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Your Top Teams part 2

Written by Chris Mitchell on Monday, June 15 2009 and posted in Features
1topteams.jpgSome more ties this batch, and this is where you see Zechs whelp like a clubbed seal...



imageallstars.jpg202. Image All-Stars/ Dashiell Bad Horse and Chief Red Crow/Team Urameshi (3 points each)

"Banded together by fate, the team of Savage Dragon, Spawn, Witchblade, Silverhawk, and Invincible team up against the uncontrollable "hero" Solar Man. How often do we get to see a great set of Image top hitters team up and kick some butt and have it written and drawn by Larsen? Fun team up and it's great to see they team up again in a later issue even if it's just for a small bit. Image United can't come sooner."

You know, the 90's geek in my is looking forward to Image United. Yes, the whole 90's era of comics were bad in most peoples eyes, but I kinda enjoyed it. Yeah, this is where you say your "stupid Canadian" jokes. But the last few issues of Invincible, when Earth was attacked the entire Image line of heroes came in and kicked a shitload of ass. And it was fucking awesome. We had Jack Staff, we had The Brit, we had Pitt and Youngblood and Cyberforce and everyone.

Boo all you like, but Invincible is great, and that arc was great, and if anyone can pull off Image United its Kirkman. I have faith in ya, pal. Just please, do not let Liefeld draw Obama. Seriously.


badhorse-redcrow.jpgI really need to pick up this book. Like really.

Dashiell Bad Horse is a member of the Ogala tribe who has returned to the Prairie Rose reservation after fifteen years of absence. He was sent from the reservation by his mother when he was thirteen, and after that served in the army in Kosovo in 1999. While in the army, “Dash” became highly trained in hand-to-hand combat and is a master of the nunchuks. When he returned to the Prairie Rose he would often pick fights with whoever crossed his path. Upon his return got the attention of the newly appointed Chief Red Crow by taking on a whole bar himself and not being killed. Chief Lincoln Red Crow, head of the Ogala tribe took note of Dashiell’s penchant for violence and hired him for the tribal police, of which he is the chief as well. Bad Horse's primary duties are the taking out of meth labs.

Bad Horse soon found out why Red Crow needed to have the tribal police in his pocket, it seems some of the tribe were upset that Red Crow was opening a casino on tribal land. The members of the tribe opposed to the casino protested the building of it saying that is was against the old ways and would destroy their culture. Unknown to Red Crow, is that Bad Horse is an undercover FBI agent, whose immediate superior meaning to bring Red Crow to justice for the murder of two FBI agents, thirty years ago, back when Red Crow and a few others, including Gina Bad Horse, Dashiell's estranged mother, were militant Indian-Rights activists. While under cover on the “rez” Dashiell develops a strange obsession with Red Crow's estranged daughter, Carol, who rebels against her father and the boredom on the rez by sleeping with as many men as she can.


teamurameshi.jpg"Yu Yu Hakusho is one of my favorite anime so, I had to put them on my list. If you've never seen the show...shame on you, by all means take my advice and get it off Netflix."

Yusuke Urameshi is the main character from the manga/anime Yu Yu Hakusho. Yusuke is a middle school student and is the spirit detective of Earth. At some point during the series her enters some uber martial art tournament. For the Tournament they have teams. Yusuke's team consists of himself, Kuwabara, Hiei, Kurama, and Master Genkai as "The Masked Fighter" to create Team Urameshi. The first round they have to fight the team called the Jolly Devil Six. Yusuke won against Chu. In this fight the two finish the fight with a knife-edge death match. In this type of match, Chu puts two knives on to the floor and he and Yusuke put their feet in front of the knife. Whoever slipped first off the knife would lose and the winner could kill the loser. Fortunately for Chu, Yusuke doesn't kill him. The next round he along with Kuwabara and Genkai face M1, M2, and M3 in a 3 vs. 3 match. Yusuke, Kuwabara, and Genkai, as "The Masked Fighter" win. Yusuke had to skip the fourth round so Genkai can train him to face Younger Toguro. Genkai gave him the Spirit Wave Orb, which was most of her reiki (or spirit energy) in an orb.

Yusuke had to face an unbearable pain in order to absorb the orb. He was now prepared for the finals to face Younger Toguro. Genkai attempts to face Toguro but she is killed by him. With the last of her strength, she explains her connection to Younger Toguro. In a Dark Tournament 50 years ago Genkai and Younger Toguro were teammates. She explains that Younger Toguro was human, until he became a demon to keep his strength and be young.

She warns him not to become like Younger Toguro and then the fight begins. During their long battle Genkai possesses Pu, Yusuke's spirit beast, to tell Younger Toguro that in order to bring out Yusuke's full potential, he must kill Kuwabara, his best friend. He does so but Kuwabara was secretly alive. This brings out all of Yusuke's strength and he defeats Younger Toguro.


robin-spoiler.jpg201. Spoiler and Robin (3 points)

“The sidekick and his sidekick/girlfriend, interesting partnership.”

