-removal type service. Located in a run down firehouse in New York City the group is now famous around the globe, especially in New York. The Ghostbusters deal with a host of different paranormal problems, from taking care of a poltergeist, to dealing with a demi-god (Gozer). The Ghostbusters consist of four members: Egon Spengler (The brain of the Ghostbusters), Ray Stantz (The heart of the Ghostbusters), Peter Venkman (The public spokesperson), and Winston Zeddemore (The most balanced Ghostbusters).


concreteandco.gif204. Concrete and Co/Atariforce (2 points each)

"Truly a team in that they couldn't function without each other. Ron, the near-indestructible man-mountain Concrete, his personal assistant writer Larry, and Maureen the scientist who is assigned to monitor his body are a co-dependent unit that allow Ron to both engage in global feats and also to simply live. These are "fragile creatures," lonely and self-destructive. But, the whole is greater than the sum of their parts."

The series focuses on the life of Concrete, formerly Ron Lithgow, whose brain was involuntarily transplanted by aliens into a hulking artificial body, which is made up of a substance that closely resembles concrete. As part of the back-story, he eventually escaped and made contact with the US Senator he worked for as a speechwriter. After a prolonged period of scientific tests and examinations, he was allowed to live on his own with the cover story that he was a cyborg constructed by the government. In his new body, Concrete decides to use his tremendous strength, endurance and vision for a series of adventures he never thought of in his previous sedate life. Hiring a personal assistant writer and taking a female scientist who is assigned to monitor his body, Concrete has a wide variety of adventures.


atariforce.jpgDuck hunt, bitches.

Yeah, I really got nuthin’.

Earth had been ravaged by war and an ecological imbalance. To save the human race, the Alien Technology and Research Institute commissioned a top secret project - to send a specially trained crew throughout the Multiverse to find a new world for humanity to inhabit.

Aboard Scanner One were Martin Champion, commander; Li San O'Rourke, security officer; Mohandes Singh, flight engineer; Lucas Orion, medical officer; and Lydia Perez, executive officer and pilot.

After many months they finally found a peaceful universe and a planet dubbed New Earth. 25 years later, the Dark Destroyer - a powerful usurper - threatened the lives of everyone in the Multiverse. Martin Champion, embittered over the death of his wife Lydia Perez, came out of seclusion to reform the Atari Force and oppose the Destroyer.

The group now has some new members including Champion's son Chris, a.k.a. Tempest, who can travel the multiverse on his own; Erin Bia O'Rourke Singh, a.k.a. Dart, who receives images of potential futures and is a mercenary, Babe, an infant member of the Eggite race; Morpheus, a young psychiatrist from Canopia; Tukia Oly, a.k.a. Pakrat, a Martian thief who is a coward at heart; Taz, last survivor of a war-like race, and Babe's companion; and the Hukka, Martin Champion's childhood pet.


xmen2099.jpg203. X-Men 2099 (3 points)

Our first X-team ladies and gents? X-cited?

The founding of the fourth incarnation of the X-Men took place at the Neuvo Sol Arcology in 2099. Castaways and nomads of all types were invited to a huge gathering within the arcology; while the mutant Shakti Haddad, known as Cerebra, personally invited a collection of promising mutants. Xi’an Chi Xan, nicknamed the Desert Ghost, brought them together. Xi’an was an ex-outlaw who had a vision in Saigon of a new future for mutant kind. He then put his criminal past behind him to build a group of mutants and pattern them after the team of the 20th Century’s Professor Charles Xavier. With the gathering and the induction of the mutant Timothy Fitzgerald he had found all his members. It was then that his old friend from his outlaw days, Junkpile, turned on Xi’an and alerted the security force of the Synge Corporation, which controlled all of Las Vegas.

The flying mutant Bloodhawk, which the X-Men Meanstreak and Krystalin helped rescue from the Synge Corporation, aided the X-Men as they fled from their base at Neuvo Sol, after a failed assassination attempt on Xi’an that left him in a cocoon state, thanks to his evolving mutant powers. Later, when the new head of the Synge Corporation, Lytton Synge, killed his own father and blamed it on Xi’an, the X-Men worked together to clear Xi’an’s name. Serpentina, a girl with the ability to stretch her own limbs, was killed in a battle over the cocooned body of Xi’an, at the hands of their former teammate, Junkpile. Xi’an woke up shortly afterwards and revealed that his mutant powers had evolved, giving him the ability to heal with one hand, as well as his former ability to destroy with his other hand. He turned on Junkpile and disabled him with his destroying hand, yet left him alive. After Serpentina’s funeral, Timothy Fitzgerald made his final decision to stay with the team, and the X-Men were complete.



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