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Your Top Teams part 53

Written by Chris Mitchell on Tuesday, July 07 2009 and posted in Features
And there they are, the Dark Avengers. And guess who beats them? Oh, sweet VINDICATION. Yeah, that’s a clue.




30. Dark Avengers (79 points - 4 first place slots)

darkavengers.jpg"Pure Bendis genius, right here."

"Bullseye. Venom. Marvel Boy. All on one team. Awesome."

"Dark Avengers 1-6, May be one of the best 6 issue Avengers arcs I've ever read. So many fun characters, the Sentry is turning hella cool. And Norman is cracking up, but still puts on this awesome cool persona. The last two issues were almost perfect!"

"Why would the original Avengers be higher than Dark Avengers? Three very average stories vs 15 or so great issues."

Ok, I stole the last two quotes from one person. One was in a thread started by said person, and the other was commenting on how the Founding Avengers had fewer points than the Dark Avengers here. Frankly, this reminds me of the whole Hood debacle on the Top Marvel Villains list, and rightly so. This team should not be this high, but alas, here they are. In fact, four people thought they were the best team ever which is rather silly. Even the person who made those last two quotes didn't put the Dark Avengers in the Top 5 on his list, but wow. And you know what? I like this comic. I shouldn't like it at all, but I do. A lot. Which bugs the fuck outta me, but knowing Bendis he will always disappoint me in the end, he always does. The beginning and the middle are always fun, but by the end he drops the ball BIGTIME!!

Anywho, after the events of Secret Invasion, in which Norman Osborn became a hero by killing the Skrull Queen on national television. He was put in charge of the superhuman defense initiative. After dismantling S.H.I.E.L.D., Norman makes himself, Director of H.A.M.M.E.R., essentially the new S.H.I.E.L.D. Norman Osborn, already in charge of the Thunderbolts, decided that there was a need to make some new Avengers. Ones he could control. Norman started recruiting internally from the T-Bolts to form the new Dark Avengers. Bullseye without question became Hawkeye, Ares and Sentry went along with Osborn and when Ms. Marvel was asked to join she refused. Moonstone then became the new Ms. Marvel, Wolverine's son Daken took his fathers role, Venom was given some kind of medicine to have him look normal instead of a hulkish monster to become Spider-Man and Noh-Varr took the role of Captain Marvel instead of Marvel Boy. Finally Osborn needed some kind of symbol to replace Captain America and Iron Man all together making himself the alter ego of the Iron Patriot. Osborn with the help of The Ghost hacked into Iron Man's vault to gain access to all of the Iron Man armors and created himself the Iron Patriot armor. A Press Conference was later held at Avengers Tower where Norman unveiled this newest incarnation of The Avengers.


29. Young Avengers (82 points)

youngavengers.jpg"The first series was absolutely's criminal that they haven't just moved on with another writer. Hell, stick Kyle and Yost on this and let them run with it (without their trademark slaughterfests)."

"Great book....Heinberg did a great job on this book, although I wish someone else would take over for a while so we can get some new issues. Patriot is such a cool character that I think it's a shame for him and the others just to make small cameos here and there."

"Marvel Comics, too much Wolverine, not enough of the cool kids."

"This team when it came together quickly became one of my favorite groups. I just wish they'd get back together, in an ongoing."

"They're just fun. And Gay. And Awesome."

Young Avengers was formed by Iron Lad to help him combat his future self Kang. Seeking aid from the Avengers and finding out they had disbanded Iron Lad tried to contact the former member but got the cold shoulder. As the final effort to local help Iron Lad broke into one of Tony Stark's warehouse where he found the remains of Vision which housed an eventuality plan to reform the Avengers.

The back up plan located people to replace current member s if the need arose to replace them, Iron Lad used this to locate Billy Kaplan (Wiccan), Elijah Bradley (Patriot) and Theodore "Teddy" Altman (Hulkling) who agreed to help Iron Lad. The Young Avengers formed and quickly started assisting in crime fighting around the city, their first noted heroic deed was helping citizens out of a burning apartment complex when they first got dubbed the Young Avengers by local Daily Bugle reported Kat Farrell who was at the building reporting on the fire.

Once editor-in-chief of the Daily Bugle, J. Jonah Jameson found out about the max group who fashioned themselves after former Avengers members he order his reported Jessica Jones to use her contacts in the super hero world to find out more information on the team. Jessica Jones then while leaving the building is taken by Captain America and Iron Man to talk about the Young Avengers. After that, that night the Young Avenger's come to stop a heist at a wedding where the bride's sister Kate Bishop helps them out close to the end and they make a hasty retreat to avoid newscasters. Leaving Kate there. As Kate comes to find them she runs into Ant Man's daughter (later known Stature) that is trying to find them too. They ultimately find them at the Avenger's Manse and are caught by Captain America and Iron Man who are trying to shut there team down. Captain America then tricks them into a caller and locks the door. When Kang comes to retrieve Iron Lad he takes Jessica's baby away and demands that they tell where he is in exchange for the baby. During this, the Young Avenger's figure out that Cap lied to them, and they try to get out with no effect on the door. Until Kate opens it with a bag of weapons like Cap's first shield and a bunch of weapons from people like Hawkeye for them to use on Kang. They start a long battle which ultimately ends with Iron Lad striking his future self in the back and traveling back in time to change the future that was changing around them, leaving his armor that led to Vision be recreated. They stop the team because Captain America comes and tells them that he will tell there parents, which they don't want.

