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Your Top Teams part 41

Written by Chris Mitchell on Thursday, July 02 2009 and posted in Features
Very interesting group here.




70. The X-Marauders (39 points)

xmarauders.jpg"This team is almost an X-Suicide Squad if you think about it."

You know, you are right. We have Sabretooth, we have Mystique both baddies. We have new characters like Lady Mastermind whose daddy was well, Mastermind. And Omega Sentinel who later got possessed by Malice. Three of the four characters listed ended up siding with Mr. Sinister during the Messiah Complex, and as for Sabretooth, well, Loeb handled him nicely, didn't he? Fucking retarded Loeb. Anywho, I was a fan of this run. And I even enjoyed the art, which I am not usually a fan off. This artist can be messed up so much its like one of those 3D pictures where you have to unfocus your eyes to see what the hell is going on, but it worked here.

It was good to see Rogue lead the team, and with Cable in an X-lineup as well. But the thing I loved most about this group? Cannonball and Iceman. Seriously, now that is a duo I would love to read more of. They are two great and underrated characters in the X-Universe and this title showed us how awesome they are and how awesome they worked together.

Sadly this lineup went belly up during and after the Messiah Complex. And now we will never see the awesomeness of Iceman and Cannonball again because he rejoined the New Mutants. LAME!!! Lame lame lame lame lame.



69. The Young Justice Titans (39 points - 1 first place slot)

youngjusticetitans.jpg"GJ Brought the YJ crew to new heights and reinvigorated the W&P Titans in one fell swoop."

"Before this book, if you had told me that Bart Allen and Superboy were going to sacrifice themselves to save the universe, I would have told you to get bent. After this book? Bart and Kon-El became the ultimate heroes. And more Tim Drake is always a good thing."

"We get most of my favorite older Titans (Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy, and Cyborg) and some of my favorite younger heroes (Tim, Bart, Mia), so really, the only thing keeping them from being higher on the list are Superboy and Wonder Girl and the fact that my top 3 are even better."

Ugh. Pure ugh. I hate Kid Flash so, so much. Impulse was fun, this title was the downfall of Bart Allen, I know he has a ton of fans out there but seriously, everything that happened after this series, once he started wearing yellow costume it was just meh. I never was a fan of this book, it had its moments, don’t get me wrong, but yeah. Johns rehashed too many of the old storylines from WP era and just tried to reuse them and failed. Anywho...

Starfire, Cyborg and Beast Boy formalize the mentor/training aspect in their new Teen Titans. They begin by inviting Robin (Tim Drake), Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark), Superboy, and Impulse to spend weekends at the new Teen Titans headquarters on an island in the San Francisco Bay.

Early on they learned that Jericho, just before dying, had used his possession abilities to leap into his father’s mind. He had been lurking in Deathstroke’s subconscious ever since. Determined to prevent any more “kids” from dying by being super-heroes, he attempted to break up the newly-formed team. As the Terminator, he shot Impulse— after this the speedster decides to become the new Kid Flash. Raven eventually rejoins the team after being resurrected by the new Brother Blood and, further into the series, the new Speedy (Mia Dearden) joins the team as well.

This period in Titans history also sees the introduction of a new Ravager, this time with Rose Wilson (a former Titans member) behind the mask, the popular Titans of Tomorrow (see below) storyline, which features the team being flung years into the future to find themselves dark rulers of a totalitarian state, and showcases the ex-Young Justice members beginning to grow up and mature. This era in Teen Titans history ends with the earth shattering events of Infinite Crisis.


68. Avengers Forever (40 points)

avengers-forever.jpg"Modern Giant Man and Wasp, detached and depressed super strong Captain America, Genis-Vell, future Songbird, Crazy Yellow Jacket, just post Kree-Skrull War Hawkeye and Rick Jones. Avengers Forever is one of the best comics ever written. Sure it's dense in some spot but its epic like few stories are and it lives and dies by this line up. And a kick ass line up it is."

My fav. Avengers story ever.


The being Immortus sends his servant Tempus to kill an apparently critically ill Rick Jones, the possessor of the 'Destiny Force', a powerful ability he utilized during the Kree-Skrull War. Rick, however, is saved by the alien Kree Supreme Intelligence, who urges him to use the Destiny Force to summon aid. Rick pulls various members of the superhero team the Avengers from the timeline, from the past, present and future. The team consists of a very disillusioned Captain America, who is pulled from an adventure in which he discovers a high-ranking government official is the leader of the Secret Empire; Yellowjacket from a time when he is mentally unbalanced and unaware that he was Pym; Hawkeye from just after the conclusion of the Kree-Skrull War and war against Olympus; Giant-Man (also Henry Pym) and the Wasp from the present while Songbird and Captain Marvel are taken from an alternate future.

The Avengers battle Immortus across several different eras. Three of them go to the American Old West where they meet a number of Western heroes including the Two-Gun Kid, the Night Rider, the Ringo Kid, the Rawhide Kid, Kid Colt and the Gunhawks. The Wasp and Marvel go to an alternative version of the 1950s where they encounter a group of heroes calling itself the Avengers, consisting of Marvel Boy, Venus, 3-D Man, Gorilla-Man, Human Robot and Jimmy Woo (aka the Agents of Atlas), but this reality is destroyed by Immortus who is in possession of the Forever Crystal, an artifact that can control multiple realities.

The Avengers discover that Immortus is serving the Time Keepers, a trio of beings who have charged him with subtly manipulating Earth's history in order to avoid a tragic future for the rest of the galaxy. The Time Keepers reveal that mankind will eventually travel into space and establish the Terran Empire, which will be at the cost of many alien cultures. A future version of the Avengers will apparently be at the forefront of the expansion, bringing about what in effect is ethnic cleansing on the grounds of "pacification".

Kang the Conqueror, who is destined to evolve into Immortus, aids the Avengers and in the final battle he kills the Time Keepers when they attempt to punish Immortus for failing. Captain Marvel merges with Rick to save his life, and then they and all the Avengers are returned to their respective time lines with a lingering memory of the incident.

A consequence of the adventure is that the alternate Earth version of the Avengers formed in the 1950's now exists in mainstream reality (Earth-616) as the Agents of Atlas.


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