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Your Top Teams part 23

Written by Chris Mitchell on Wednesday, June 24 2009 and posted in Features
Wow. A bunch of under agers in this group.




teentitansoyl.jpg137. Titans OYL (18 points)

Much like all things OYL, Titans sucked hard. Johns’ work on this title was flopping by retread old stories with Deathstroke and such. Only good to come of this was the introduction of Kid Devil to the book, and his friendship with Blue Beetle. Other than that, Titans OYL was garbage. I was so glad when McKeever came aboard and Johns left.

After Infinite Crisis the team was a disaster, Superboy was dead, leaving Wonder Girl with her heart broken. Kid Flash had aged four years and lost his powers. Robin left to travel the world with Batman. Cyborg was in a coma and Starfire was lost in space.

Beast Boy and Raven tried to keep the Titans going during the next year, but the team couldn’t hold any traction, with dozens of heroes passing through its ranks. Raven disappeared with no explanation and Beast Boy joined the Doom Patrol. Things finally turned around when Robin returned from his travels and Cyborg awoke from his coma.

Robin, Cyborg, and the two newest members, Kid Devil and the Ravager (Rose Wilson), convinced Wonder Girl to rejoin the team, and then traveled the world searching for Raven. Raven had fled for two reasons: one member of the team during the past year had been a traitor, and she wanted to create a new body for Jericho using the same process that had created her own. With the traitor revealed as Bombshell, Raven introduced Rose to her brother Jericho, and Miss Martian joined the team.

Soon after the resurrection of Jericho, Deathstroke formed a "Titans East team" to battle the Teen Titans to get to his children. The Teen Titans were defeated until Raven (the only one that was able to escape) brought reinforcements consisting of Nightwing, Donna Troy, Beast Boy and Bart Allen now as Flash

After the events of "Amazon Attack" Supergirl joined the team while Cyborg and Raven left to reconstruct the original Titans Tower. Bart and Duela were killed in separate events causing tension amongst many of the Teen Titans, especially Robin. Additionally, Blue Beetle is invited to train at the Tower whenever he wishes.


new-youngxmen.jpg136. New/Young X-Men (18 points)

"When Kyle & Yost stopped killing characters off like crazy, the series got infinitely better. Then MC came along and screwed it all up, leaving us with the mediocre Young X-Men effort...and got rid of popular characters to replace them with uninteresting and unappealing characters like Ink, Graymalkin, and Cipher."

"Kyle and Yost's run on this book is one of my all time favorite X-titles. Most of the characters were some of the most original and intriguing mutant introduced in the last few years IMO. Sadly they got the shaft after Messiah Complex and are pretty much being ignored now just so Marvel can do yet another New Mutants book."

"I love the kids..."

Some people voted for the New and some voted for the Young, so I merged them both. I know, I know, but sometimes it just makes it easier then having a bunch of ties in the single digit section. And these kids deserve to be up higher. So there.

Many years, more than 10, after the original New Mutants had both came and gone, Professor Xavier had made the decision to go public with his school. This resulted in a huge increase in the number of students that enrolled and went to the Xavier Institute. He would have the X-Men new and old, even some of his ex-New Mutants, as teachers and advisers to the hundreds of additional students.

The legacy of the New Mutants, would be reborn with some of the original members would return becoming teachers or advisers for the students at Xavier's Institute including Moonstar, Wolfsbane, Karma and Magma. Due to massive amount of students enrolled as the academy the squad system was put in place. This group up students with an adviser to tailor their teaching and training styles specific to the squad.

Just as there was a team called the New Mutants many years in the past so too would there be one now. The squad would consist of Elixir (Josh Foley), Prodigy (David Alleyne), Surge (Noriko Ashida), Wallflower (Laurie Collins), Wind Dancer (Sofia Mantega), and Wither (Kevin Ford). The New Mutants squad would later be joined by Cannonball's younger brother Icarus (Joshua "Jay" Guthrie) as well. The squad adviser would be none other then New Mutants alumni and charter member Danielle Moonstar then known as Psyche.

