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Your Top Teams part 31

Written by Chris Mitchell on Friday, June 26 2009 and posted in Features
The final for before the Top 100.




105. The Warriors Three (26 points

warriorsthree.jpg"The Warriors Three are part Shakespeare’s Falstaff, part Errol Flynn, part Genghis Khan, part Kirby genius all added up to equal 100% awesome."

Nice quote. SOOOOO true. I really love these guys, and surprised at how high they got. Was I expecting a Top 100 vote? No, not at all. More high 100's. Or hell, a OPC vote. But wow, these guys did damn good for an old school team. I am really loving Thor right now, not the biggest JMS supporter but he has knocked it outta the park. Now that he is over with DC I wonder who will take over the title? Fraction has been doing a good job at Thor when he has written him, perhaps he will? Hopefully, I cannot think of anyone else who could do it off the top of my head.

The Warriors Three consist of three Asgardian heroes: Fandral, Hogun and Volstagg. The three have fought alongside many heroes especially Thor, Warren Traveler, and Sif. Also, Balder often fought along side these heroes as well. When Loki brought about Ragnarok upon Asgard, two of the brothers Hogun and Fandral were killed off panel. The third, Volstagg, survived and was discovered in hiding by Thor, only now being emaciated and frail. During Ragnarok it wiped out all of Asgard and all of its inhabitants including the last of the brothers Volstagg. None of the inhabitants of Asgard have reappeared.


104. Supreme Power (26 points)

supremepower.jpgWow, two JMS titles right after each other. Kinda freaky eh?

The Squadron Supreme is formed when the U.S. government recruits both current (eg. Hyperion) and new (eg. Amphibian) super humans to carry out missions on its behalf. While some of the team's missions are international in scope and have a "positive public relations" aspect, others are covert and apparently involve military strikes and assassinations.

The team's first mission involves traveling to Africa, to neutralize an African general named John M'Butu, whose voice can compel obedience. The general, however, is actually executed by a group of African super humans who tell the Squadron to leave, stating, "Africa is now off-limits". The team then travel to the Ilam Province in Iran, where they have been ordered to stop a group of insurgents. Hyperion quells the doubts of comrade The Blur about their agenda by showing him a mass grave filled with the bodies of innocents. After this mission the Blur asks the vigilante Nighthawk to join the Squadron, but Nighthawk refuses.

Shortly after this, Hyperion engages in a public battle with a super-powered serial killer named Michael Redstone, who was previously captured by Hyperion, the Blur and Nighthawk. Unfortunately, the battle results in the deaths of several innocent bystanders, and Redstone then attempts to blackmail Hyperion with a nuclear device, although teammate Zarda apparently deals with the bomb. The Blur and Nighthawk then join Hyperion for the final confrontation with Redstone.

Five years after the Squadron Supreme fought Redstone and the Ultimate Power incident, the Squadron Supreme has disappeared.


103. Celestial Madonna Avengers (26 points)

avengers-cm.jpgYou gotta love this lineup. You have these five, plus Quicksilver, Cap and...there was someone else. A Douchebag in purple. Either way his name escapes me. But it’s a wicked lineup nonetheless. Throw in Mantis and a reformed Swordsman and BAM!! Awesomeness.

The major chunk of this era has to do with Mantis. The story of Mantis and her rise from bar-girl to Celestial Madonna actually began in #112, and ran to GIANT-SIZE AVENGERS #4, following #135. As far as I know it's the most detailed origin anyone's ever had - a total of 19 issues. This saga also reveals that the Vision's body had only been appropriated, and not created, by Ultron, and that it had originally belonged to the 1940s Human Torch. With his origins now clear to him, the Vision proposes to the Scarlet Witch. The Celestial Madonna saga ends with their wedding, presided over by Immortus. Englehart's tenure also coincided with the debut of George Pérez as artist.


102. The Original X-Force (27 points)

xforce-og.jpg"You cannot get more 90s then this book, right here."

Oh so true. Shoulder pads and huge guns, how awesome are those eh? And pouches. Lots and lots of pouches. I shouldn't really make fun, I was all over this book like Oprah on Oreos, seriously. Kinda laughed at the name at first, but over all it was just some good shit.

X-Force was created by illustrator Rob Liefeld after he started penciling The New Mutants comic book in 1989 with #86. The popularity of Liefeld’s art lead to him taking over the writing and drawing duties on the book, which allowed him to introduce Cable and several other new hard-edged characters in 1990 and 1991. With help from writer Fabian Nicieza, who provided the dialogue for Liefeld’s plots, Liefeld transformed the New Mutants into X-Force in The New Mutants #100, the book's final issue. Liefeld and Nicieza launched X-Force in August 1991. The book sold a record 5 million copies, and remains the second highest selling comic book of all time, surpassed only by Jim Lee's X-Men book that same summer with 8 million copies.

The main opponents of X-Force during its first year were the terrorists Mutant Liberation Front, led by Stryfe, a masked mutant with a mysterious link to Cable. Early issues also featured the wisecracking mercenary Deadpool, the immortal Externals, and a new version of The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, the X-Men’s oldest enemies.

Writer Mark Waid and painter Alex Ross parodied X-Force and other anti-hero groups from the early 1990s in the 1996 DC Comics miniseries Kingdom Come, which portrayed a future where a generation of violent anti-heroes had replaced the familiar DC characters. Their leader Magog bore an intentional resemblance to Shatterstar and Cable.

Liefeld illustrated the series up to #9 and stopped plotting it after #12 as Liefeld had become increasingly frustrated that he did not own the characters he created and that his art was being used on a variety of merchandise while he received little royalties. Along with six other popular Marvel artists, Liefeld left Marvel Comics in 1992 to form Image Comics.


101. The Big 7 plus 1 (27 points)

jla-big7+1.jpg"Ever since Joe Kelly replaced Mark Waid on JLA, we've been treated to some pretty weird and interesting stories. Not necessarily all good, but truly out of the ordinary. I have been an on again/off again fan of Joe Kelly's writing; from loving each issue of his runs on Deadpool and Uncanny X-Men, to so-so feelings on his Action Comics and definitely noticing a hit and miss effect with JLA. And just when I've decided to quit getting JLA because of Kelly's usually confusing storytelling."

I found that quote when looking up this era of the JLA. I found it interesting so I added it to the write up. Do you agree? Disagree?

I really like this lineup. The Big 7 and Plastic Man. Good ol' Plas should always be part of the JLA, I do not care what you say. He is a needed member of the team. And a great comic relief for all the stupid seriousness in that lineup. Also, he is one of the most powerful people in the DCU. Yeah, I said it.

This team did all kinds of stuff that fought Axis America. They also traveled thru time and such for the Obsidian Age storyline, which gave us a new Justice League lineup who will appear on the list as well. It always gave us the Burning storyline where Scorch tried to help Martian Manhunter get over his fire phobia and you learn why and there is a big Godzilla fighting a giant Plastic Man in Metropolis. Either way, Kelly and Manke gave us some fun storylines. Following Mark Waid is not an easy thing to do but alas he gave it too us.

So, are you ready for the Top 100?


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