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Your Top Teams part 5

Written by Chris Mitchell on Monday, June 15 2009 and posted in Features



Two notches down the list and you see five more teams.




192. L.E.G.I.O.N./Amazing X-men/Mankind Liberation Front (6 points each) legion.jpg

So many Legions, so little time. Though, I am loving the R.E.B.E.L.S. comic, it’s pretty badass I must say. If you wanna read some high octane comics, check out that one. Anywho, in the Silver Age Vril Dox was a young Coluan who was adopted by the Computer Tyrants of Colu and declared Brainiac's son. He escaped and led a rebellion against the Computer Tyrants. He later appeared briefly in the Secrets of the Legion of Superheroes mini-series. His descendants (who had inherited long Coluan life spans) were his son, Pran Dox (Brainiac Three) grandson Kajz Dox (Brainiac Four) and ultimately, Querl Dox, Brainiac Five of the Legion of Super Heroes.

Post Cris Vril, Vril Dox II is a clone of Vril Dox (Brainiac), created by Vril Dox. As Brainiac's heir, he has inherited his pater familias' high intelligence and extreme Machiavellian ethics. Vril Dox is the founder of the interplanetary police force Licensed Extra Governmental Interstellar Operatives Network (abbreviated as L.E.G.I.O.N., an acronym suggested by Strata but accepted by Dox). It was founded through outright murder when Vril and his allies destroyed a criminal drug ring. Chief Dox tries to manipulate everyone he came across, not generally accepting when they did not follow his plans. He manages to gain control of the bounty hunter Lobo. This is partly by out-smarting and out-fighting Lobo and taking advantage of the bounty hunter's simple ethics; that he never breaks his word.

Vril had a son named Lyrl Dox (Brainiac 3) who rebelled and took over his organization. Vril later regains control of L.E.G.I.O.N by bartering with the demonic entity 'Neron'. The deal is for the soul of one of his unborn offspring. After the cancellation of the title he would only occasionally appear in the more cosmic DCU titles. For example, he appears in the 2004 Adam Strange mini-series, using robotic soldiers to hunt Strange. Dox, now missing his hair, incorrectly believes Rann had been destroyed at the hands of Strange. Dox's forces assist in the limited series "Infinite Crisis". A new 2009 series features a mysterious foe taking control of a now completely automated L.E.G.I.O.N. Dox, along with his old compatriot, Strata, must form a new team to regain his former status.


I am not gonna lie, I loved this story. I would love to see characters from that universe come to the 616. Yeah, we have some here already but still, we need to make Apocalypse badass again. So yeah, that’s what I would do.

The Amazing X-Men consist of Quicksilver (the team's leader), Storm, Dazzler, Banshee, Iceman, and Exodus. The team is sent to Maine by Magneto to aid in the evacuation of humanity to Europe. During this mission, the team fights Apocalypse's Brotherhood of Mutants, as well as Apocalypse's Horseman Abyss, who is defeated (but not killed) by Quicksilver. During their absence from the Xavier Mansion, Magneto and Bishop are attacked by Apocalypse himself, who defeats and captures them both. Quicksilver then sends Iceman to rendezvous with Rogue's team (the Astonishing X-Men), and sends Dazzler and Exodus to find Magneto's son Charles (the two X-Men stumble across Gambit and Lila during their search). Quicksilver, Storm, and Banshee then go to rescue Bishop, who is in the hands of the Madri, Apocalypse's priests. During the fighting, Abyss returns for a rematch, but is defeated and killed by Banshee, who sacrifices his own life to destroy Abyss.


Since Superman's departure ten years ago, Luthor and the MLF have been conducting events mankindliberationfront.jpgbehind the scenes in an attempt to destroy metahumans and rule the world at last. Who are the members, well I am glad you asked:

