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Your Top Teams part 43

Written by Chris Mitchell on Thursday, July 02 2009 and posted in Features
It’s been a crazy couple of days, I am so friggin’ sleepy. Here are two more for ya, all of them mutant based..... {nomultithumb}




64. Cable and Deadpool (43 points)

cable-deadpool.jpgWhen a church known as the "One World Church" hired Deadpool to steal a virus that could re-shape people's appearances, he had no idea that he would again find himself battling Cable. The One World Church wanted Deadpool to steal the Facade virus from a pharmaceutical company in Europe, but Cable caught wind and was trying to stop the One World Church. The One World Church wanted to use the appearance-altering Facade virus to turn everyone on Earth blue so that there would be no more racism, however the virus wasn't finished and it had the side-effect of causing cellular breakdown... literally causing people to turn into goop.

Deadpool makes it to the facility, but is greeted by Cable who telekinetically blows Deadpool's head up and leaves with the virus. However, Cable has to track down three punks who stole the virus and are posing as celebrities. He is unable to save two of them, but he is able to save the third by extracting the virus from her cells, which leaves Cable exhausted; Deadpool shows up and shoots Cable. Deadpool returns to the One World Church with the virus. Deadpool also joins the One World Church to restore his appearance and is the first test subject for the process. Cable shows up and talks with the Prime Minister, who injects Cable with the virus which cancels Cable's powers, causing his techno-organic virus to go out of control... but worst still, the Prime Minister has Deadpool attack Cable. The two fight, but it becomes apparent that Deadpool's healing factor is having a hard time fighting off the Facade virus which is trying to cancel out his powers as well. After a rough fight, Cable is at Deadpool's mercy and tries to convince Deadpool that what the Church is doing is wrong, but Deadpool doesn't have time to make up his mind before his body starts slowly turning to goop. Cable's answer to their problem is exchanging bodily fluids. Deadpool uncomfortably agrees, and Cable strains to use his telekinesis to swallow Deadpool whole and then puke him out. Free of the Facade virus, Deadpool's healing factor kicks into high gear as he's almost instantaneously returned to normal. And as a bonus, Cable and Deadpool now can body-slide (or teleport) together.

Deadpool is hired by an unknown employer to steal an item, but is beaten to it by the Cat. Deadpool then hunts down the Cat and negotiates for the item with the life of a bystander, the Cat gives in and Deadpool body-slides away, but brings Cable with him, but Cable leaves. Deadpool is hired again to steal another device, but is knocked out by the Cat, who is stopped by the X-Men whom bring Deadpool back with them. The X-Men reveal that they are the ones that hired Deadpool to steal those devices and that they're able to stop Cable. When Deadpool wakes up, he finds himself in his own X-uniform, which startled Deadpool. It was revealed that Wolverine and Beast had a bet, Beast wagering that Deadpool would assume that he's an X-Man. Since Deadpool can teleport into Cable's island whenever he wants Wolverine wants to use him, but the others don't trust Deadpool. Emma Frost uses Cerebro to block Cable from eavesdropping on them telepathically, but Deadpool says that he's immune to telepathy and they can talk in his head... confusing some of them at first but proves effective. During this time, Nick Fury was having a discussion with several world leaders and they were discussing the threat that Cable poses. Cable then body-slides in along with Deadpool surprised, threatens that he's going to destroy their nuclear weapons and leaves, prompting the X-Men into action. But before the mission, Deadpool demands a different X-uniform... Marvel Girl's, but he decides half-way to Cable's island that he'll just wear the one they gave him.

The X-Men go in, but Deadpool betrays them by shooting his teammates, Bishop and Wolverine, in the back and tells Cable the X-Men's plans. Cable sends the Six Pack to fight the X-Men and asks if Deadpool believes in him, Deadpool tries to deny it but it's obvious that he does and Cable is very happy, but said that he wanted the X-Men to succeed because his real goal was to bring the world together against a common enemy. Silver Surfer shows up and starts fighting with Cable, meanwhile Cable's floating island starts to fall towards the ocean. Cable tries to hold it up with his telekinesis, but Silver Surfer is pushing Cable to his limit. Deadpool decides to use the device the X-Men were having him steal to help Cable after Silver Surfer defeated him, it allowed Cable to use the last of his mind powers to safely lower the island into the ocean and momentarily link everyone's minds in the world together to feel what everyone else felt. This device however left Cable comatose. Deadpool was left being blamed for Cable's "death," making Deadpool try to find a way to snap Cable out of it. He finds M.O.D.O.K. and gets a Phalanx embryo, he then finds the Fixer for his technical know-how. But things wouldn't be too easy, Agent-X was hired to stop Deadpool from saving Cable but Deadpool defeats him and spells "Hi Weasel" with Agent-X's intestines, since he knew Weasel would look. Fixer merges the alien embryo with Cable and Cable tries to gain control over it after some words from Domino, but Agent-X showed back up to go at it with Deadpool again... but later decides to give up his mission if Deadpool gives him his pancreas back, which Deadpool previously took for a souvenir. Deadpool insisted that Agent-X grew a new one, but Agent-X wanted it back because it belongs to him. Cable then thanks Deadpool and asks if Deadpool used his own money to save him, but Deadpool said that he was thinking about robbing a bank or something.

