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Your Top Teams part 6

Written by Chris Mitchell on Monday, June 15 2009 and posted in Features
1topteams.jpgMore ties for ya, and all of these teams beat the Trinity.





190. Vigilante & Black Thorn/Spawn Legion/Sinister Twelve (6 points each)

The seductively deadly Black Thorn is a mysterious agent of the secret government organization Checkmate. She has worked with the second Vigilante, even having a brief romance. Elizabeth Thorne used to have a life as a partying socialite; basically a rich drunk. Her brother forces her into rehab. While happy not to be involved with the bottle anymore, she misses the thrill of life. She joins up with the CIA (cuz it’s THAT easy folks) but soon feels constrained by the need to operate within the law.

She fakes her own death and takes on the identity of Black Thorn. She begins working as a vigilante in New York where she met and fell in love with the Vigilante. For a time, her own methods are more brutal then even the Vigilante's own and they often argue. However, he goes insane and begins murdering innocent people, including cops. In a brief moment of clarity, the Vigilante commits suicide.



"How awesome is it to find out you possess a set of various souls in your body and can send them out to help you against Hell and Heaven during the Apocalypse. You have a samurai grand dad and his grand daughter who get busy slaying zombies, a ninja Spawn who stands firmly by your side against Jesus' disciples, and of course a kid Spawn named Chris who brings out the humanity in Al Simmons. I want more of these guys, especially Chris."

The Spawn Legion is a group of lost souls who are trapped inside the comic book character Spawn. There are apparently over 6,000 souls living within him, each of who died within an hour of Al Simmons’s death. The Mother of Creation as a “device” meant them to keep Al Simmons's soul free from any outside influence, and so able to fight, and halt, the Armageddon. Following the fulfillment of their role, they were left free to transcend as pure and uncorrupted souls in a mysterious somewhere, neither heaven nor hell, known only by the Mother her/himself. Even if they physically left Spawn for good, they left him their combined knowledge and experience as an eternal guidance.

The Legion, now composed by a mere dozen members, led by Christopher, Hiroshi and Kumiko Mitamura, return once again to help Al Simmons fight Morana, his apparently unborn daughter, aged to adulthood and given the K7 Leetha symbiote by Mammon. Being only able to provide a distraction, they're quickly dispatched by the all-powerful Morana, despite their claims to be the strongest members of the once numerous Legion.

Before meeting his last and final death, Christopher claims the slain Legion members are able to reach a new afterlife, a serene place of grace beyond Heaven and Hell.


sinister12.jpgThe Sinister Twelve is a team created by the Green Goblin after, while in prison, he judges that a team of villains would be needed to defeat Spider-Man. Mac Gargan was the de facto leader of the Twelve while Osborn was in prison, and it was he who kidnapped Peter Parker's Aunt May and threatened to kill her if Spider-Man did not help Osborn escape from jail.

A desperate Spider-Man, with help from the Black Cat, broke Osborn out, only to be confronted with the Vulture, Sandman, Electro, Chameleon, Lizard, Hydro-Man, Shocker, Hammerhead, Boomerang, and Tombstone. Osborne officially dubbed the team the Sinister Twelve. Despite the odds, Spider-Man and the Black Cat, aided by Captain America, Iron Man, Daredevil, Yellowjacket and the Fantastic Four, managed to hold their own. Meanwhile, Osborn kidnapped Mary Jane Watson. Spider-Man pursued him, fighting off Venom along the way. Spider-Man confronted the Goblin, and finally Osborn gave a vital clue as to Aunt May's whereabouts. He was defeated by a combination of being shot by Mary Jane, struck by lightning, and attacked by Doctor Octopus, who was brainwashed by the police into trying to kill him. The Goblin fell into the river below, and Aunt May was found and saved. The rest of the Sinister Twelve were subdued by the heroes and arrested; Gargan ended up, ironically, in Osborn's old cell.


189. The Sailor Scouts/Morlocks/Stranger Company (7 points each)

sailorscouts.jpg*face palm

The Sailor Senshi Team aka Sailor Scouts are all Princesses from respective planets. Sailor Venus, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mars, and Sailor Mercury. They're main purpose was to fight the Nega-Verse and destroy the evil Queen Beryl. Sailor Moon originally appeared in the girl's comic magazine Nakayoshi in February 1992. It was written by Naoko Takeuchi a young girl. Sailor Moon was a popular TV show having 18 volumes of manga (Japanese Comics, 200 television episodes, and three movies.)

