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Your Top Teams part 14

Written by Chris Mitchell on Thursday, June 18 2009 and posted in Features
More teams for ya. One of them I can see bitching on. {nomultithumb}




168. The Honor Guard (13 points)

Honor Guard was founded in 1959 by Max O' Millions to combat the Legions of Midnight. Its original roster also included the Silver Agent, Starwoman, Leopardman and Kitkat, the first N-Forcer, and the first Cleopatra. The Bouncing Beatnik and the Old Soldier assisted Honor Guard on its second case, but did not become members.

Throughout its history, Honor Guard appears to have maintained an active membership of seven members. Kitkat seems to have been replaced by the Mermaid early on, and Max by El Hombre by 1964. During the next few years Hummingbird and Mirage took the places of Leopardman and Starwoman. The Living Nightmare was also a member at some point before November 1972, though it is uncertain whether this was before or during the period of El Hombre's membership. By April 1973, at the time of El Hombre's downfall, the Black Rapier and Starfighter had taken the places of Cleopatra (I) and the Silver Agent. It has not been revealed what new member was brought in to fill the vacancy left by El Hombre's disgrace; possibly the Living Nightmare again, as he was apparently once more a member again sometime in the 1970s and is known to have served on two separate occasions.

The current roster (1995-1998; a partial roster is also known from 2000) consists of Beautie, the Black Rapier, Cleopatra (II), M.P.H., the N-Forcer, Quarrel (II), and Samaritan. The Black Rapier is the current leader. The modern team has been shown working with Winged Victory and the Gentleman, but these have not become members.


167. The Double Dating Four (13 points)
I really never was a fan of this run, and after Byrne’s uber successful run on the book I never really been back to the FF since. I am really looking forward to Hickman, it feels like old school Fantastic Four stories where they are exploring while Reed is ignoring his hot wife to build something. Really, really looking forward picking up Fantastic Four again. Fuck. I have to spend more money now. Goddammit. I can see why this team didn't get a lot of love, I think this is the worst lineup of Fantastic Four we have on this list, and we have five of them. Oh, that’s right. Glad this one is at the bottom of that mini-list.

Anywho, after Byrne’s run, he was followed by Roger Stern, Tom DeFalco, and Roy Thomas. Steve Englehart took over as writer for issues 304–332 (except #320). The title had been struggling, so Englehart decided to make radical changes. He felt the title had become stale with the normal makeup of Reed, Sue, Ben, and Johnny, so in issue #308 Reed and Sue retired and were replaced with the Thing's new girlfriend, Sharon Ventura, and Johnny Storm's former lover, Crystal. The changes increased readership through issue #321.

At this point, Marvel made decisions about another Englehart comic, West Coast Avengers, that he disagreed with, and in protest he changed his byline to S.F.X. Englehart (S.F.X. is the abbreviation for simple Sound Effects). In issue #326, Englehart was told to bring Reed and Sue back and undo the other changes he had made. This caused Englehart to take his name entirely off the book. He used the pseudonym John Harkness, which he had created years before for work he didn't want to be associated with. According to Englehart, the run from #326 through his last issue, #332, was "one of the most painful stretches of his career."Writer-artist Walt Simonson took over as writer with #334, and three issues later began penciling and inking as well. With brief inking exceptions, and one fill-in issue, he remained in all three positions through #354


166. The Black Glove (13 points)
Haha. The Morrison fans strike again. How the hell did these guys get double digits? How the hell are they even on the list? At least they didn't get Top Modern level of points, or wait, did they? I cannot remember that list already it was so frickin’ long. That list seriously destroyed a part of my brain, and a Canadian brain already has issues with it. There, I made a Canadian joke before any of you Anti-Canuckians can. So suck it.

Criminal organization in Gotham, their name is based off a movie in which two innocent lovers are influenced by corrupt gamblers. They were last seen storming Batman's house and causing him to have a seizure. Afterwards they drugged Dick Grayson and locked him up in Arkham, leaving the Dark Knight wandering helplessly on the streets, drugged with heroin.

They've proclaimed Wayne Manor as their new base of operations, captured Arkham Asylum as well, and declared war on the Outsiders by programming REMAC to explode, killing him and harming the rest of the Outsiders quite badly.

They have succeeded in driving Batman out of his mind after Dr. Hurt placed numerous triggers throughout the Dark Knight's career, resulting in Batman's temporary identity as "Batman of Zur-En-Arrh." They've turned Wayne Manor into a deathtrap for anyone foolish enough to enter. Setting the final stage for what may well be the death of The Batman.



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