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Your Top Teams part 39

Written by Chris Mitchell on Wednesday, July 01 2009 and posted in Features
We break into the Top 75 today, neat huh?




77. The Starjammers (37 points)
Ever since Christopher Summers was a boy, he loved the adventures of the swashbuckling heroes of old novels and movies. Even as a major in the United States Air Force, he chose the call sign "Corsair" in homage to them. Chosen for the space program, he hoped he would soon travel into space. He got his wish, but not in the way he would have wanted. Following a visit to his parents in Anchorage, Alaska, Major Summers was flying his wife, Katherine Summers, and his sons, Scott aka Cyclops and Alex Havok, down the Pacific coast in his private plane when they were attacked by a Shi'ar starship. Scott and Alex parachuted to safety, but Major Summers and his wife were teleported aboard the starship and taken back to the Shi'ar thrown world. The Major was imprisoned but escaped only to find Emperor D'Ken attempting to force himself on Katherine. D'Ken murdered Katherine before Summers's eyes and then sentenced him to the mines of the planet Alsibar.

Slowly, Christopher Summers' spirit was broken, until he encountered a female, catlike alien who was being beaten by guards. Outraged, Summers attacked the guards, and two more prisoners, Ch'od and Raza, came to his assistance. Together, they stole a spaceship and escaped. Summers took the name Corsair and called his new band of outlaws the Starjammers. They became pirates, revenging themselves on the Sh'ar by attacking their spacecraft. The Starjammers helped the X-Men to stop the Shi'ar Emperor D'Ken's attempt to destroy the universe with the M'Kraan Crystal. In gratitude, Lilandra unofficially put an end to the feud between the Empire and the Starjammers. After she was overthrown by Deathbird, Lilandra found refuge with the team until she regained the Shi'ar throne.

After Corsair's death at the hands of his youngest son and new Emperor of the Shi'ar, Vulcan. A new group of Starjammers were born determined to bring Justice to Vulcan and return Lilandra to her throne as the true Shi'ar Empress. These brave souls are truly pirates against a common enemy. With Corsair's second son, Havok, taking his father's mantle accompanied by Corsair's granddaughter Marvel Girl. The Starjammers crew now consists of Raza, Ch'od, Polaris, Korvus, Lilandra, Cr+eee and Sikorsky.


76. MI: 13 (37 points)

I like this team. A lot. Like most, I think I came on this title a little too late and because of that it’s being cancelled. Shame. This is a damn good book, take my word on that. I really hope Marvel does something with this team after this book, but I highly doubt it. So yeah, we will wait and see.

MI: 13 is a British government agency that deals with superhuman and paranormal events within the UK. The Agency was created from the remnants of the Weird Happenings Organization (W.H.O.), Black Air and the other government organizations that deal with this type of event by Director Alistaire Stuart. The first appearance of the organization was in X-Force when Alistaire Stuart and Pete Wisdom appeared as part of the organization which at the time was un-named. The organization next appeared when the New Excalibur team was formed and funded by the organization, now officially named MI: 13. The organization currently has its own superhuman team led by Pete Wisdom. Its original members included; Captain Midlands, an aged English Super-soldier from WW II, Tink, a fairy from Otherworld, John the Skrull, a shape-shifting Skrull, Maureen Raven, a clairsentient and Pete Wisdom, a former member of Black Air and mutant but has recently changed after the "Secret Invasion" event.

During this incarnation of the team MI: 13 fought and gained a treaty with Otherworld as well as thwarted an inter-dimensional alien invasion. It also captured the Welsh Red Dragon for war crimes and awoke a sleeping giant in the British countryside. (In the "Wisdom: The Rudiments of Wisdom" miniseries) Since the beginning of the Skrull invasion of Earth all British super humans have been made part of MI: 13 and answer directly to Pete Wisdom who is now its new Director. The current core members of the team are Wisdom, Captain Britain, The Black Knight, Spitfire, Fazia Hussain and Blade but the likes of Tink, Captain Midlands and Union Jack still work as part of the team when needed.


75. The Worlds Finest (37 points)
Out of every superhero in the DC Universe, there are hardly two that are more different then Superman and Batman. Superman takes on crises as they arise. He is so fast and powerful that if a bad thing happens, he will shoot over and stop it so fast that whatever hapless villain was making a stir ends up in jail faster than light. Batman prefers a crushing, preemptive strike. If a crisis will happen, you can guarantee that the Dark Knight will have known about it and already have a detailed, workable plan formulated to stop it. Crises don't happen in Batman's territory-for the Caped Crusader stops them before they start. Given that these approaches are totally different, it's odd that these two would work together. But Superman and Batman actually have their own team that is how often they collaborate to fight evil.

Much of the distance is in power discrepancy. Superman can move faster then the speed of light. He is literally impossible to damage in any physical way-only magic and kryptonite have any effect. He has nearly unlimited strength - he has moved planets. He never tires and he has an array of other weapons. His heat vision can melt steel, he can freeze nearly anything with ice breath, his super breath can make airplanes stop in midair, and he can fly. He is nearly unstoppable.

Batman has no powers-he is merely a man. But Batman is honed to the physical and mental peak. He is one of the three smartest men in the DCU, along with Mr. Terrific and Lex Luthor. He is also one of the greatest martial artists alive, and he has loads of technology and money, including tools like Batarangs. He is a master tactician. This is why they need to take different approaches.

Although both have a different method (and they are often at odds), they team up all the time, and together, are one of the greatest team-ups in history-Superman/Batman. Superman/Batman explores the camaraderie, antagonism, and friendship between its titular characters. Jeph Loeb, the series' first writer, introduced a dual-narrator technique to present the characters' often opposing viewpoints and estimations of each other, which subsequent series writers have maintained. Prior to the 1985 limited series Crisis on Infinite Earths, the two iconic characters were depicted as the best of friends. Frank Miller's landmark series Batman: The Dark Knight Returns was the first DC story that depicts the heroes at odds with each other, as opposed to Pre-Crisis incarnations. This dynamic became DC Universe canon with John Byrne's The Man of Steel, a Superman reboot published in 1986.

With the exception of the first thirteen issues, most of the story arcs are independent and self-contained from the ongoing or crossover storylines in the other Batman and Superman comic titles. Superman/Batman #26, Loeb's final issue, features a story plotted by Jeph Loeb's son, Sam Loeb, who wrote it prior to his death from cancer in 2005 at the age of 17. Twenty-six writers and artists who knew Sam worked on the issue, donating their fees and royalties for the issue to The Sam Loeb College Scholarship Fund.


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