Later Kate get's the team back with new costumes. They attempt at it but fail at telling there parents which Wiccan's parents think he is gay and he is going out with Hulking. While Stature's mom has already guessed in her mind. After that Patriot tries to bust a M.G.H by himself and fight's Mister Hyde. During that the rest of the team tracks him down and Wiccan find's he uses the drug and Patriot leaves. That's when Captain tells all the parents which most parents have already guessed. The team stops for a while, they try to get Patriot to come back and he eventually does. That's when Hulking is found to be half Kree half Skull and is chased by Super Skrull leading to his mom who is actually just protecting him death and both people's are trying to fight over him. Which almost starts a new Kree Skull war, but Hulking stopped it by having Super Skrull turn into him and traveling to both planets. But at the risk of Patriot who was shot and then took the blood of his grandfather the Black Captain America giving him the powers he pretended to have. That's when Patriot starts recruitment and finds Speed the other half of twins from the Scarlet Witch who joins.


28. Alpha Flight (82 points - 2 first place slot)

alphaflight.jpg"My first AF issues were actually during the Furman/ Broderick run (red & white matching uniforms), which I still love, but this is the classic line-up that everyone knows and loves. And it's more likely to make the list. Why the hell Marvel keeps trying to make crap like "Funny Flight" and the current Omega Flight work is beyond me..."

"A Classic team that kicked the ass of the great All New, All Different X-Men has to be represented."

"Pure Gold. I can hear the people dissing this comic now because it’s Canadian, but this was great comic reading."

"I'm an American, and I like Alpha Flight."

"RIP Alpha Flight. Shame that Marvel will not take you seriously."

Not gonna lie, I am so fucking happy this made it this far, and yeah scoff all you want but fuck you. This is a great team, so there. Bash Canada and what not, but these are great characters just totally and utterly mishandled by Marvel. Then again, when majority of the Marvel Universe takes place in New York City, it’s kinda hard to have a comic take place outside of there. And it didn't help when they kept throwing Wolverine into the storylines over and over and over again. Like the one quote said, scoff is you want you anti-Canucks but they came in 28th place, so HA!!

Alpha Flight burst onto the pages of Marvel in 1979 with their first appearance in Uncanny X-Men #120 as the Canadian government's soon to be disbanded Super Hero Team. James MacDonald Hudson, the team's cerebral leader, had direct oversight of Alpha Flight. Hudson, who at the time was known as Vindicator, soon learned the government was shutting down funding of Alpha Flight.

Issue #1 of Alpha Flight opens with us learning that the Canadian super team Alpha Flight is being disbanded. Only weeks prior, Alpha Flight -- comprised of Vindicator, Snowbird, Sasquatch, the twins Aurora and Northstar, and Shaman -- along with the help of X-Men Wolverine and Nightcrawler -- defeated the mystical creature known as the Wendigo in the Canadian wilderness. The Canadian Prime Minister then delivered the bad news to Hudson. Department H, the secret arm of the Canadian Ministry of Defense, is pulling funding. Allowed to keep limited security clearance and still in command of the skin-tight battle suit he designed, Hudson went home to tell his wife Heather the bad news.

Almost as soon as Vindicator arrives home he must fly away to a mysterious happening in the Canadian wilderness. An ancient giant creature known as Tundra has been conjured back into existence and is threatening to harm Canada. Mac's wife, who fears for her husbands safety as he heads out to face this foe alone, sneaks into Mac's office and randomly sends out a call to action to the rest of Alpha Flight through a government computer. She also randomly picks 2 super heroes who are in the junior team known as Beta Flight. Those two team members are Puck and Marrina, who become key figures within Alpha Flight. Immediately through implanted transponders each member hears the call and although they are spread out across Canada they make their way to the battle with Tundra. All but Puck that is, who shows up in the end of the issue. The battle is an easy victory for Alpha Flight. They decided that with or without government funding, it is their duty to protect Canada. Mac even changes his codename from Vindicator to Guardian to punctuate the point: they are Canada's guardians.

In the New Avengers arc, "The Collective", Alpha Flight were chasing after the Collective empowered Michael Pointer, who had destroyed his home town in Alaska. When the team confronted him, he brutally attacked them, killing almost all of them. Sasquatch was the only one who survived, and he helped form Canada's newest defense squad, Omega Flight.



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