Deadpool finds a second home on Cable's floating island known as Providence, but a murder of a known terrorist on the island prompts an immediate investigation which Deadpool tries to solve, but is sent on a wild goose chase by Irene Merryweather. Deadpool gets bored and holds people on the island at gun point to try and get answers, but is escorted back to Irene by Prestor John. At the crime scene it's revealed that Deadpool is the one that killed him, but has no memory of it. Deadpool begins to run from the islands authorities and is pursued by Prestor John. Irene asks Cable for help, but he says he wants to give Deadpool the chance to do the right thing. A big fight breaks out between Deadpool and Prestor John, but Cable stops it. Cable and Deadpool go for a walk and Cable asks why Deadpool killed the former terrorist, but Deadpool doesn't know why. It's noted that Moira MacTaggert said that Deadpool will always be insane as long as he has his healing factor, but if he loses his healing factor he'll die. Cable offers to find a way to help Deadpool, but Deadpool has to leave the island.

Deadpool is brainwashed by Black Box and Deadpool goes to kill Cable and has a brief fight with Prestor John that's stopped by Cannonball and Siryn. It turns out that Cable was transported to another dimension in a fight with Skornn and they need Deadpool's help to retrieve him. The three first arrive on in a world where Apocalypse wasn't stopped and they fight and defeat 3 of Apocalypse's Horsemen, but are encountered by the 4th... that dimension's Cable. Knowing that isn't their Cable, they teleport away. They find themselves in a world that Cable turned into a paradise, knowing no war or pain and Deadpool's weapon is destroyed, Deadpool teleports away. He finds himself faced with a Cable that was overcome by his techno-organic virus, and in the fight tries to infect them. But Deadpool overcomes it and they teleport away. They find themselves on Mr. Sinister’s farm with a baby Cable. He reveals that they are in the House of M universe and invites them to dinner to explain everything, he also explains that he intends to use Cable to save the world after Magneto dies. Cannonball and Siryn don't eat, but Deadpool does... Sinister reveals his amazement of Deadpool's resistance to the drugs and they distrust Sinister, but he defends himself saying that he only wanted to study them.

Siryn and Cannonball leave using Sinister's machines to explore this world, and Sinister reveals that he knows they want to take Cable from him and intends to use Deadpool to accelerate Cable's growth to adulthood, however this causes Cable's telekinetic powers go haywire and Deadpool and Sinister fight while Deadpool repeatedly tries to teleport away with Cable, but can't. At that moment House of M returns to normal, forcing Deadpool, Cable, Siryn, and Cannonball back to their own reality. Deadpool now tries to carry out his mission to kill Cable, shocking everyone. They realize that Deadpool was brainwashed and try to stop him, but he shoots himself in the head and gets rid of the brainwashing. Cable's body is rapidly returning to its proper age and burns out his waning telepathic powers to try and fix Deadpool's mind. It apparently works, and Deadpool decides to take Cable to a bar for his imminent 21st birthday. There, Cable tries to order a drink but the waitress says he's too young. There the two of them share some of their life stories with each other. Before they leave, Cable surprises the waitress that he's now much older.

During the "Civil War" Deadpool and Cable parted over differences regarding the super human registration act and its effects on the future. Trying to put his new found idealism behind him, Deadpool joined the government sanctioned Six-pack to discredit Cable but inadvertently made improved his status in the eyes of the rest of the world. Eventually however, Deadpool is rejected from the Initiative for being too unpredictable.

Unfortunately, Cable's dream reached an apparent end when Providence sank. While the world thought Cable was dead Deadpool traveled the world working with several heroes over the world to fill the void. Regardless of regrets over what might have been Deadpool is now a full time mercenary, joining Weasel and other friends at Agency X. Deadpool is currently filling in for Agent-X because of health complications (Hydra turned Agent-X into a fat bastard!).

During Deadpool's team-up with Cable it is revealed that Deadpool vehemently hates clowns.


63. Exiles (43 points - 1 first place slot)

exiles.jpg"Anything Pre-CC, it ends with issue #89 IIRC."

"Judd Winick at his finest. Great lost characters given a new home and a better life, only to be trampled by worse and worse writers (we're all crossing our fingers for the new launch)"

The Age of Apocalypse storyline had just ended, and an obscure character called Blink had been a key player in the crossover and gained an unexpectedly large fan base. What to do with this? Marvel then began planning a Blink spin-off title, which went through several incarnations. One of the concepts was a Blink, X-Man and Morph book.

However this didn't really click, and around the same time there was a poll regarding X-men Millennial Visions 2000, a book containing nothing but alternate reality concepts. The poll was about which reality would get a mini-series, and the winner was Professor W's X-Men, a reality where Wolverine was crippled and led the X-Men. One of the members was Nightcrawler's daughter Nocturne.

