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Your Top Teams part 51

Written by Chris Mitchell on Monday, July 06 2009 and posted in Features
A new team and a couple of classic pairings.




37. The Current Guardians of the Galaxy (72 points)

gotg-current.jpg"Awesome characters, awesome concept, respectful of the original series and has a talking Raccoon who’s a military expert and a telepathic Russian cosmonaut dog. What more do you need?"

The Guardians of the Galaxy of the mainstream Marvel realty has recently been formed after the events of the Annihilation Conquest. The previous lineup is Adam Warlock, Drax the Destroyer, Quasar (Phyla), Gamora, Starlord, Mantis, Groot, and Rocket Raccoon. After a Skrull infiltration of their headquarters on Knowhere, it was revealed to the Guardians that Mantis had used been asked by Peter Quill to use her mind-control powers on the team's member in order to help the team function better.

As a result of this news Phyla together with Drax go of in search of Moondragon, Warlock accompanied by Gamora go of on their own and Starlord also leaves which in turn brought Mantis and Groot have been moved to active status and the team is lead by Rocket Raccoon. The current lineup of The Guardians Of The Galaxy is Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Mantis, Bug, & Major Victory.

Starlord heads to Hala to see if the warning signal he gave went through to Ronan only to be sent to the Negative Zone by Ronan. Starlord comes across Blastaar and is enslaved so he can be used to make the personnel at 42 to surrender as he plans on invading Earth but he thwarts his plan and brings back Jack Flag with him.

Meanwhile The Guardians are fighting off the Badoon from a colony and learn from Major Victory that the Badoon in his timeline conquered the Human race, Drax and Phyla are looking for Cammi but instead find out Moondragon is still alive and eventually go to Mentor to see if he can help them but he kills them instead stating "It was absolutely essential". Adam Warlock and Gamora went to find the Matriarch and tell her that he is their Messiah and will prove it by stopping the war that is coming.

After Mentor kills Drax and Phyla they are found on Oblivion where Phyla loses her Quantum Bands and Drax infers that they are dead after learning this development. They are quickly ambushed by Maelstrom and Phyla was fed to the Dragon of the Moon, but before Drax was fed, Wendell Vaughn (aka: Quasar) comes to rescue him and fights off Maelstrom as Phyla bursts out of the Dragons belly with Heather but made the deal to be Deaths avatar.

Upon learning of the upcoming war between the Shi'ar Empire, with their new Emperor Vulcan, and the Kree, now led by the Inhumans and their King Black Bolt. All of the Guardians reunite and are joined by Moondragon and Jack Flag who returns with Star-lord from the Negative Zone. And you should know what is going on from this point, right? Cuz you are buying War of Kings, right? No? Well, BUY WAR OF KINGS!!!


36. Luke, Danny & the Original Heroes for Hire (74 points)

powerman-ironfist.jpg"70's goodness that has lasted to this day."

"Heroes for Hire was a great concept and it really took off once these two guys joined forces. Sure they aren't world saving guys like the FF, X-Men, JLA, Avengers or Titans but they were still a kick ass little duo. You know you have two great characters when 20 years after they get cancelled they make one hell of a comeback."

"It’s the Reese’s of comics, ‘you got kung fu in my blaxploitation.’ "

"Sweet Christmas these two are just fun comics whenever they team up."

His own series cancelled due to low sales, Iron Fist joined the cast of Luke Cage, Power Man in a three-part storyline in #48–50. The comic's name changed to Power Man and Iron Fist from #50 upwards. The two formed a new Heroes for Hire, Inc, founded by attorney Jeryn Hogarth and staffed by administrative wunderkind Jennie Royce. Iron Fist supporting cast characters Colleen Wing and Misty Knight often appeared also, although never becoming official members.

Although Iron Fist and Power Man supposedly were only heroes for money, they were always doing the right thing, which usually left them with less money rather than more. Iron Fist, in his secret identity of Daniel Rand, had reassumed control of his parents' fortune as half of Rand-Meachum, Inc., and was actually quite wealthy. This caused a lot of tension between him and Cage, who was raised poor in the ghetto.

At one point, the pair traveled to K'un-L'un together, where they battled Master Khan. Power Man and Iron Fist's partnership ended with Rand contracting cancer from radiation poisoning and inadvertently dying at the hands of Captain Hero. This partnership lasted until series final issue #125, with Cage blamed for the apparent death of Iron Fist and Luke Cage became a fugitive.

With Danny Rand back to the land of the living, thanks to Byrne and his Namor series. These two have joined forces again with a newer version of Heroes for Hire right after the attack from Onslaught, and more recently were both members of the New Avengers after the Civil War of the Marvel Universe.


35. The Blue and Gold (75 points - 2 first place slots)

blue-gold.jpg"Blue and Gold 4 life."

"Best buddies, best team, whatever you want to call these two that make great stories."

"They stole cookies from Martian Manhunter together, if that is not a recipe for a Top Team I do not know what is."

I love these two characters, they made comics fun which is what comics are supposed to be about. From the early JLI days to Ted's death in Countdown to Infinite Crisis, it showed how much these two were a great duo. Yes you can argue once again that these two are not an actual "team" but with the points they wracked up and the first place votes, people may argue with you. But yeah, damn you Didio for taking the fun out of comics. Really, it so, so lame.

But what’s this? Ted is alive again?? Booster Gold is asked by Rip Hunter for his help to set the timeline right. Booster agrees, but with the stipulation that they go back in time and save Ted Kord. Hunter tries to dissuade him as he makes Booster witness Barbara Gordon’s crippling attack over and over again. As Booster was about to accept Ted’s unfortunate fate, a future Blue Beetle arrives with past Blue Beetle, Dan Garrett and current Blue Beetle Jaime Reyes. The future Beetle claims the saving of Ted Kord’s life is essential. Despite pleading by Rip Hunter, Booster and the three Beetles go back in time and save Ted before he was shot by Maxwell Lord. However, when Booster and Ted return to the future they discover Lord and his O.M.A.C.’s turned the Earth into a police state.

Booster and Ted encounter a version of Hawkman and Green Arrow leading a resistance team against Lord and a mind-controlled Superman. Eventually the two would gather their past teammates of the Justice League International. During the battle the future Beetle is revealed to be Black Beetle, a future villain of Jaime Reyes. Also, Black Beetle reveals his own secret team called the Time Stealers, consisting of Per Degaton, Ultra-Humanite, Despero and Booster’s dad, John Carter (under the control of Mr. Mind). As Ted watched his friends killed off one after another, he realizes the only way to set things right is to go back in time and die as he was suppose to. Black Beetle tries to prevent this and he and Ted disappear in a time sphere. Booster Gold believes things have been set right again, but a shadowy figure turns up at a Kord Industries warehouse holding a glowing scarab and laughing like Ted Kord.



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