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Your Top Teams part 33

Written by Chris Mitchell on Monday, June 29 2009 and posted in Features
Three more for ya!!




96. The Teen McKeevers (29 points)
After the god awful Titans East storyline, Geoff Jones finally left the Teen Titans, and all ways happy in the world of Bubba. Soon after, events related to the Countdown story arc affect the Titans. Two members, Duela Dent and Bart Allen are killed in separate events. At the same time, the team reorganizes. Cyborg leaves the team for his own pursuits, Supergirl joins the team, and Blue Beetle is invited to Titans Tower to train whenever he wants.

The Titans Tomorrow return, allied with Lex Luthor, and intent on altering the present to fit their future. During the fight, Miss Martian's future counterpart reveals the rationale behind the Sinestro Corps and their war to subjugate the universe. The vision spurs Miss Martian to act, and she frees Robin, who again confronts his future self, who has become Batman. Cassie intervenes, and changes the future by kissing Robin, causing the future versions to fade out. The Titans then join the fight against the Sinestro Corps.

After their encounter with their future selves, Supergirl quits after Wonder Girl confesses their friendship is based in her sense of missing Conner. Cassie and Tim begin a brief relationship, while Kid Devil pines for Rose. Miss Martian finds that her future self has implanted a piece of her demented psyche within M'Gann’s mind. Kid Devil is left in Titans Tower alone and throws a massive party for local Titans fans, which leads to him being captured by Dreadbolt.

A week later, while Robin and Wonder Girl discuss Kid Devil's absence, Ravager and the twins are attacked inside the tower by Persuader and Copperhead, who are being directed by the Clock King. Disruptor is sent to capture Miss Martian. Clock King describes his group as Terror Titans, and intends to sell his captives to "The Dark Side Club" to fight in arena combat. Though Ravager rescues the twins, she blows up the Tower in an effort to force her opponents to reveal Kid Devil's location. M'gann frees Kid Devil from Clock King's psychological conditioning. Robin, Wonder Girl, and Blue Beetle arrive, and help defeat the Terror Titans, freeing their teammates. Following the Terror Titans attack, Kid Devil sets out to capture Shockwave and is, to his dismay, helped by Blue Beetle. Although they don't get along and argue the whole time they eventually work out their problems and stop Shockwave, with the help of Kid Devil's new teleportation powers. After the battle Eddie takes the code name Red Devil, along with a new costume, assuring his teammates that the change is not in relation to his future counterpart. During some down time Marvin and Wendy find themselves tired of being the Titans "maids" and think about leaving when they find a dog on Titans' Island. The dog is quickly named Wonderdog. Miss Martian suddenly tells her teammates she has some issues to work out and leaves the team assuring them she'd be back. While searching the tower for Wonderdog, Wendy stumbles upon Marvin's dead body at the feet of a transformed Wonderdog. She tries to run and call for help but is mauled by the beast. Wonderdog then flees to his awaiting master, the son of Ares, King Lycus. Wendy survives the attack, but is left severely injured and apparently in a coma.

It has been recently revealed that Static and Kid Eternity will join the team in the near future. In the aftermath of the Batman R.I.P storyline, Robin decides to leave the group for an undetermined period of time and leaves the task of assembling and leading a new roster to Wonder Girl. So far Misfit has applied to join the team and Traci 13 is being considered as possible new member. After the Titans fought off the returned Brother Blood alongside Kid Eternity, Traci 13 and Misfit both leave. Furthermore, Red Devil loses his powers after Blood absorbs them from him. However, Miss Martian returns with several teen heroes liberated from the Dark Side Club. After proposing membership to several of the heroes, the new team is formed: Wonder Girl, Blue Beetle, and the now powerless Red Devil are joined by Kid Eternity, Static, Aquagirl and Miss Martian rejoins the team; and Bombshell decides to formally join.

Then because of Didio, McKeever left because of too much of his interference and the Teen Titans and the Titans title both fail at being good.