These two concepts were merged and alternate realities were introduced to the mix, X-Man was dropped and given his own title, Morph was changed to an alternate counterpart of himself and Marvel then published a Blink mini that had little to do with anything, but Nocturne and the desert landscape from Exiles #1 was introduced on the last page.

The Exiles comic begins with Blink. She is the point-of-view character and remains so for most of the series, perhaps because of her origin in the Age of Apocalypse reality. She is unaware of most heroes that exist in most realities thus giving her team-mates the chance to fill her, and the reader, in on any details.

Anyway she ends up in the previously mentioned desert landscape where she meets Nocturne for the first time, and shortly thereafter Morph. Blink jumps at him and hugs him, but Morph doesn't even recognize her. But why is this? He looks exactly like Morph. The three begins to wonder what's really going on when John Proudstar - Thunderbird appears. Nocturne confuses him for his brother James, who she is in a relationship with and more confusingly John is dead in her reality. More arguing over who was an X-Man and not while Mimic and Magnus enters the scene just a clueless as the others.

They all spot a little man in the distance who introduces himself as the Timebroker. He explains that they all come from different realities, and tells a little bit about each of them and tells them they are now unhinged in time. There are ripples in time that have affected all their realities plus countless others. By agreeing to fix broken timelines they can also repair their own so that they can go back. Blink is given the Tallus and it's off to the first mission.



62. Founding New Mutants (44 points)


newmutants-founding.jpgWhen Charles Xavier first began his life-long quest to make his dream of peaceful co-existence between human and mutants a reality, he never could foresee how many would follow him as his students. On top of that never did he think that he would have to deal with death while fighting towards his goal, especially of his very own students. Reeling from the recent deaths of two of his students, Phoenix (Jean Grey) and Thunderbird (John Proudstar), who lost their lives in missions as X-Men, Charles Xavier would be very grief stricken and anguished. Having no time to grieve Professor X and his X-Men would be attacked by the parasitic alien race known as the Brood. Professor X would survive, but believing his students, the X-Men, to be dead, Professor X had all but given up on the idea of ever teaching again. Due to the efforts of his one time lover, current best friend Moira MacTaggert, she would persuade him into taking on two of her charges from her. Both Xi’an Coy Mahn (Karma) and Rahne Sinclair (Wolfsbane) would be Xavier’s new students and attend the Xavier Institute. Shortly after the two girls settled in, Xavier would receive a letter from one of his longtime friends, Black Eagle. The letter stated that he had just been given custody of his granddaughter, Danielle Moonstar (Psyche), and that she was a mutant. The letter was asking if Xavier would be willing to take her on as a student and teach her how to use her burgeoning mutant powers. Xavier would set off for her immediately bringing along his two current students with him. When the trio arrived they find that his old friend, Black Eagle, had been murdered finding that it was at the hands of Donald Pierce. Pierce was a long standing villain of the X-Men’s. He held the title of the White Bishop in the Hellfire Club’s Inner Circle.

Upon further investigation they run into Black Eagle’s granddaughter, Danielle alive and hiding. After a brief talk Dani would agree to go with Professor X and his two other charges. She wished to track down her grandfather’s killer and make them pay for what they had done. Before they could get too far they would find yet another individual that was attacked by Pierce. Xavier’s group happened upon Roberto da Costa (Sunspot), yet another youthful mutant. He had been out with his girlfriend, Juliana Sandoval, and were both attacked by Pierce and his mercenary squad. Sunspot was able to survive the attack thanks to his mutant powers, his girlfriend wasn’t so lucky. Pierce killed her on the spot and let Sunspot watch. Sunspot, too, joined the team of young mutants led by Professor X. They were able to track down where Pierce's headquarters were and decided to attack it directly as a group. Once they arrived they encounter Pierce's mercenary squad and made short work them. Amongst the squad was Samuel Guthrie (Cannonball), he too was a mutant and was being forced by Pierce to attack Xavier and his charges. Pierce would command Cannonball to kill Xavier, but he would refuse instead teaming up with Xavier’s growing force. Together they managed to defeat all the mercenaries. Xavier would battle Pierce alone, with the use of his vaunted mental powers, and pulled the victory, defeating Donald Pierce. The students would come together through unlikely events and would stay together under the teaching of Professor Charles Xavier.

The five young, mutant would stay with Xavier and become students at his Xavier Institute. Though he didn’t want to teach anymore, out of fear of losing more students, he would quickly change his mind. Though unknown to all, Professor X only allowed the new team to form at the behest of the alien Brood. Professor X was present at the battle with the X-Men. The same battle that they apparently died in. No one ever questioned how he lived or even why he lived. The truth was that the Brood had laid an egg inside of Professor X. Once inside, the egg eventually takes over the body of their victim, slowly transforming them into one of the Brood. Now almost fully under the control of the Brood, Professor X willingly allowed the students to stay so that they, too, could become hosts for even more Brood eggs. Surprising to all, the X-Men lived and would make a timely arrival curing Professor X before it was too late and saving their mentor and the students who were to become and were the New Mutants.


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