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Your Top Teams part 21

Written by Chris Mitchell on Tuesday, June 23 2009 and posted in Features
A trio of goodies for your enjoyment.




144. The Original X-Factor (17 points)

xfactor1.jpgWhen Jean Grey was believed to be dead on the moon, the X-Men temporarily disbanded and were lead by Magneto due to Professor X's disappearance which was believed to be his death. For their doubt on trusting their former mortal villain, they have created a group consisting of the original X-Men members. Warren Worthington used his company to create a group X-Factor where they posed as mutant hunting humans at the urging of Warren's longtime friend Cameron Hodge. They also posed as human hating mutants under the alias X-terminators. During their time as X-Factor they rescued many mutants like Rictor, Boom Boom, Rusty, Skids, and Artie. Beast was kidnapped by the scientist Carl Maddicks and in an attempt to "cure" him Maddicks changed his appearance back to before he grew his fur. During one of their first battles they came into conflict with Apocalypse and his band of mutants outlaws. They were one of the teams fighting against the Marauders during the Mutant Massacre in the Morlock Tunnels, it was at this time that Angel sacrificed himself to save some mutants and ended up losing his wings. Extremely depressed over the loss Warren then escaped from the hospital and attempted to kill himself but was saved at the last second by Apocalypse so that he could become the Horsemen of Death.

After the Massacre, Scott traveled to Alaska to find his wife Madelyne and their son Nathan and found no trace of her anywhere, even the neighbors claimed to have no idea who he was talking about. During a battle with the Horsemen of Apocalypse Beast is touched by Pestilence and it reacts with his mutant physiology by allowing him to become stronger at the cost of his intelligence, his intelligence and fur are later restored by Infectia. Madelyne returns as the Goblin Queen after selling her soul to the demon Sym, she uses her newfound powers to warp the city of New York and tried to sacrifice her son to get revenge against Scott for leaving her. But she died in battle against Jean Grey before she could kill him. After being attacked by the Magistrates they travel to Genosha during the X-tinction Agenda. While there they fight alongside the X-men against a robotic Cameron Hodge, the Magistrates, and Scott's brainwashed younger brother Havok. When they finish the fight and return to New York they battle Apocalypse and Scott's son Nathan is infected with the techno-organic virus and in order to save his son Scott sends Nathan into the future. The original X-Factor eventually returned to the X-Men after Professor X returned from space.


143. Legion of Substitute Heroes (17 points)

legionofsubstituteheroes.jpgI really shoulda got my outsourcer to write this one up, but I will try. Cool? Cool!!

Originally, Polar Boy led the team of Subs consisting of Chlorophyll Kid, Fire Lad, Night Girl, and Stone Boy. Stone Boy was offered a chance at full Legion membership, but declined to remain with the Subs. Dream Girl and Star Boy later joined, after Star Boy's temporary expulsion from the Legion. Color Kid, Infectious Lass, Porcupine Pete, Double Header, and Antennae Lad joined the team later.

Polar Boy became a full-fledged Legionnaire, and was elected Legion Leader. During this time, Cosmic Boy formed a new group of Substitute Heroes that were available to assist the LSH when needed. This team consisted of Cosmic Boy, Bouncing Boy, Duo Damsel, Night Girl, Comet Queen, and the second Karate Kid (Myg). During the 5-Year Gap, Night Girl married her long-term beau Cosmic Boy.

Fire Lad, Chlorophyll Kid, Stone Boy, Infectious Lass, Color Kid, and Porcupine Pete all joined the second Invisible Kid Jacques Foccart, Tyroc, and Ron-Karr in the resistance movement to free Earth from the control of the Dominators. After Earth was freed, Fire Lad, Stone Boy, Color Kid, Chlorophyll Kid and Porcupine Pete served in the UP Militia. Polar Boy formed his own team of heroes based on Tartarus, while Night Girl and Infectious Lass lived at the LSH HQ on Talus.

Just so ya know, there are so many friggin’ Legion related teams on this list. It’s silly. Really, really silly.


invisibles.png142. The Invisibles (17 points)

The Worshippers of Morrison strike again folks, wait till you see the other surprises on this list. Bwaha-hahahahaha-hahahaha. I laugh not because I agree with it, but because I know some of you will flip out.

The first volume of The Invisibles introduces Dane McGowan, an angry teen from Liverpool, as he attempts to burn down his school. Abandoned by his father and neglected by his mother, Dane takes out his anger and frustration through destruction. In the first issue the series, Dane is recruited by the Invisibles, a ragtag band of freedom fighters led by King Mob, a charismatic, cold-blooded assassin. The next arc, "Down and Out in Heaven and Hell", shows Dane as he tries to survive on his own in London after being abandoned by the Invisibles. Dane is mentored by Tom O’Bedlam, an old homeless man who is secretly a member of the Invisibles. Tom shows Dane the magic in the everyday world and helps him realize that his anger prevents him from experiencing real emotions. While wandering with Tom, Dane has a partially remembered alien abduction experience and is transported into a different dimension. Eventually Dane returns to the Invisibles, taking the codename "Jack Frost." The next arc, "Arcadia", follows the Invisibles as they go back in time via astral projection to the French Revolution. Jack is almost killed by a demonic agent of the Outer Church, the Invisibles’ chief enemy. As the volume closes, Jack declares that he is leaving the Invisibles.

The second volume opens with Jack Frost abandoning the Invisibles. The tragic past of Lord Fanny, a Brazilian transvestite and a member of King Mob's Invisibles cell, is revealed in a story arc titled "She-Man", which jumps back and forth through time. After an encounter with an agent of the Outer Church, both King Mob and Lord Fanny are captured. The volume closes with a look at Jack as he evades both the Invisibles and the Outer Church in London. Jack remembers his abduction experience from the previous volume, recalling that his alien captors told him that he is the messiah. Jack is approached by Sir Miles, a high-ranking member of the Outer Church, who tries to recruit him. Jack refuses and battles Sir Miles telepathically. After winning the psychic duel, Jack escapes again, this time to Liverpool. This volume also introduces Jim Crow, a Haitian Invisible and Voodoo practitioner, and the Moonchild, a monstrous being who will one day be crowned the next King of England. The twelfth issue of the series, "Best Man Fall," fleshes out the character of a soldier whom King Mob killed in the previous volume.

I could go one but reading the synopsis of this stuff is giving me a headache.



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