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Your Top Teams part 11

Written by Chris Mitchell on Tuesday, June 16 2009 and posted in Features
Here is your last group of ties, and your first group of first place votes.




177. Nova's United Front/Gotham Freaks/Kingdom Come Outsiders (10 points each - 1 first place slot each)

novaunitedfront.jpgShame they only got one vote, but the current Guardians of the Galaxy got a ton so I am a happy camper. Oh yeah, BUY WAR OF KINGS!!!

Shortly before the horrible incident that resulted in the Warriors death and the start of the Superhero Registration Act, Nova was called back to Xandar to assist the Nova Corps in fighting the Annihilation Wave. The wave destroyed Xandar and the entire corps. Nova was the only survivor and inherited the entire Nova-Force. He also gained Worldmind, the Xandarian living computer that contains the record of Xandar's history and helps Rider retain his sanity with the Nova-Force.

Nova discovers Drax The Destroyer and Cammi on the surface of Xandar, the only other two apparent survivors of the onslaught. They escape the planet, which had been knocked out of orbit, which between that and the damage it suffered from the Annihilation Wave is quickly becoming uninhabitable. Nova opened a gate to the planet Nycos Aristedes, several light years away. The engines of their vessel cut out and they fell into the atmosphere. They were saved by Quasar. Quasar talks Nova into helping him evacuate the planet from the oncoming Annihilation Wave, despite Nova's fears of losing control of his power. They hold their own against the wave and even attempt to kill Annihilus himself, but Quasar is killed in the process and Nova barely escapes with his life.

Nova heads up a resistance movement against the Annihilation Wave with Peter Quill aka Starlord as his second-in-command. After losing a major battle they decide to dissolve the resistance and form a small strike team to the end of one goal, to kill Annihilus.

205 days after Annihilation Day, Richard Rider has formed an army, the United Front, to oppose the Annihilation Wave. His land-based army includes Drax, Gamora, Ronan the Accuser and Peter Quill, while his outer space forces consist primarily of Firelord, Red Shift and Stardust. As Rider's ground troops attempt to retreat under crushing odds, Firelord attacks the enemy command ship, capturing their Queen and causing the enemy forces to collapse in confusion, at the possible cost of his own life. After inspecting Firelord's comatose body, Rider and Quill question the Queen, who reveals that while the United Front forces fought the Annihilation Wave, Thanos, Tenebrous and Aegis had already attacked and incapacitated Galactus and the Silver Surfer. Believing the Power Cosmic to be within his grasp, Annihilus orders his troops to kill the remaining former Heralds of Galactus.

As the final battle looms Nova is able to challenge Annihilus to single combat and as he looks like he's about to die at Annihilus' hands, Phyla-Vell manages to steal the Quantum-Bands Annihilus had taken upon killing Quasar, which turns the tide in Nova's favor, and he manages to kill Annihilus, brutally I might add.

I know I did not do this story justice, if you have NOT read this go find it and pick it up.


"Harvey Dent's hatred for the mob corrupting Gotham City grates him so much that by the time he becomes Two-Face, he joins forces with the class of criminals: The Freaks. He organizes a team consisting of the Joker, Catwoman, Mad Hatter, Scarecrow, Penguin, Poison Ivy, Solomon Grundy, and Mr. Freeze to take down the mob and eventually take the nuisance Batman down with them. And who doesn't love seeing a Batman villain team up, even if it consists of Joker and Two-Face butting heads, vying for top dog? It's fun to see the Gotham Freaks also helping Harvey out in Two-Face: Year One when Two-Face runs for D.A."

One of the few Loeb stories I actually like, and one of the few stories where I enjoy Sale's work as well. It kinda fit the theme, but seriously, Sale sucks IMO. I do not like it at all, but that’s off topic. There is another pic of this team, but it was black and white and the fold of the book was split down the middle. You know what I am talking about, the two page spread of the office with all the baddies sitting around it. Like the League of Batvillains, or the League of Arkham. No, that’s another team that you will see later, sorry for the confusing. I love Two-Face, I really do wish he was a Marvel villain. I would love for him to be a major player in that universes underworld. Oh well.

So, is he the new Black Mask?


Even the world's most forceful will can hold together an aged body so badly broken and battered for so very many years. Batman, his physical frame reinforced by an exoskeleton, no longer dons the family cape and cowl. Now, out of costume but having long ago abandoned his foppish Bruce Wayne persona, he holes up night and day in his Batcave, remotely monitoring his robotic Bat-Knights, using them (with tremendous success) to maintain order in Gotham City. Batman, the aristocrat, believes (as billionaires are wont to do) that a measure of power and rule rightfully belongs in the hands of those who will grasp it and use it. However, he's just as unnerved by the threatened totalitarianism of the new Justice League as he is by the out-of-control "heroes" who run rampant through the streets, mocking the standards that Batman once set. When it comes to dealing with the threat of the "new breed" of heroes, Batman, as always, has his own ideas. Like Luthor, he's convinced that a steady, concentrated, methodical approach to the problem will win him the world. But unlike Luthor, Batman is spurred on instead to fast, hard-strike action by the reemergence of the League.


176. Spider and his Assistants (11 points)

spider-assistants.jpgI haven't read this series, I have been meaning too since the Top Modern list, but yeah. This was somewhat hard to find, so if this entry doesn't make sense it because I dibble dabbled shit together.

Channon Yarrow, a stripper Spider encounters in Angels 8, shows up in Spider's apartment. Inspired by his journalism and determined to turn her journalism education in to something useful, Channon becomes his new assistant. Their relation is, however cut short. After Channon's boyfriend Ziang's decision to become a Foglet, Channon leaves Spider and becomes a nun in Fred Christ's newly formed church.

Spider battles Yokels, because of a misdeed done by his dead ex-wife. During his struggle he also loses an adversary that he is not aware of. A castrated police bulldog, seeking revenge on Jerusalem leaps and falls down to his doom. If this was not enough, Spider must also avoid a headless explosive kid who claims to be his son.

Meanwhile, Spider gains a new partner Yelena Rossini and reunites with his former assistant Channon Yarrow, who is sick of Fred Christ's Church. Now Spider and his lady friends create anarchy and chaos all in the name on Journalism. YAY.


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