This squad would eventually disband around the time of M-Day and some of its members would move on and became members of the New X-Men (A junior up and coming team of X-Men). Though after M-Day, many New Mutants were de-powered such as Prodigy and Wind Dancer. Then tragedy would occur when the, mutant hating, Purifiers launched a rocket at a bus full of de-powered mutants that were leaving the school under the cover of night. All that were aboard the bus were killed devastating those who looked on helpless to stop it. Still reeling, only days later, more deaths would follow seeing Wallflower and Icarus, both previously of the New Mutants squad, meet their untimely deaths as well, at the hand of the Purifiers. This hurt all at the mansion, but it especially hurt their former teammates, who knew them the most.

Cyclops reassembled the X-Men in the final genesis to protect mutant-kind from its own. They are possibly the last generation of X-Men. Cyclops decides to put the X-Men together, finally realizing that what is left of mutant-kind is protected from its own kind. He assembles a group of teenaged mutants from former students to complete strangers into a small army for and against mutants.

Cyclops starts off with Wolf Cub who is in Paris, paying a visit to Maximus Lobo who has antagonized Wolf Cub several times in the past and is currently powerless thanks to the Decimation. Wolf Cub wishes to kill Maximus but Cyclops, appearing, convinces him not to. Then he travels to Bakwa, Afghanistan, where Dust is protecting the average Afghani from the Taliban alongside freedom fighters, using her mutant powers to liberate one city at time.

In La Jolla, California, a trash-talking blonde kid named Ink is getting a tattoo in a tattoo parlor illegally and is confronted by the cops. Eric uses his newest tattoo of a biochemical hazard symbol and touches a police officer, making him extremely sick. Eric is arrested anyways. Later, while Ink is in jail, Cyclops, disguised as a janitor, recruits him.

Meanwhile, in New Jersey, Blindfold has a startling prophetic vision in a nightmare that shows her among the new team of X-Men, including an unknown teammate, battling Donald Pierce underground and watches a teammate murdered by Pierce in the final battle. She travels to the ruins of the Xavier Institute to try and interpret her vision as something watches her from afar. She later goes to a Little Italy type community in Naples, Florida to speak with Rockslide about joining the team and telling him that they will need him, beating Cyclops to the punch. Cyclops reluctantly takes Blindfold back to Westchester along with Rockslide. In the catacombs of the Danger Cave, Cyclops briefs them on their mission, gives them their costumes and shows them their new enemies, the Brotherhood of Mutants consisting of former New Mutants, Magma, Danielle Moonstar, Cannonball and Sunspot.

The teams split up to take on the Brotherhood. Blindfold and Ink take on Danielle Moonstar at her home. While a mysterious force that accompanied Blindfold knocked Moonstar out, Ink betrays his teammate and knocks Blindfold unconscious as well. It is revealed that "Cyclops" was actually Donald Pierce in disguise and he had bribed Ink to betray his team. Ink then delivered the two women to Pierce for his paycheck. Meanwhile, the remaining team members take on Magma. The Young X-Men struggle and Magma uses her powers to turn Dust's sand form into glass. The team seems near defeat until Wolf Cub risks it and claws Magma with a near-fatal swipe.

Elsewhere "Cyclops" spies on the remaining Brotherhood members--Sunspot and Cannonball. Unbeknownst to him, Graymalkin lurks in the shadows watching him and ready to take him down. Ink returns, not knowing Donald Pierce and Cyclops are one in the same, and lies to his leader that Dani's powers returned and she took Blindfold hostage.


135. The Teen Team (19 points)

teenteam.jpgWow. Greg must be getting a woody on this list, why you ask? Cuz it’s filled with non-big 2 stuff.

Assembled and led by the mechanical marvel Robot, the Teen Team also consisted of Rex Splode, a brash brawler with explosive powers; Dupli-Kate, a self-cloning crime fighter; Atom Eve, manipulator of matter; and the newest teen superhero, Invincible, who assisted the team on multiple occasions, although not an active member.

They operated out of a secret base inside a huge pillar of a bridge, were Robot tirelessly monitored emerging crises and conducted experiments. The Guardians of the Globe were impressed by Robot's achievements and asked him to join. Robot disbanded the team that he formed, but the Guardians were all murdered before he could accept a position with the group. The Teen Team was successful by super-team standards. Over nearly four years of missions, the team amassed an impressive record of wins against foes such as the Mauler twins, Lava monsters, invaders from beyond, and the rampaging Elephant. The Teen Team is credited with saving the world 1.5 times.



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