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Your Top Teams part 27

Written by Chris Mitchell on Thursday, June 25 2009 and posted in Features
Groups from all over the board....




122. The Warbound (23 points)

warbound..jpg"The Warbound needs to come back and kill Red Hulk."

When the Incredible Hulk is exiled from Earth by the Illuminati, his ship's navigational controls fail causing him to fly through a wormhole and crash land on the war filled planet of Sakaar. Here he is in a weakened state and is immediately captured and put into service as a gladiator in the Red King's arena. Here Hulk meets fellow gladiators Hiroim, Elloe, Korg, and Miek. These five gladiators rebel against the Red King and escape into the wilderness. The King's personal guard Caiera the Oldstrong is sent by the Red King to destroy Hulk and end the rebellion that is growing around them. After a battle begins between Caiera and the Hulk the Red King releases a plague of the Spikes, an organic parasite that also crash landed on Sakaar, putting his own men in the line of fire as well as the gladiators.

Learning that the release of the Spikes was not an accident Caiera joins the Hulk against the Red King. These six Warbound allies are able to free the Spikes of the Red King's control and defeat the Red King. After the Red King's death comes a brief period of in fighting between the survivors followed by a period of re-growth and restoration by the Warbound. This was not to last as the ship that brought the Hulk to Sakaar detonated, destroying everything that they sought to rebuild and killing almost all the survivors of Sakaar--including Caiera who was now married to the Hulk and carrying his unborn child.

Enraged, the Hulk and the original gladiators of the Warbound set a course for Earth to make the Illuminati pay for their involvement in the destruction of the paradises that they built on Sakaar.


121. Reboot Legion (23 points)

rebootlegion..jpgTake it away, outsourcer!!!! Give him a round of applause, dammit!

In the wake of the Zero Hour event, DC created a new continuity for the Legion, citing Parallax and Extant’s mucking about as the cause for changes in history. Launched out of Legion of Super-Heroes #0 and Legionnaires #0 the new team strived to set itself apart from the previous incarnation, whilst remaining respectful to what came before. Gone were the classic ‘Boy/Girl/Lad/Lass’ monikers, replaced with names that described their power set and/or personality. Lightning Lad became Live Wire, Phantom Girl becomes Apparition and Mon-El became M’Onel. In some cases, such as Saturn Girl, Ultra Boy and Element Lad kept their traditional names.

The Legion was formed when three teens from different planets joined together to save philanthropist R.J Brande, they took on the names Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl and Live Wire and became the Legion of Super-Heroes. After Triad and Apparition joined them in stopping a terrorist attack, it was decided by the United Planets that each planet would submit one teen to the Legion, and thus, the Legion were know was born.

The Legion’s visited the 20th Century to help rescue the hero Valor (AKA M’Onel) and along with the help of the Superboy of this period, they succeeded and M’Onel joined their ranks. The team then faced classic Legion threats such as Mordru and the Time Trapper, as well as new, equally dangerous threats like The Blight. In battling The Blight, the Legion was transported across the universe and began an adventure so popular, this particular team got their own entry!

Upon returning home, the Legion then battled Universo, Ra’s Al Ghul, who had been masquerading as the President of the United Planets and eventually, they took on two Darkseids with the help of Superboy (Kon-El) and a young Clark Kent.

The Legion then faced their greatest threat, the Fatal Five-Hundred, made up of 100 different incarnations of the Fatal Five, from 100 different timelines throughout Hypertime. With the help of the 21st Century’s Teen Titans, the Five-Hundred were defeated but it left both teams trapped in the time stream, and due to an outside force pounding on the very walls of reality, the Legion were lost seemingly forever. They recently returned to help two other Legions fight the newest incarnation of the Legion of Super-Villains in Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds. Who knows when the next issue of that is due though?


120. League of Extraordinary Gentleman (23 points)

loexg..jpgIn the aftermath of the events of the novel Dracula, a now disgraced and divorced Mina Harker (née Murray), is recruited by Campion Bond on behalf of British Intelligence and tasked to assemble a league of other extraordinary individuals to protect the interests of the Empire. Together with Captain Nemo, Mina travels to Cairo to locate Allan Quatermain, then on to Paris in search of Dr. Jekyll; finally in London she forcibly recruits Hawley Griffin, The Invisible Man, who completes this incarnation of the League. Meeting with Professor Cavor, the League are sent against Fu Manchu in his Limehouse lair, who has stolen the only known example of cavorite and plans to use it to build an offensive airship, against which Britain would have little defense. Having eventually retrieved the cavorite, the League deliver it into the hands of their employer - none other than Professor Moriarty, who plans to use it in an airship of his own, with which he will bomb his adversary's Limehouse lair flat, taking large parts of London and the League themselves with it. An aerial war above London commences, and the League eventually triumphs. Mycroft Holmes replaces Moriarty as the League's employer, and the extraordinary individuals are tasked to remain in service to the Crown, awaiting England's call.

Placed during the events of H. G. Wells' The War of the Worlds, Volume two opens on Mars, where John Carter and Lt. Gullivar Jones (of Edwin Lester Linden Arnold's Gulliver of Mars) have assembled an alliance to fight against Martian invaders. When the invaders are forced off Mars and land on Earth, they begin to build their tripods. Griffin under cover of invisibility leaves the League to form an alliance with the invaders. Mycroft Holmes deploys Nemo and Hyde to defend the capital by patrolling London's rivers in the Nautilus. Meanwhile Murray and Quatermain meet up with Dr. Moreau in his secret hideout in the forest, and tell him that MI5 has asked for something known as H-142. Hyde returns to the British Museum and murders Griffin. Hyde dies fighting a tripod, while MI5 launch H-142: a hybrid bacterium, made up of anthrax and streptococcus. Nemo is infuriated, and Bond coolly replies that they will claim that, officially, the Martians died of the common cold, whilst any humans found dead will have been killed by Martians. Angered by the British government's heartless use of biological weaponry, Nemo leaves in the Nautilus and tells Quatermain and Murray to "never seek him again", mistakenly believing that they knew the details of the British plan.


119. The Atomics (23 points)

atomics..jpgFormer enemies, now allies, are the Mutant Street Beatniks who were originally just ordinary beatniks. When Mott first arrived he was being chased by Zenelle, a female alien from a species infamous throughout the galaxy for devouring their mates after the wedding night. Zenelle left behind a trail of spores as she tracked Mott through the city, exposure to which caused the beatniks to mutate into disgusting, warty versions of themselves. Zenelle fell in love with one of these mutants and carried him away, much to the relief of Mott.

Blaming Madman for their deformity, the Mutant Street Beatniks remained bitter enemies until they discovered that their deformation was simply the first stage of their mutation, which gave them super powers such as elasticity. Discovering these powers cleared up their skin condition, so they no longer hate Madman and have formed a super-hero team calling themselves The Atomics. Around this time, their missing comrade returned from space, revealing that Zenelle had actually fallen in love with him to the degree she went against her culture and refused to eat him. Because of the different time-flow between Snap City and Zenelle's planet, when their comrade returned he brought with him his teenage son, the product of his union with Zenelle.

I really love the designs of these characters.


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