One Thousand years ago Queen Serenity ruled the Moon and there was peace between all planets. Queen Serenity's only Daughter, Princess Serenity, was deeply in love with Prince Endymion of Earth, even though their love was forbidden they saw each other many times. An Earth woman named Beryl grew jealous of Princess Serenity for she too was in love with the prince. She grew bitter and angry, which is when the evil chaos monster spoke to her. She called herself Metallia and told Beryl that if she could destroy the moon the prince would love her. So Beryl became Dark-Queen Beryl ruler of the dark kingdom (Nega-Verse in the dub) and gathered thousands of followers. Queen Serenity hosted a very large party one night and (princess) Serenity and the prince decided to announce their engagement to the whole moon kingdom, but when he did not appear the princess grew sad. He appeared late into the party to warn everyone that Beryl and her evil forces were on their way. Queen Serenity dismissed this as a trick of the Earth people, but then they attacked... It was absolute carnage. Queen Beryl's forces destroyed the unprepared moon kingdom. Prince Endymion fell in battle and Princess Serenity rushed to his side. Finding that there was no life in him she took her own life with his blade. When Princess Minako of Venus saw this it triggered all of the senshi's transformations, Sailor Venus then ran into the prayer room in the castle and withdrew the Holy Blade, she then slew Beryl with it. The battle drug on and on until no one was left standing except the Queen of the Moon. She rushed to her daughter and found she was dead, in her despair she used the silver crystal one last time. She sent everyone to Earth were they would be reincarnated in time and sent the evil Beingsto to the dark kingdom, and she died hoping that they would lay dormant forever... but Queen Serenity wasn’t a psychic, now was she...


Remember the Pyro Effect? Well, here ya go.

morlocks.jpgThis community was founded by the mutant Callisto who discovered the "Alley", a tunnel that runs the length of Manhattan, and is the center of a network of tunnels built in the 1950's by the  U.S. government in case of a nuclear war. It is part of a tunnel system, which extends into New Jersey, Connecticut, and New York State. Callisto first found the mutant Caliban who had the power to psionically locate other mutants. Using Caliban ability, Callisto located and gathered together many other mutants who had run away from human society. Many had been experiments of the evil geneticist, Dark Beast who arrived in this time-line from the Age of Apocalypse, where he had worked under his reality's Mr. Sinister.

At one point, Callisto and the Morlocks had kidnapped Angel, intending to make him her mate. To save him, Storm fought Callisto and displacing her as leader and forming an alliance with the X-Men. The unthinkable happened when a group of mercenaries named the Marauders who had been hired by Sinister and lead by Gambit, to break into the tunnels and exterminate the Morlocks, because Sinister recognized that they were mutated using his work. Most had been killed but some escaped, a few with the help of the X-Men and original X-Factor.

After M-Day, Some former Morlocks who lost their powers were Angel Dust, Boost, Irving, Qwerty, Delphi, Callisto, Marrow, Postman, Shatter, Tether and the probability of Feral and Thornn. However, Feral and Thornn were later seen re-powered. Explanations as to how this happened have yet to be provided. Sally interviews Marrow about the Morlocks. Marrow reports that 80% of the remaining Morlocks are de-powered now and look like humans. She states that most of them are still afraid about going out of the tunnels.

Currently, Marrow works as a watchmen of the Morlocks, as the remaining ones call her when problems occur. She explained this status in the aftermath of thirteen de-powered Morlocks murder by Ghoul. One character commented that, post-M-Day, the chance of meeting a Morlock in the tunnels under New York is now harder than meeting an alligator in the Floridian sewers.


Remember how I said I didn't wanna learn anything about what happened after 52 when it came to Adam Strange? Well, you made me. Thanks a ton. So, this little pairing has Adam Strange hook up with two more random characters: Captain Comet and Bizarro. This is a spin-off from the countdown to Adventure and the Ranm/Thanagar Holy War. The Weird and Starman, and I think the Omega Men play a part in this book as well, but I am not entirely sure on that. I dunno what else to write so I will just post the solicit for this book.

Master storyteller Jim Starlin takes readers on an epic sci-fi adventure starring Adam Strange, Comet and the reverse Superman known as Bizarro. A deadly peril threatens the universe, and it's up to Adam Strange to stop it. Meanwhile, a contract is put out for the death of Comet while Bizarro finds a new purpose in life, which leads to the beginning of a strange new journey.



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