Lex Luthor: The MLF's leader. Goes into mad fits whenever mention is made of Superman. He ends up being put to work in Wayne Manor, tending to victims of the Gulag battle. Captain Marvel: Luthor's brainwashed houseboy and the last step in his plan for destroying Superman and the League. The now-adult Billy Batson is physically indistinguishable from his Captain Marvel form, and for most of the story, Luthor's compatriots believe that it is Captain Marvel who attends Luthor's needs, when in fact it is an all-too-vulnerable Batson. Killed by deliberately setting off the nuclear bomb prematurely over Ground Zero. Vandal Savage: The only willing member of the MLF with any powers to speak of: immortality. In the novelization, Spectre expresses deep annoyance at the fact that Savage's immortality prevents him from administering justice on him. Savage, like Luthor, assists with victims of the nuclear fallout. Ibn al Xu'ffasch: The son of Batman and Talia al Ghul, the heir to Ra's al Ghul's criminal organization, and used as a mole to infiltrate Luthor's MLF. His role is not fully revealed until the third issue (p. 144 in the graphic novel), when he is standing among the Outsiders just before Zatara teleports Batman to the Batcave. In Arabic, his name means "son of the bat". Catwoman: The only female member of the MLF, having become wealthy from running a cosmetics corporation. Riddler: There only as a courtesy to Catwoman (the novelization calls him one of Catwoman's "accessories"), he tends to get under Luthor's skin. At the end he is seen sitting next to Catwoman in Wayne Manor, taking care of a victim of the Gulag battle. Lord Naga: A cult leader better known as Kobra. King of the Royal Flush Gang: The MLF's newest member, and, like Savage, also immortal. Red, White, and Blue: Three heavily armed terrorists. They are actually androids under Luthor's control that are used as spies in the Gulag.


191. The Order (The Defenders version)/X-treme X-Men (6 points) 

Really shocked to see these guys so low, well, not really now that I think about it. Most of the people who voted for the Defenders voted for the original four in there normal everyday version, with a few of you voted for the Defenders extended edition with Hellstorm and Co. But I am kinda sad to see these guys so low, I loved this story and this lineup. The Order #1-6, in which Yandroth manipulated Gaea into "cursing" the primary four Defenders (Doctor Strange, the Sub-Mariner, the Hulk and the Silver Surfer) so that they would be summoned to major crisis situations. The curse also had a secret side effect, causing the rationality of the four heroes to be submerged by their more selfish desires. The slain Yandroth's consciousness secretly fed off the violent energy created by the cursed Defenders, planning to be reborn more powerful than ever. Corrupted by the curse, Strange, Namor, Hulk and Surfer abandoned their fellow Defenders and formed the Order, a group dedicated to ending any perceived threat to world peace by any means necessary. Operating out of the floating metropolis Sky Island, the Order opposed all who challenged their new world order until the remaining Defenders broke Yandroth's curse and restored the Order's humanity. Gaea empowered Nighthawk to gather the Defenders at will should the need arise.


I totally forgot this comic existed. I have yet to read an issue, and part of me refused too just because of the whole use of the words "X-treme".

The book originated as part of a revamp of the X-Men line of comics in 2001. Prior to this revamp, Claremont was writing both of the main X-Men titles (Uncanny X-Men and X-Men, the latter of which became New X-Men, and then X-Men: Legacy). Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada removed him from both core X-titles when his storylines fell apart due to editorial interference by the previous editor-in-chief in a failed attempt to capitalize on the first X-Men movie. Quesada offered Claremont the opportunity to write only one of the core X-titles (while allowing new X-writer Grant Morrison to have partial storyline input) or to write a third, new core X-Men title. Claremont chose the latter. That title was dubbed X-Treme X-Men.

In May 2004, prompted by Grant Morrison's departure from New X-Men, Marvel felt that another revamp of the X-Men titles was required. As part of this revamp, called X-Men ReLoad, Chris Claremont returned to writing Uncanny X-Men. X-Treme X-Men was cancelled, with most of its cast and running plotlines being transferred to Uncanny X-Men. Joss Whedon and John Cassidy’s Astonishing X-Men replaced it as the third core title.

The X-Treme X-Men contained Storm, Rogue, Gambit, Bishop, Sage (Tessa), Thunderbird (Neal Shaara), Psylocke and Beast as the original line up. Psylocke was killed and Beast departed the title in the early goings, and new recruits Lifeguard (Heather Cameron) and Slipstream (Davis Cameron) were eventually added. Later in the series, familiar X-Men characters Cannonball, Lila Cheney, Shadowcat, Magma and Sunspot made regular appearances, with only Cannonball officially joining the team. Evangeline Whedon (a mutant possessing dragon transmorphic abilities) also made numerous appearances. The title also introduced the character of Red Lotus, who featured heavily in the Australian arc, and was included in issues of the invasion arc.


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