95. The Minute Men (29 points)
It is thought the minutemen took their name from Colonial Militia who set up a group of select men who would rapidly responded to any threat quickly. The Minutemen were formed in 1939 by Captain Metropolis an ex Marine who wanted to put the efforts of a group of heroes to good use, Along with Silk Spectre (Sally Jupiter), who wanted to seek out fame, instead of working as a dancer and her agent Laurence Schexnayder, who would later marry Sally Jupiter. The group consisted of eight crime fighters, Silhouette (Ursula Zandit), Mothman (Byron Lewis), Dollar Bill (unknown), Nite Owl (Hollis Mason), The Comedian (Edward Blake) and the Hooded Justice (Rolf Muller). During the forties each of these heroes where a sighing example of what made the world good, It even included the first masked hero in American history Hooded Justice a former strong man how used brute force to end crime sprees.

Lasting for just under a year before this fairy tale team began to split, it all started in 1940 at the hands of The Comedian. After their first photo shoot, Sally Jupiter went to powder her nose and was attacked and almost raped by the 16 year old comedian, who was stopped by the Hooded Justice. Laurence convinced Sally not to press charges for the benefit of the group and The Comedian was forced to leave. Shortly after a fake relationship between Sally and Rolf was leaked to the press to cover up the real relationship, between Captain Metropolis and Hooded Justice. The seven members continued crime fighting.

It all started to end bloody with the death of Silhouette, killed next to her lesbian lover, Dollar Bill died the same year in 1946 and soon after the Minute Men began to be questioned by the House of Un-American Activities Committee, Sally Jupiter took this chance to retire and married her agent and the Hooded Justice vanished, Some say that the Comedian took this chance to kill his old colleague but that has never been confirmed. The Remaining four members decided to disband in 1949. But sadly this is not the end of woe for the Minutemen. After the team disbanded Mothman began to break down, mainly in part due to the questioning by Un-American Activities Committee, Turning to alcohol as a comfort and soon was placed in sanatorium in New England. In 1974 Captain Metropolis was beheaded in a car accident and then came the final blow during Halloween of 1985 Hollis Mason who had written a book about his time as the first Nite-Owl and public announced the attempted rape of Sally by the Comedian was beaten to death in his own home by a bunch of Gang Members.

Only two remaining members of the Minutemen are left alive and one is missing, Sally is a retired mother to the new Silk Spectre, Moth Man is locked away and The Hooded Justice is considered missing but presumed dead, a sad end to a great hero team.


94. Doom and Namor (28 points)

"This partnership may have made a comeback with Dark Reign but you can trace it back to the earliest FF issues and the Super-Villain Team-up series was 90% Namor/Doom awesomeness. These two characters are brilliant separately and when they work together... let’s just say I wouldn’t be surprised if at the end of Dark Reign Doom had the land and Namor had the seas."

Now this is a duo, and you cannot deny how awesome this duo is, long before the Cabal was around, these were chummin’ it out using there regal and pompous nature to talk down to everyone who gets there in there way. I believe it all started way back in the Super-Villains Team-up series. It initially teamed up Dr. Doom and Sub-Mariner, who had lost his own series, from which it picked up the unresolved plots, especially that of the comatose Atlanteans. After a continual succession of writers and artists and a crossover with The Avengers, the plot gets resolved in issue #13 when Dr. Doom revives the Atlanteans, thus dissolving his alliance with Sub-Mariner.

Then I believe Doom enlisted his help again in Emperor Doom trade, where Doom takes over the world and uses the Purple Man to do so, and I am sure Zechs will post that fav. clip of his were Doom will is so powerful that not even the Purple Man can control him. Come on Zechs, you know you wanna do it. Either way, Namor was part of his inner circle yet was still under the control of ol' Purpie and once Doom's plan was foiled Namor got pissy and killed Mr. Purple (Yet he came back somehow, can someone explain that to me?)

Anywho, during the Civil War and its fallout, Namor and Doom found each other in alliance again both realizing they will be beneficial to each other in the future, which leads us to the Cabal where both men plan on killing Osborn at some point in time, but will they turn on each other before or after that takes place? Only time will tell, till then, let the two most arrogant men in the Marvel Universe reign supreme over anyone who mocks them.

Seriously, this team should be higher.




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