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Your Top Teams part 10

Written by Chris Mitchell on Tuesday, June 16 2009 and posted in Features
Three teams for your viewing and/or bitching pleasure.




180. We3 (9 points)

I have yet to read this book, I've been told some awesome things about this then again I have been told some harshly brutal things about this book. From what I have seen, Quitely's art looks good, something I am not too used too. I guess it’s a matter of opinion but most faces this dude draws looks like socks filled with Jello. Anywho…

The dog is a small tank, the cat is a lethal stealth machine and the rabbit is trained to deliver poison gas and mines. They are an experimental animal cyborg group used to eliminate enemies of the US by the government. The group is held together by Roseanne Berry and when the decision to decommission the group comes she helps them escape. Now they are loose and without their medication they wont survive long.


179. Kingdom Come League (9 points)

Ten years prior to the start of the events of Kingdom Come, the Joker floods the offices of the kingdomcomleague.jpgDaily Planet with Joker venom killing all the staff except for Lois Lane, who finds a gas mask. Lois tries then to attack the Joker who fractures her skull in retaliation. Superman returns as Lois succumbs to her injuries and dies. As the Joker arrives for his trial, he is killed by a new superhero named Magog. In an instance of jury nullification, Magog is acquitted for his cold-blooded act and Superman is appalled by the public embracing a killer as a hero. Already disheartened at the death of Lois Lane, Kal-El abandons his life as Superman, retreating to his Fortress of Solitude where he spends the next decade. During Superman's absence a team of new heroes, lead by Magog, attempts to capture the Parasite, which results in the irradiation of the entire state of Kansas and much of the surrounding area.

Coaxed back into action by Wonder Woman, Superman decides to return to Metropolis and re-form the Justice League. He manages to collect former heroes (including Green Lantern, the Flash, Hawkman, and Dick Grayson, now known as Red Robin, among others) and as well as some of the newer heroes who had risen during his absence. Superman's Justice League constructs a prison and gathers up new violent heroes who followed in the example of Magog. A battle soon breaks out between the imprisoned heroes, the Justice League, a third group of heroes led by Batman and Lex Luthor's Mankind Liberation Front, which includes a mind-controlled Captain Marvel.

As the conditions worsen, the United Nations Secretary General Wyrmwood authorizes the deployment of three tactical nuclear warheads, hardened against certain metahuman powers. The battling heroes manage to stop two of the bombers, but the third dropped its warhead. Superman attempts to stop the bomb, but Captain Marvel frees himself from Luthor's control and sacrifices himself in Superman's place. Though the bomb still goes off killing many super humans, many also survive.

In the aftermath of the battle, Superman begins helping fix the damage done to Kansas and resumes his identity as Clark Kent. He also begins a romantic relationship with Wonder Woman and at the end of Kingdom Come, the two are expecting a child


178. The Fables (10 points)

fables.jpg"Hmmmm. may be a bit of a stretch calling them a team, but they certainly use teamwork from time to time, and they kick a lot of ass."

"Once upon a time..." Those were the words that started out the stories of all the Fables. They lived for centuries until a being known as The Adversary came and forced them to flee through dimensional gates into the Mundane, or human, world. Most of the Fables lost their fortunes when they left their estates behind and so live as normal day-to-day people rather then Royalty. Most Fables are seemingly immortal, living forever. Their ability to survive seems to be based on the collective consciousness of the mundane human population that grew up reading their stories. The more popular and well known the "character" is, the more likely they are to survive fatal injury. Snow White, for example, was shot though the head by a high powered sniper rifle and was able to make a full recovery whereas Weyland Smith and the members of the Mouse Police killed in battle with the Adversary's wooden soldiers remained dead. However, Frau Totenkinder has doubts about this theory.

Fable Town is a part of New York City located around the cross streets Bullfinch and Kipling. There are several shops, such as the Eggman Restaurant and Nodd's Books with Fables residing in apartments above. Spells of protection and deception keeps mundane humans from even parking on the streets there. Many of the better-known Fables reside in the Woodland Luxury Apartments, which also houses the Fable Town City Hall. City Hall is a magically enchanted space, which is vastly greater inside then its small office door makes it appear on the outside. There are endless rooms, the Witching Well, a vast library, and all the enchanted weapons and artifacts, such as Excalibur and the Vorpal Blade, are stored there.

Keeping the nature of the Fables secret from the mundane human world is the one of the highest laws of the Fable community. Therefore, when the city of New York started to encroach on Fable Town in the 17th century the non-human Fables were banished to The Farm, a huge tract of land in upstate New York protected from prying "Mundy" eyes by many spells to hide it's true nature. Though they understand why it was done, this move is still much resented among the non-human Fable community. Weyland Smith used to be the one in charge at the Farm until the Three Little Pigs, started a revolution with Goldilocks against the human looking Fables. The revolution failed and Rose Red is now in charge.

King Cole was the mayor of Fable Town for hundreds of years. Even though he was in the position of power, it was really the deputy mayor, Snow White that actually ran things and made the decisions while Bigby Wolf provided services as Sheriff and, unbeknownst to Snow, spy-master. Snow White's ex-husband Prince Charming challenged King Cole in an election and won. His cabinet includes Beauty as Deputy Mayor and her husband the Beast as Sheriff and spymaster. They got off to a very rocky start, but they have adapted and done rather well.

Though he ignored them for hundreds of years, The Adversary has recently turned his attention to them. His first attempt to take all the magical items stored in City Hall by force, failed. In retaliation Prince Charming sent in Boy Blue to reconnoiter the Homelands and find the Adversary. Then Bigby Wolf was sent to destroy the Adversary's means of making wooden soldiers and deliver the message that "Every time you hurt us, we're going to damage you much worse in return. This will always happen. Always." Enraged, the Adversary has turned his full attention towards Fable Town and has been formulating plans to take the entire human world by force.



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