Stephanie Brown is the daughter of the C-list Batman villain, the Cluemaster, who spent most of Stephanie’s early childhood in jail, away from Gotham City. On her return to the city she finds her father back to his old tricks, except he no longer feels the need to leave clues behind. In an attempt to try and stop her father she created a costume of her own and began to call herself the “Spoiler”. She had discovered her father’s plans and locations and decided to leave clues in an attempt to have him caught by Batman and Robin. Despite being new to the world of capes she is able to get by through her enthusiasm and dedication. When Robin eventually finds the Cluemaster, Spoiler joins in to capture him. Every time her father escaped, Stephanie would don on her costume and go out to stop him.

Eventually Stephanie realized she enjoyed being a superhero so much she continued on a regular basis. Despite her help, both Robin and Batman try to dissuade her from future pursuits, though that doesn't stop her from patrolling the streets at night, mostly with Robin. She began to regularly patrol the city with Robin, and began to develop a crush on him. The two of them would continue working together and they would eventually fall in love. The two form a relationship and eventually become romantically involved despite Stephanie being pregnant with her old boyfriend's child who had ran away from Gotham after the earthquake. However, Robin was always there for Stephanie, even taking her to Lamaze classes under a false identity. She still did not know his true identity because Batman forbids Tim from revealing his identity to Stephanie.

Later Robin would leave for boarding school but he would eventually return when Stephanie gave birth. Stephanie decided, against her initial thoughts, to give the baby up for adoption without ever seeing her. Tim’s father returned him to boarding school, but Tim and Stephanie continued their relationship. However, it put more strain on their relationship because it was long distance and Stephanie still did not know his true identity.

After Robin returned and followed someone in costume, he ran into Spoiler and she tagged along with him. Robin saves this girl from gunfire and Spoiler thinks Robin was cheating on her and did not speak to him afterwards. Later, while Robin went on a mission in Tibet, Spoiler begins to miss Tim and decided that she still wanted to be with him. Batman offers to train Spoiler and tells Robin’s real name to her. Spoiler also received training from Batgirl and the Birds of Prey. When Tim returned, the couple reconciled and continued their relationship. Batman decided that she was not cut out for his hero business and told her to hang up her costume. He also told the Birds of Prey and Batgirl to stop training her, but Stephanie continued to patrol the city with Robin. Later the government would inform Stephanie and her mother that her father Cluemaster had died for his country. She decided to stop talking to Tim and obsessed over crime fighting, tracking down any villains that had connections with her father. Eventually she would reconcile with Tim.

She dies, comes back, is the new Batgirl.

The End.


strangecompany2.jpg200. Strange Company (4 points)

Nice. A little team I never thought would see some list time, but I am glad they did. I enjoyed this part of 52, why to go voter person, nice touch.

Towards the end of the Crisis, when Alexander Luthor’s hands created a massive energy backlash, Animal Man, along with Adam Strange and Starfire were thrown out into the far-flung corner of space.

Animal Man, Starfire and Adam Strange were stranded on an alien planet, shortly after being thrown out into the depths of space. The trio was pursued by Devilance the Pursuer, who ultimately captures them. They manage to launch an escape, but the group is eventually tracked by Devilance once again, only this time the New God is slaughtered by Lobo. Following Lobo’s lead, they are taken to a small planetoid inhabited by hundreds of different races, all falling under the leadership of “Pope Lobo”. On revealing the “Emerald Eye”, held by Lobo, their presence was detected by the Lady Styx, who sent her henchmen after them. During a battle with Lady Styx and her horde, Animal Man was killed by a necrotoxin, which causes its victims to rise again in the service of Lady Styx. Animal Man made Starfire promise not to let him come back as a zombie. At the moment of his death, Ellen, still on Earth, appears to sense his death and began to cry.

Mere moments after Starfire and Adam Strange leave Animal Man in on an uninhabited planetoid in space, Buddy comes back to life. The aliens who originally granted his powers pluck Buddy out of the time-stream and begin to repair his body. The aliens, in the short time Buddy had been with them upgraded Buddy’s powers, allowing him to reach out to claim the abilities of a group of Sun-Eaters, including their homing sense. Using these abilities, he is able to survive the rigors of space and access Space B for the first time. Once again Buddy meets with the aliens that gave him his powers, they tell him about Space B, how it is removed from Time and Space, and what purpose it serves. From Space B Buddy observes his wife from a wormhole; Ellen is seeing another man, yelling the name of his wife Buddy throws himself into the wormhole and out of Space B, appearing exactly where he intended to go – his own home.

Stuff happened with these three during 52, but frankly I really have no clue what happened. I think you learn that Buddy and Starfire bumped uglies, but yeah, forget about. Not worth your time.


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