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Your Top Teams part 15

Written by Chris Mitchell on Friday, June 19 2009 and posted in Features
More teams for ya! {nomultithumb}




165. Winnick’s Outsiders (13 points)

I personally never read this, I do remember this coming out around the time I got back into comics I think. I remember visiting the oldrama for the first time and hearing people bitch bout this book. I flipped thru one of the issues right before Infinite Crisis I think when Deathstroke was disguised as Batman to trick Arsenal. And I it got me thinking, I know me reading the book can't hear the voice its written word bubbles, but to make people think you are Batman, all you have to do is put the outfit on and people think you are him? Seemed kinda silly.

A mysterious conglomerate known as Optitron offered to sponsor the Titans and Young Justice after summoning them to San Francisco. Before any decisions could be made, a mysterious cybernetic girl (Indigo) from the future invaded the complex - and immediately engaged combat with both teams. With half the team out of commission, the remaining members tried to track down Indigo, but instead encountered a rogue Superman android which had been activated. The destructive robot caused the deaths of Titans Troia and Omen. Indigo arrived and shut down the Superman Android, leaving Arsenal and Nightwing to mourn the fallen Troia.

Three months later, Arsenal assembled a new team of heroes and persuaded the reluctant Nightwing to join the team as well. Joined by the reformatted Indigo, Metamorpho, Jade and new heroes Thunder and Grace, the team vowed to proactively hunt down villains before they could strike. Nightwing dubbed this new team of heroes The Outsiders, in honor of his mentor's former team and said the team should track down criminals before they do anything wrong.

Nightwing's leadership began to falter, leading to a heated confrontation with Arsenal. Sensing a team in turmoil, Jade assumed leadership of the Outsiders and invited Starfire to join. After the team was utterly betrayed by Indigo who was revealed as Brainiac 8, Nightwing left the team. Seeking to bolster their ranks, Jade recruited Captain Marvel Jr.


164. Threeboot Legion (13 points)

"With the help of interstellar alliances, the Earth entered a millennium of utopian peace. Now, at the dawn of the 31st Century, all we, our parents, and their parents have ever known is security, stability and order.

“We’re so sick of it, we could scream.”

At the end of the Teen Titans/Legion crossover one-shot, both teams (in this case, the Legion was the DnA era ‘Reboot’ Legion, more on them later) were lost in the time stream, while the Teen Titans landed ten years into their own future (Titans of Tomorrow), the Legion were lost seemingly forever, all except one, Legionnaire Shikari arrived in a strangely familiar place. Still the 31st Century, this new reality is an Orwellian ‘utopia’ where the Legion rebel against the strict rules of the adult’s of the United Planets. In this version, anyone that adheres to the Legion’s code and supports them is a “Legionnaire” but the core team remains at about twenty. Over the course of the series, they fight Praetor Lemnos, a maniac with the ability to be forgotten about as soon as he leaves, deal with an internal power struggle between the members loyal to Cosmic Boy and those loyal to Brainiac 5 and lose one of their own when Dream Girl dies in the battle against Lemnos’ forces.

In issue #16, the title jumped one year into the future in accordance with DC’s ‘One Year Later’ line of comics (or as Legion was branded ‘One Thousand and One Years Later) and the title was changed to ‘Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes’ after the Kryptonian teenager was blasted 1000 years into the future due to a Zeta Beam accident during the ‘Infinite Crisis’ event. Around this time, The Dominators broke their 1000 year treaty with the rest of the universe (and it was all Booster Gold’s fault) and a war that ended with Mon-El trapping the entire Dominator home world in the Phantom Zone under Cosmic Boy’s orders, actions that directly lead to Cosmic Boy being voted out of the Legion. At this point, a super team from the 41st Century show up to recruit Cosmic Boy, reminiscing the original Legion of Super-Heroes recruiting Superboy.

Cosmic Boy goes without telling anyone, so Supergirl sends teams out to find him, before being informed by an apparition of Dream Girl that everything works out fine. Supergirl’s memory of the Legion is wiped and she is sent back to her own time.

The title then reverted to its original name with the arrival of legendary Legion writer Jim Shooter, who had an unimpressive 14 issues that no-one on the internet seems to have chronicled, and this summarizer didn’t read them, but the title was cancelled at #50 and it now seems that the original post-Crisis team is back.

The ‘Threeboot’ Legion was full of ideas and imagination. Some of the reimaginings of characters were genius. Colossal Boy is now from a race of giants with the power to shrink to six feet tall, and Triplicate Girl is from a planet of identical girls, banished for not being EXACTLY the same as everyone else. Often looked down on for the same reason people hate on anything new, it’s not ‘their’ Legion, it’s a shame this team is being filed away in the back recesses of the DCU.


163. A.I.M. (14 points)

Oh M.O.D.O.K., you silly bigheaded fool. You will be seen later as well.

A.I.M. (Advanced Idea Mechanics) is an organization of brilliant scientists and their hirelings dedicated to the acquisition of power and the overthrow of all government by technological means. A.I.M. was organized during World War II as the scientific research division of the subversive military organization Hydra. In the late 1960’s A.I.M. seceded from Hydra because of political differences and began independent operations. A.I.M. first came to public attention when it was incorporated as an international cartel dealing with the development and marketing of new technological products. It supplied hardware and weapons to governmental and quasi-governmental agencies. Some time after Colonel Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. exposed A.I.M. to be a subversive organization. Since then, all of A.I.M.’s activities have been covert.

A.I.M. has been involved in the creation of three major instruments of deadly potential. The first is the Super-Adaptoid, an android capable of duplicating any super power (Project: Them). The second instrument was the Cosmic Cube, an unimaginably powerful object capable of restructuring reality itself. A.I.M. manufactured the containing device – the cube – reality-rending energy itself.

The third major achievement of A.I.M. is the creation of M.O.D.O.K. (Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing), an artificially mutated human being with an enormous head and a stunted body possessing superhuman intelligence and the ability to generate mental energy bolts and force fields. M.O.D.O.K. was originally an ordinary A.I.M. member who was selected by A.I.M.’s Scientist Supreme to be the subject of a mutation experiment. After being transformed, M.O.D.O.K. slew the Scientist Supreme and became the new leader of A.I.M., a position he has held ever since. A.I.M. has stagnated and has created no truly impressive weapon or launched any major attack on any nation.

There still exists a splinter group of A.I.M. agents who escaped being taken over by M.O.D.O.K. Unlike M.O.D.O.K.’s agents who are all clad in yellow; this renegade section of A.I.M. is clad in blue. The two factions have clashed on occasion, with M.O.D.O.K.’s group proving superior.

M.O.D.O.K. was later killed by Anaconda, Cottonmouth and Death Adder. Anaconda took his body back to A.I.M. for the reward they were promised.
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